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13 Trendy Hair Color Ideas For Olive Skin Over 50

In between dark and fair skin tones lies another type of skin complexion i.e. the olive skin tone. This skin shade is somewhat light brown to neutral in color with a subtle hint of green, yellow, or gold.

If you’re a woman over 50 with olive skin, there are tons of hair color options for you to try. You just need to keep in mind your undertone when choosing a color to avoid a washed out look.

So if you are blessed with naturally tanned skin and are getting on in years then keep scrolling as we have assembled the best hair colors for olive-skinned ladies over 50.

Flattering Hair Colors for Olive Skin Over 50

Icy colors like ash brown/blonde, platinum, and pastel nuances suit cool olive skin tones while warmer shades including pink, red, and caramel blonde flatter toasty olive skins.

1. Golden Brown Ombre 

dark brown hair with highlights for olive skin over 50

Deep and medium shades of brown make olive skin look even more attractive. Ladies over 50 who love coloring their hair and want to stay on the darker side but also wish for some brightness can experiment with a soft ombre where chocolate brown roots melt seamlessly into a golden brown tinge reaching the tips.    

2. Burnt Orange Bixie 

red hair color for olive skin over 50

Bright hair colors might not be an ideal choice for tanned skin. Those who still want a pop of color without making their face appear pale and lifeless can paint their tresses in a burnt orange nuance without worry. Add some burgundy highlights and get a rounded bixie for a youthful appeal.

3. Pastel Pink Love

faded pink hair color for olive skin over 50

The amazing Mexican actress, Salma Hayek, is here to prove that pastel hair colors look amazing on ladies over 50 with olive skin. Recreate her look with a pastel pink lob and add soft beach waves. You can also experiment with a wig at first.

4. Caramel Crush 

caramel hair color for olive skin over 50

Nothing can go wrong with caramel blonde if you want to illuminate your toasty skin. Complement those gorgeous hazel eyes with streaks of caramel or go for an all-over look and set it on fire with some light blonde babylights. With such a dreamy outcome, a bit of maintenance surely won’t hurt!

5. Deep Mocha Tresses 

jet black hair color for olive skin over 50

To be honest, olive skin is just made for dark hair shades like this deep mocha one. Senior women who wish to keep it basic and low-maintenance can opt for this look without second thoughts to appear all-natural while hiding their grays if any. Complete the look with a fresh haircut.

6. Platinum Play 

silver hair color for olive skin over 50

Although light colors make olive skin appear dull, platinum blonde breaks the rule here. Rock a grandma look with style by going for a bob with bangs. Remember that platinum demands commitment, and maintenance, and hair damage is inevitable to some extent. Still worth a try, isn’t it?

7. Blonde Balayage 

ombre hair color for olive skin over 50

The blonde color spectrum is super versatile allowing olive-skinned over 50 ladies to choose between cool and warm tones and even neutral ones depending on their undertones. Instead of going for a conventional all-over look or highlights, get a balayage and you won’t need to go to the salon for a few months.

8. Two-Toned Curls

purple topknot for olive skin over 50

Olive-skinned women 50 and above can still rock vibrant colors without looking like they’re drained of blood. The trick lies in keeping the top dark and painting the ends in any shade of your choice like these purple tips popping on a curly black mane. Regular touch-ups are a must!  

9. Black Beauty 

dark hair color for olive skin over 50

Stick to the basics while creating the most eye-popping light and dark interplay. Black-to-brown and jet-black colors look stunning when coupled with an olive skin tone and brighten it up the very instant you dye your mane. An effortless yet perfect way for warm-skinned ladies with light hair to go dark at home.

10. Aqua Blue Pixie 

short blue pixie for olive skin over 50

This hair color is ideal for olive-skinned beauties over 50 to express their wild side regardless of their undertones. Chop the hair into a short textured pixie and color it with the brightest tone of aqua blue available. Add a hint of purple to turn yourself into a funky mermaid!

11. Honey Sweetness

blonde balayage hair for olive skin over 50

Honey blonde can prove to be the best choice for those who have olive skin leaning towards the lighter side. There are many shades of honey available and it is best to consult your hairstylist. Throw in some soft light blonde highlights and you won’t regret it!

12. Ashy Hues 

underneath hair color for olive skin over 50

Ashy hues look good only in the case of naturally tanned skin with cool undertones. Ask for an ashy blonde hair color and incorporate it on the head in the form of highlights or use it as a base color instead with milky blonde highlights in between. How about a balayage? The choice is all yours!   

13. Ultra-Violet Bob 

violet hair color for olive skin over 50

50-year-olds can defy their age with a sexy graduated bob and bangs. Turn around some heads with an ultra-violet hair color and dye the brows too. You can go a step ahead and add stripes of blue in between to bring an entire galaxy on the head.

These hair colors for ladies over 50 with olive skin will help boost your natural glow. Avoid opting for too light or bright hair shades as they’ll clash with your golden skin tone and make it look sallow. To sum up, warm and neutral nuances will be your best shot!

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