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17 Quick and Effortless Hairstyles for Hiking Adventures

Hiking is all about clearing the mind while enjoying the aesthetics of nature. But imagine you’re all set to go out and your hairstyle betrays you with the strands getting all messed up on the way.

Whether your hair is short, medium, or long the best hairdo for getting on a trek is the one that keeps hair tucked neatly away from the face and neck. Looking cute and all donned up is, nevertheless, equally important.

Have a look at the following hairstyles for hiking that are all comfy, effortless, and chic to enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest.

Ideal Hairstyles for Women Who Love Hiking

From ponytails to top buns and braids, the best hiking hairstyles are ones that protect your precious locks from external damage while liberating you from the hassle of doing your hair again and again on the way.

1. Curly Top Knot

topknot hairstyle for hiking

The top knot is undoubtedly one of the quickest hairstyles for hiking you can ever go for, especially when it comes to taming curly tresses.

Simply gather all the hair on the very top of your head. An easy way to do this is by lowering down your head when wrapping those coils.

2. Basic Ponytail

hiking hairstyle with ponytail

Nothing can possibly go wrong with a basic ponytail. It is by far the simplest thing you can do with your tresses to prevent them from getting into the face during your trip.

Spray down all those flyaways and get ready for the run!

3. Half Updo

half up hairstyle for hiking

Outdoorsy ladies who wish to look stylish without overdoing their mane can opt for a classic half-up hairstyle. Your face and eyes will be cleared off any stray strands while the remaining hair dances beautifully at the back.

A half-up bun or a pony instead? The choice is all yours!

4. Sexy Pixie

pixie cut for hiking

There’s no need to chop off your hair when going hiking but you surely can if you’re looking for a dramatic change.

How about a pixie with angled bangs and a neat undercut? You won’t need any further styling apart from finger-brushing the strands every now and then.

5. Jumbo Dread Bun

hiking hairstyle with dreadlocks

Wild ladies can style their deadly dreads in several ways before picking up their backpack and stepping out.

Wrap them in a jumbo bun at the back that’s sure to get noticed from a distance. Braids in between those dreads are ideal to spice things up a bit.

6. Stylish Cornrow Pony

hiking hairstyle with braids

Referring to all the black beauties out there, experiment with cornrows to protect your natural tresses from the harsh environment while looking on fleek during the entire journey.

Try curvy scalp braids with a super high ponytail, going as long as you want, and you won’t regret it!

7. Classic High Bun

hiking hairstyle for women

Buns of any kind make the easiest hairstyles for hiking and there’s no denying that!

Whether you’re in a rush or having an oily hair day, wrap all the hair quickly in a high, medium, or low bun, and there you go!

8. Pigtail Braids

braided pigtails for hiking

Braids are the go-to hiking hairstyle following buns and ponytails as they effortlessly keep the strands safe, tangle-free, and away from the face and neck.

Relive your childhood days with braided pigtails instead of a basic single knit and that’s it! Simply stylish!

9. Bobbed Box Braids

hiking hairstyle for black women

Box braids are the number one popular protective hairstyle sought-after by African-American gals all over the world.

Add a contemporary touch to these otherwise traditional knits by incorporating colored extensions while braiding and chopping them off into a chic blunt French bob.

10. Hiking Ponytail for Short Hair

hiking hairstyle for short hair

Short hair is difficult to tame when going on a hike but still not impossible with a little effort.

Pull the strands back, if long enough, into a ponytail, and use plenty of hair pins to secure them in place. Some left-out chunks won’t hurt as long as they don’t get into your face.

11. Beanie and Bangs

hiking hairstyle with bangs

Keep your head, ears, and nape warm while preventing the hair from flying everywhere during a run in the cold.

 Those who don’t mind keeping their mane on the loose can put their bangs on full display and look cuter than ever before in the woods!

12. Long Sleek Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail for hiking

A simple braid dangling at the back might look too boring. Take things up a notch by assembling your locks in a sleek high ponytail and braiding it all the way down to the very end.

Sporty, chic, and easy! What more to ask for?

13. Super Short Crop

hiking hairstyle for older women

Make a bold move and get rid of all that hair and associated styling by snipping it off into a textured French crop.  

Ask for a short top with even shorter sides and plenty of layers. This hiking hairstyle is a must-try for ladies getting on in years.

14. Easy Half-Up Braids

hiking hairdo

Braids and half-up hairstyles won’t disappoint, no matter what the occasion. Recreate this romantic hairdo by taking two chunks on both sides of the head and braiding them down into one knit at the back.

Secure the remaining hair in a ponytail or leave it to sway with the wind.

15. Chic Angled Bob

bob haircut for hiking

Put those straight sleek tresses on full display with a super modern inverted bob featuring an angled snip with the shortest strands at the back elongating towards the front.

A fresh blonde hair color with dark shadow roots is the perfect sun-kissed look you can go for this season.

16. Layered Lob

hiking hairstyle for blonde hair

Lobs are long shoulder-length bobs that can both be wrapped up in a bun or pony or left loose depending on your mood and hiking trail.

Opt for side-swept medium bangs and throw in a handful of choppy layers and loose waves. Gorgeous!

17. Bun Wrap with Side Braids

bun hairstyle for hiking

Last but not the least, concluding the list of the quickest hairstyles for hiking is this elegant bun updo.  

Braid down your side locks and make your bun look one of a kind by wrapping it in a bandana, scarf, or head wrap. Zero regrets guaranteed!

Fancy hairdos are a big no when it comes to backpacking adventures. Choose any of the above-mentioned hairstyles for hiking depending on your hair length and test it out at home. The best one will make you look pretty while preventing those strands from touching your face and eyes. And that’s exactly the target!