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30 Ways to Effortlessly Rock Box Braids Updo Hairstyles

Box braids are an iconic African culture-inspired hair look that is equally loved by all women. Although they are a complete hairstyle in themselves they can further be styled into updos of varying types. These box braided updos are quick to achieve, easy to maintain, and perfect for the summer. We have brought you 30 ways to effortlessly rock box braids updo hairstyles. Without further delay, go through each of them and get creative while distinctively styling your hair.  


Updos With Box Braids

1. Top Bun

box braided updo with bandana

Stay on the lighter side by braiding the hair while incorporating shiny silver strands along the length. The braided strands are then secured in an oversized high bun sitting on the head accentuated with a bright-colored headband for a funky appeal. 


2. Two-Toned Bulky Bun

box braided jumbo updo

Play with two contrasting shades rather than one before styling the braids in an updo. Use soft brown and blonde extensions while intertwining the hair into medium-sized braids all over the head. Style the strands in a bulky high bun reaching the hairline to complete the look. 


3. Half Up, Half Down

half box braids updo

Here is another effortless way to rock box braids with an updo hairstyle. Half of the long braids are secured into a medium bun while the remaining dangle loose. Pull out two braided strands at the front to frame the face playfully. This fun style is ideal for young girls.


4. Elegant Updo

This braided updo is elegant enough for any special occasion. The black braids are further knitted into jumbo ones along each side and twisted in an updo at the back. Add a delicate hair jewel topping off the look and making it ideal for brides who love box braids.


5. Triple Space Buns

box braided tribal updo

Keep all the eyes on you by rocking these hipster buns on your head with confidence. This style is easy to achieve as it involves sectioning the braids into three parts and twisting them around to create perfectly round space buns.


6. Crown Box Braids

braided crown updo for black women

If you didn’t know by now, you can actually braid your box braids in a crown. That sounds like an amazing idea, right? This is a hairstyle meant for all types and colors of braids.

If you’ve been looking for a fashionable way to put your hair up, this chic box braids updo sounds like the perfect idea.

You will need to define a starting point and work with three strands. It will be much easier if the hair is long.


7. Box Braids with Shaved Sides

box braid updo with shaved sides

This box braided updo style is larger than life. When you want to show off the shaved sides and back you just got, the best option is to put the braids in an updo. This hairstyle is perfect for women who love undercuts and such edgy shaved hairstyles.

You don’t have to worry about creating the perfect bun. Just wrap the box braids and secure them high up. You can do this in two minutes. When you get bored, simply put them down.


8. Rainbow Half-Updo

box braid updo with shaved sides

Flaunt those stunning colorful box braids in a half-updo. That way you’ll have a chance to escape the regular way of wearing them every single day. This hairstyle is perfect for women who have long and colorful braids but don’t want to always wear them either down or up. It’s kind of an in-between hairstyle that is flattering for everyone.

Just get the top part of your hair and twist it in a bun. You will not have any trouble in pulling this off. All you need is a hair tie and several bobby pins.


9. Accessorized Box Braids Updo

box braids updo with accessories

Once you create the braided updo, there are so many different options on how to accessorize it. If you had any doubts, this hairstyle will solve them all.

Adding a headband to the mix will not only give you a glamorous touch but also help you keep the braids up and out of your face.

Do a simple updo by rolling the box braids with beads in a high bun. This is where the fun starts. You can actually add a headband and still look cool. Just check out the example above. She looks wonderful and so elegant.


10. Patterned Half-Up with Box Braids

Patterned Half-Up with Box Braids

Another gorgeous pattern that deserves everyone’s attention. The updo with box braids on the picture is meant to show off the fun design on both sides.

Great for ladies who are obsessed with pretty patterns and want to have their hair up at the same time. The fun half-up mane solves both of the problems, while also providing you with a beautiful look.

There is nothing complicated about this hairstyle. The essential is that you need to put half of the braids up in a bun. You can even add cute accessories just like the picture.


11. Braided Mohawk Updo

Box braids give you so much space for experimenting. You can go for the classic updo hairstyles, but you can also surprise everyone with the most stunning hairstyle you’ve seen in a while.

We are so in love with this box braids updo that we had to share it with you as well. All women with box braids can do, but they will need to have them long.

Since this look requires skills, you might want to visit your hairstylist. They will help you copy the oversized swirl and be the trendiest girl around.


12. Messy Top Knot

The messy buns you see on straight or curly hair can be recreated on box braids as well.

Great for anyone who has box braids, even the women with short ones. They don’t have to feature a rainbow color wave.

It is an effortlessly cool mane that you can do in so many ways. You just put the braids up and use a hair tie to secure them. If they are too heavy add some extra bobby pins.


13. Oversized White Updo

Add some color to those braids before working an updo. A contrasting shade is always a good idea.

It is ideal for experimental, bold types who never get enough hair changes. These ladies are always intrigued by new trends and

You will first need to get white or grey box braids, then turn them into a huge updo. This hairstyle is also decorated with a cool undercut.


14. Classy Updo

Try putting your box braids in a fabulous updo such as this one. You will need a special event and a good hairstylist.

This mane is the ideal option for an upcoming wedding or a big party you have to attend. There are times when you want to put your hair up so that it shows off your amazing outfit.

Visit the hairstylist, so that they can completely recreate this look. You can try and do it at home but you’ll definitely need more time and effort.


15. Half-Up Twisted Mane

half box braided updo

If you haven’t tried a twisted half-up by now, it’s officially time to do it. You’ll love this pretty hairstyle so much that it will become your signature sign.

This style is great for longer hair, so that you have more space to create a big swirl. Get a part of your hair and twist it in a large half up half down hairstyle just like in the picture.


16. Fulani Braids

Put the oversized box braids in a chic half-up.

It’s ideal for ladies who love fun braided designs and half box braid updo hairstyles.

If you already have oversized braids you’ll find it so easy to get this half-up. It’s amazing because you’ll be able to rock that pattern in the front and everyone will see it.


17. Updo with Jumbo Box Braids

box braids updo for women

This one is great for ladies who are into large braids. Ask your hairstylist for the biggest braids ever. Get those massive braids up and try to secure them in a huge bun.


18. Box Braid + Ponytail

Forget about regular ponytails, there is a completely new way to do them. This one is ideal for cool ladies who think that this box braids updo is the hairstyle of their dreams.

For this hairstyle, you only need to gather the braids and put them in a pony. That’s pretty much it.


19. Stitch Braid into Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest version of an updo. Plus, they are great for literally everywhere you go and whatever you wear.

If you have a fun pattern of braids such as this one, you definitely need to show it off with a high braid ponytail. Flaunt those beautiful braids so that the whole world can see them.

Just put the box braids high up and secure them in a pony. Use an additional braid to cover the hair tie.


20. Side-Swept Bangs

box braid updo with side swept bangs

If you love bangs but you have burgundy box braids, do not worry. Take the braids to one side and that way you’ll get a chic side-swept fringe.

All the women who are in the search of new fresh hairstyles can try this one out.

Create an illusion of side-swept bangs with your braids. Get the rest of the hair to do a high bun with bangs.


21. Braids with Weave

Blunt fringe, colorful box braids updo, and an undercut can be a part of the same hairstyle. This is a hairdo recommended only for the boldest.

If you are ready to experiment with quite a lot, this is the mane to try.


22. Updo with Nape Undercut

In order to show the undercut, you need an updo. The undercut will give a very edgy touch to your look.

Just decide where you want the undercut to be, and rock it like a pro with your fabulous updo with box braids.


23. Box Braids Updo with Bangs

Bangs are such a unique and interesting way to upgrade your box braided updo hairstyle. If you are a fan of the fringe trend, this is the ideal time to put it to use.

Great for adventurous ladies who are willing to rock all the new trends.

Ask your hairstylist for box braided bangs. From there on, you will only need to put the rest of the hair in a high bun. So simple, chic and eye-catching.


24. Space Buns

micro box braided updo

Space buns are celebrities’ favorite hairstyle. You can also feel like a star if you wrap your box braids in space buns.

Women with a wild spirit, who never stop are the ideal candidates for the hairdo.

Divide the box braids in two and put them in space buns.


25. Braided Half-Up Hairstyle

box braid half updo for black women

Yes, you can actually braid braids. That’s a thing now! So, you can try it out and see if it works for you.

Those long braids can be even more interesting if you put them in a second braid. All you need is the top part of the hair and a hair tie. This box braid updo hairstyle is also great for short hair.

Get the top part of the braids and braid them in an even bigger one. It will be very easy and takes a few minutes. Make sure that you first secure the section high up with a hair tie. This will help you debut the braid pattern that you have.


26. Chic Bow Bun

A cute bow like this one is definitely a fun way to upgrade box braids.

You will need very long braids if you want to copy this hairstyle.

Create a huge bow on top with your box braids. You will probably need the help of a professional if you want a polished look on the picture. If not, you can still experiment at home and score it after a few tries.


27. A Mix Of Braids

It’s definitely not easy to find a unique box braids updo idea such as this one. Take the picture to the hairdresser and if you want to you can make your own additions and changes to the look.

When you really want to show the art of your braids, the best way to do it is with a half-up mane located on the center.

The focus of the hairstyle is on the gorgeous box braids which look like they start from the half-up bun.


28. Low Side Bun

Buns are so amazing because you can literally place them anywhere. This updo with box braids features a side part and a bun that is located opposite the part.

The women who love experimenting with many different hairstyles will find this one as a fun upgrade.

Get all of the braids on the side where you want to do the bun. Wrap them up and you will need to set them into place with a tie or bobby pins.


29. Beehive Hairdo

beehive box braid updo

When all the braids are facing up, a beehive updo is a hairstyle you should opt for.

If you already have box braids that are braided like this, you can instantly copy the whole look.

Get the braids very high up and twist them in a bun. Your hairstylist will braid them in that direction, so this mane is probably your best option for an updo.


30. Dutch Crown Braids in Updo

Double Crown Box Braids Updo

When one crown is not enough, add two. Get the best out of your braids by additionally braiding them into a crown braid.

Perfect for very long and voluminous braids. They will give you a chance to do all of this in minutes without too much effort. Plus, it’s a really fun change.

After you do the crown braid, secure it with bobby pins. If there are still braids, put them in a bun. A classic box braids updo hairstyle idea for women.


These 30 explicit hair looks have made it clear that there are numerous ways to style your box braids in buns and updos. Whether you go for a simple oversized bun or an updo with a pop of color, these hairstyles will surely set you apart from others. What’s the waiting for then? Select a box braided updo from the list above and make it tighter or messier, taller or flatter depending on your choice.