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17 Best Platinum Silver Hair Colors to Try

Want a new look that will have heads turning? Platinum silver hair naturally draws attention, as it is not a hairstyle you see often. The change may seem daunting at first since it is a stark color. But a platinum color has the potential to breathe new life into a person’s style and attitude.

In the last years, this hair color skyrocketed all hairstyling trends and all for the right reasons. Celebrities pull them off, and they look better than ever. The perks of this hairdo are countless: they work their magic on any hair length, from pixie haircuts to long cascade tresses.

It is the trademark of someone willing to take risks for the possibility of a high reward. And it is surprisingly versatile and flattering for a wide range of personal styles and skin colors.

Also, anyone can choose to get platinum silver hair colors, regardless of skin color. Just select a darker shade or opt for an ombre that uses a gorgeous gradual fade. If this dye job speaks to you, check out the chic hairstyles below and find the best fit for you.

1. Bob Platinum Silver Hair

platinum silver blonde hair

Opt for a bob haircut with choppy ends and part the hair in the middle. A platinum silver-blonde hairstyle will make you look fabulous, and everybody will notice the new look.

2. Platinum Silver Hair for Pixie Cuts

short silver platinum hair

A pixie haircut is ideal for women who crave for a feminine short silver platinum hair. Wear your strands over the ears and go for a comb-over for the bangs. Make it last with some of your fav fixing products.

3. Wavy Platinum Silver

platinum silver white hair

Girls with pale skin and blue eyes will love this platinum, silver-white hair! Go for a bob haircut and style waves to give your tresses high definition. Wear your fringe on one side and put a big smile on your face.

4. Platinum Pink Lavander Silver

platinum silver lavender hair

If you have pale skin, short platinum silver lavender hair is something you certainly need! Opt for a bob haircut, tousle the hair and opt for a half cap that will make you look even cooler and modern.

5. Platinum Silver Hair with a Braid

platinum silver grey hair

Platinum silver-grey hair offers your tresses an unforgettable color that everybody will admire. If you have long, luxurious hair, go for a French braid that you can wear on one side.

6. Straight Silver Lob

platinum silver hair with dark roots

A long platinum silver bob hairstyle with dark natural roots will suit any complexion. The hair reaches the shoulder line, and it is straightened with an iron. Give your hairstyle some funk with a V-shaped part.

7. Ultra Short Haircut

short platinum silver hair

This short frosty ice buzz can transform you into a whole new person. A dramatic look that is this short is extremely practical and easy to obtain. Moreover, the cut will highlight your facial features. If you have green or blue eyes draw all the attention to them with dark eyeliner.

8. Curly Bob for Black Women

Jazz up your Afro-American hair with platinum shade and get a layered bob with short bangs. The fringe is spread on the forehead and trimmed almost one inch above the eyebrow. If you don’t want to treat your hair with bleach, consider attaching weaves or getting a wig that suits you.

9. Glorious Gray Pixie

For this bold platinum silver pixie, you can create an asymmetric fringe that covers the forehead. To maintain the color of this fabulous pixie, we recommend you use a special purple shampoo that neutralizes yellow and orange tones. 

10. Discrete Purple

long platinum silver hairstyle
Instagram / shearedbysimone

If you’re going on this silver color path, you might discover it is a multi-process method involving bleaching, constant care, and frequent hair salon visits to revive the nuance. However, we can 100% say it is worth the effort. To decorate the hairstyle, you can knit a loose braid.

11. Platinum Silver + Curtain Bangs

icy platinum silver hair

If you want icy platinum silver hair, keep in mind that it’s a complicated procedure that needs a lot of bleaching and can’t be easily obtained with only one visit at the hair salon. But in the end, it worths all the struggle because it will look fabulous.

12. Ombre Platinum Purple Silver

silver platinum ombre hair
Instagram / hotonbeauty

Silver platinum ombre hair looks genuinely mesmerizing! Go for dark silver roots and make an ombre that will transform that shade into a gorgeous platinum silver shade. Let it fall on your back and take two strands and knot them.

13. Asian Ombre + Platinum Silver

asian platinum silver hair

Asian platinum silver hair can make any girl look ravishing. Keep the tresses in medium length, layered and with darker roots. Style waves and accessorize the look with earrings that go along the earlobe.

14. Platinum Silver Hair Color + Inverted Bob

platinum silver hair with dark roots
Instagram / ziabyrd

Brave enough to style a unique hair color? Platinum silver hair with dark roots looks gorgeous on all skin colors. In this case, if you want a brilliant modern look, style an inverted bob haircut and get an iron that will perfectly straighten your hair.

15. Platinum Silver Hair for Black Girl

platinum silver hair for black girls

As we previously mentioned, this color will suit anybody! Platinum silver hair for black girls can be achieved easily by getting a high-quality wig or using weaves. You can dye your own hair in this hue, but it will require a lot of bleaching.

Other Popular Hairstyles:

16. Platinum Silver Balayage

platinum silver balayage hairstyle

A platinum silver balayage hairstyle is ideal for girls with pale skin and blue eyes that want to look romantic and diaphane. Pin your tresses in a messy bun, and you’ll look ravishing.

17. Platinum Silver Long Hair with Waves

platinum silver hair

This astonishing platinum silver color with purple faded hues look absolutely fabulous on long hair. Go for a V cut and use an iron to create waves. There’s no chance of walking on the street without turning heads!

Things To Consider Before Dyeing Hair Platinum Silver

Before you commit to this color, you should consider the following:


Dyeing your hair platinum can cost as much as $250 at a salon. The cost depends on the coloring technique used and the length of your hair. Upkeep comes at an additional cost. And with platinum hair, we do not recommend skimping on shampoo and hair products. Silver color can turn dull quickly without the correct maintenance.

Current Hair Color

Things To Consider Before Dyeing Hair Platinum Silver

Dyeing your hair platinum will take longer and may be unrealistic if you have dark brown or black hair. For the color to show, you will have to use a permanent dye, which could damage your hair.

Skin tone

Platinum silver hair tends to suit skins with cooler tones better than those with warmer tones. If you have a warmer skin tone but still want a similar hair color, consider going platinum blonde. Determine what skin tone you have before committing to a hair dye color.


Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about platinum silver hair and dyeing your hair.

What’s the difference between silver platinum and platinum blonde hair color?

Platinum blonde hair color has a warmer tone than silver platinum hair color, which is closer to true white color.

Can I dye my grey hair silver platinum?

Yes! You can dye grey hair any color. But you might benefit from a lighter dye job, such as platinum. Darker dyes may unnecessarily age you.

Will platinum silver hair age me?

No, platinum silver hair certainly does not have to age you. For many people, silver hair is a bold look that makes them seem younger and livelier.

How often do I need to touch up platinum silver hair?

On average, silver hair needs touch-ups every 4-8 weeks. But this does not mean you have to go to the salon each time. Quality hair products like purple shampoo can help maintain your color without professional help.

Is platinum silver hair hard to maintain?

Platinum silver is high-maintenance. You will need touch-ups every 4-8 weeks to prevent the dye from wearing off, especially at your roots. Your hair might start to look brassy a few weeks after the dye job, so you will want to treat it with high-quality shampoo and hair masks regularly.

Are you ready to pull off a look that will make everybody say WOW when they see you? Platinum silver shades are very trendy and women all over the world pull them off and combine them with purple, white or pink tints. Why not adopt a change that will take your styling game to a whole new level?