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20 Most Flattering Pool Hairstyles for Summer Fun

Summer is approaching quickly and before you know everyone will be jumping into pools including yourself. While nothing can be better than soaking up all the sun whilst enjoying the cool water, it is very important to look at your best all along.

Choosing the appropriate hairstyle is quite important as no one wants to have a disheveled mane or a flat-looking tight bun while wearing a hot bikini.

Although it is preferable to keep your tresses neatly tucked away, you can still try a number of hairstyles for pool to stand out from others. Have a look below!

Pool-Ready Hairstyles

You are sure to throw away that boring swim cap once you go through the following list of the coolest pool hairstyles.

1. Braided High Ponytail

pool hairstyle with braid

A slicked-back high ponytail stands on top of the list of cute summery hairstyles for pool parties.

You can always spice it up further, to prevent an ordinary look, by plaiting it down and incorporating vibrant extensions matching your bathing suit for a pop of color that won’t be ignored.

2. Bandana Updo with Bangs

pool hairstyle with bangs

For those who are not ponytail type of girls, an elegant updo will keep your tresses safely tucked away when going to the pool.

Lay down the hair ends neatly on the forehead to achieve faux bangs and keep them in place with a stylish head bandana.

3. Cute Space Buns

space buns hairstyle for pool

Quirky space buns are a must-try whatever the occasion. Opt for a straight or zigzag middle part and create two high pigtails.

Wrap the hair around into cute buns and secure it with pins. You can also braid down the strands beforehand if you like.

4. Layered Hair, Blonde Balayage

pool hairstyle for long hair

Young ladies can give themselves a hair makeover before getting to the poolside to make jaws drop all around.

Refresh that mane with bouncy layers and some hand-painted blonde highlights with face-framing money pieces. Keep the mane loose for that balayage to speak for itself!

5. Lob with Fringe

long bob with bangs for pool

If you haven’t tried a classy lob yet then you are really missing out! Experiment with a shoulder-length bob and some bangs without worry.

Covering the forehead prevents an oblong face from looking any longer while layers create movement and width near that narrow chin balancing out a lean facial outline.

6. Half-Up Box Braids

hairstyle for pool

Here’s the perfect protective pool hairstyle for all the black beauties out there. Maintain a natural appeal by using matching extensions or create a fun-looking gradient with any contrasting tone like platinum blonde when plaiting the mane.

Go as long as you want and finish off with a half-up loop ponytail.

7. Choppy Ombre Bob

blonde balayage hairstyle for pool

Nothing screams summer more than a cool choppy ombre bob featuring layers with blunt tips.

Add blonde midway to the ends keeping the roots dark to end up with an ombre mane. Liven up the look with some bouncy loose curls and a deep side part.

8. Sleek Low Afro Puff

pool hairstyle for afro hair

Taming unruly kinky afro curls can be quite a task when taking a plunge into the water. No need to fret as a basic afro ponytail will go a long way.

Go for a suitable parting and slick down the strands tightly into a puffy low-lying ponytail. Place a cute hairband on top, and done!

9. Wavy Half-Up Pool Hairdo

half up hairstyle for pool

Let your tresses dance with the wind by adding soft curls before styling them in a high-class half updo and face-framing chunks at the front.

A subtle pouf on top lengthens an otherwise short face, while that graphic eyeliner and chic earrings matching the outfit are just everything!

10. Messy Side Pony

ponytail hairstyle for pool

Rock a funky side ponytail to look like an 80s fashionista in no time! The trick to achieving a no-care vibe lies in adding tight curls that’ll loosen up with time.

You can opt for a high, medium, or low pony with some tugged-out tendrils at the front. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

11. Effortless Ballerina Bun

high bun hairstyle for pool

A hair donut bun maker comes in handy when going to the pool in a rush.

Slip it down your high ponytail, cover it up with hair, and secure it with pins. Use hairspray to settle down your baby hairs and there you go. Can’t get any easier!

12. Crimped Mermaid Hair

long curly hairstyle for pool

This pool hairstyle is simple yet the dreamiest of all! Crimped hair is back and looks hotter than ever before.

Add zigzag crinkles along your entire hair length to turn yourself into a real-life mermaid resting on the poolside. Experiment with fine braids on the top or the sides and you’ll love them.

13. French Bob

pool hairstyle for short hair

Make a bold move and chop away all your hair before your first visit to the pool this season.

Consider getting a chic French girl bob with layers at or above the chin. Frame the face with cropped bangs and sweep them softly across the forehead. Voila!

14. Straight Tresses with Headband

pool hairstyle with bandana

The simpler, the better! A nice trim is ideal to get rid of your dead ends and breathe some life into those lifeless tresses.

Grab a hairband that matches your swimsuit and put it on, keeping it nearest to the forehead. You won’t get any hair into your face even after taking a dip!

15. Curly Glory

short curly hairstyle for pool

Embrace your curls in their natural form for once and you won’t ever go back!

Don’t leave them blunt; instead, enhance their bounce with a DevaCut that involves cutting layers into a coiled mane when dry. A soft wolf cut will be your best shot! Bangs are optional.

16. Chic Top Knot

pool hairstyle with topknot

A knotted bun sitting on the top back of the head imparts a slimming effect to the face. And who wouldn’t love that?

Brush back all the hair into a super high ponytail and twist it along the length before twirling it into a stacked bun.

17. Off-Centered Bixie

pool hairstyle with short red hair

Call it a long pixie or a short bob, this bixie cut is anything but ordinary. It is edgy yet soft with strands falling near the ears.

An angled snip will give this cut a wedge-like appearance, while the off-center parting is ideal for breaking down the bluntness of the face.

18. Dip-Dyed Blunt Bob

pool hairstyle for black women

Blunt cut bobs and lobs are still going strong and make the best hairstyles for pool parties without a doubt.

Opt for a straight cut with some layering and achieve the dip-dye effect by painting the ends only in any contrasting shade you like.

19. Summery Beach Waves

pool hairstyle with blonde beach waves

What’s the use of going to the pool party without looking summery at all?

Apply heat protectant prior to using a three-wand curler or a straightener instead. Give your head a good shake or hand-tousle the locks and see the soft waves emerge simultaneously.

20. Jumbo Top Bun

updo hairstyle with headband for pool

Although you can rock any type of poolside hairstyle, it is best to wear the hair high up on the head, just like the jumbo top bun depicted above.

The strands don’t get into your face, there’s no additional sweating, and your hair stays protected!

All the above-mentioned pool hairstyles will look cute on you whether taking a dip in the water or enjoying a drink along the poolside. Keep in mind that your hair might look different once it gets wet.

It is also better to look up some ways to minimize the negative effects of chlorinated pool water.