85 Hipster Haircuts for Guys to Make a Killer First Impression

#6: Fluffy Quiff

best hipster hairstyles for men

If you do not want to fashion your hair into a define vintage quiff, a fluffy quiff may be the best option. You a little styling gel and a comb to get your hair to go upwards near to your fringe.


#7: Mid Curls

Hipster Haircuts for Men 7-min

Longer hair may develop a natural curl as it grows. Enhance your curls by scrunching a little styling product through it as it dries. This can help to prevent your curls from becoming frizzy.


#8: Tousled Hair with Volume

Hipster Haircuts for Men 8-min

A lot of hipster hairstyles rely on volume. To create volume in your hair, run your fingers through it starting from the roots and pulling upwards.


#9: Textured Top with Short Beard

Hipster Haircuts for Men 9-min

Keep your beard to a mid-short length but cut the hair on the top of your head a little longer. Give your hair a little bit of texture by running your fingers through it backwards.

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#10: Short back and sides with Perfect Spikes

hipster haircut for young boy

Use a shaver to give your back and sides a close shave, but leave the central section long. Use styling gel and a fine tooth comb to create perfectly manicured spikes.

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