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25 Best Nerd Hairstyles For Girls to Try in 2024

You may have a nerd daughter at home, or maybe you are one yourself. And you’ve been looking for a change in hairstyles because you’re tired of that same old hairstyle that you or your daughter has been wearing for years.

But the hairstyles you see don’t match your nerdy personality. Well, we’ve got you covered. We prepared a list of 25 of the best nerd hairstyles for girls.

We have included styles that favor different face shapes and types of hair. Whether you have long, short, straight, or curly hair, you’ll find something that will suit you. 


Nerdy Hairstyle Ideas for Girls 

Finding the right hairstyle can be challenging, especially for young geek girls. When selecting one, you want to consider the hair length, texture, and styling time. As most nerd looks are associated with glasses, consider the style of your eyeglass too.

Thankfully, we have 25 suitable hairstyles for nerdy girls that will work with any hair type, so you are sure to find one or more that you love.

1. High Pigtails With Chunky Bangs

two ponytails for nerdy girls

High pigtails are one of the iconic nerd hairstyles that are common with girls. To start, just separate the hair evenly down the middle.

Then, secure each side with an elastic near the top half of the head rather than the side. The chunky bangs help polish off this look.


2. Short Layered Waves

nerd hairstyle for girls with short hair

A layered short hair is a perfect nerd hairstyle for girls with naturally wavy hair. This cut is usually relatively short, stopping at the back of the neck and above the ears.

It helps add volume without requiring much maintenance, while the wavy layers won’t get in your face.


3. Short Straight Bob With Bangs

nerd hairstyle for asian girls

This short straight bob angles towards your face to provide a subtle dorky look that’s easy to achieve and maintain. This hairstyle typically reaches the nape of the neck and stops at the jawline.

In addition, the wispy, straight bangs complement this classic A-line bob cut perfectly.


4. Frizzy Curls + Middle Part

nerd hairstyle for black girls

Curly hair can sometimes be unmanageable, but nerds can embrace it thanks to this simple one-length cut.

With this nerdy hairstyle, girls with glasses can happily add minimal product, part their hair in the middle, sweep the locks to the side, and go on with their day.


5. Straight Bob

bob haircut for nerdy girls

Bob looks great with eyeglasses and can be called as one of the cutest nerd looks. A straight bob with blunt edges that fall right above your shoulders is a classic nerd girl haircut. This style typically calls for the hair to be all one length and is easy to maintain.

It will stay out of your eyes and frame the face in a cute yet simple way.


6. Ballerina Bun

nerd hairstyle for girls with long hair

A ballerina bun is a traditional nerdy look for girls everywhere. To achieve this hairstyle, you will slick back the hair into a tight bun without allowing stray hairs or unruly parts.

This refined and somewhat stiff look is iconic of a classic librarian, ballerina, or scholar.


7. Pigtail Braids 

pigtail braids for nerdy girls

Pigtail braids are a classic nerd hairstyle for girls with long hair. You can get the perfect pigtail braids using a middle part so both sides have an equal amount of hair.

This hairstyle is ideal for anyone with long straight hair, regardless of its thickness.


8. Short Curls

pixie haircut for nerdy girls

If you’re an African American girl, pixie with glasses will give you the nerdy look you deserve. For nerdy girls with curly hair who prefer having a short style, the curly pixie is a low-maintenance and iconic look.

This no-nonsense hairstyle uses longer curls on the top of the head and then tapers into the sides to help frame the face.


9. Side Bangs 

red hairstyle for nerdy girls

This simple layered cut works for straight or wavy hair and can accommodate various lengths. The side part provides longer angled bangs with the illusion of volume at the top of the head.

The bangs with nerd black glasses should cascade down the side of the head without obstructing the eye.


10. Side Braid With Sweeping Bangs 

side braided hairstyle for nerdy girls

Layered sweeping bangs are the perfect complement to a side braid for any geek girl. Be sure to sweep your bangs to the opposite side of your braid to balance out your style.

Your braid should rest over one shoulder, with a few loose strands to provide a softer look.


11. Double Buns

space buns for nerdy girls

Space buns are a set of buns, with one sitting on each side of the head.

All you need to do is part your hair down the middle, wind the hair on each side into a bun, and secure it in place. It’s a perfect choice for straight or curly hair.


12. Simple Waves With a Headband

nerd hairstyle with headband for girls

Use a headband for a stylish and simple hairstyle to compliment simple waves. Nerd girls can achieve this look by letting their hair dry naturally and adding a headband to frame the face.

This hairstyle keeps hair pulled back out of the way with a simple hair accessory.


13. Classic Afro

nerd hairstyle for afro girls

Nerds with naturally curly hair can make life easier by using limited products to tame their tiny kinky locks.

The classic Afro cut stands out all around the head, showcasing volume while framing the face, and is typically no longer than the back of the neck.


14. Straight Layers

medium length hairstyle for nerdy girls

Layers on medium straight hair is a classic and straightforward hairstyle for nerd girls. You can incorporate layers for a more textured look without making hair care more complicated.

These layers can help soften the overall style rather than focusing on sharp, blunt ends.


15. Half Bun With Box Braids 

half up hairstyle for nerdy girls

If you are wearing a protective style such as box braids, you can achieve this nerdy girl look easily.

Twisting your braids into a half-up bun on top of your head will provide that geeky look you want while taking some weight off your shoulders and keeping it out of your face.


16. Curly Bob

curly hairstyle for nerdy girls

If you have curly hair, it’s still possible to pull off a nerdy bob look. Curly bobs are the perfect cut to showcase natural curls without relying on a lot of styling and morning prep.

However, your curls will need a clip or bobby pins to secure hair away from the face.


17. Curly Messy Bun

messy hairstyle for nerdy girls

Messy buns are the stereotypical nerd-girl look, especially when you include a pencil to round out the style.

Make a messy look by gathering the hair loosely in a bun, leaving some ends out, and poking a pencil into it for the final touch.


18. Medium Curls with Highlights

nerd hairstyle for girls with curly hair

Young girls with tight curls can use layers to make managing their style easier. This medium-length style helps weigh the hair down to the shoulders for a more manageable cut.

Work some gel through your locks to achieve this look, and let the hair dry naturally.


19. Side Ponytail With Thin Bangs 

side ponytail for nerdy girls

A side ponytail can achieve the nerd girl look you want when you have a long hairstyle.

By pairing it with thin bangs, you can sport a subtle style that isn’t overpowering or takes the attention away from your side ponytail.


20. High Bun With Bangs

updo hairstyle for nerdy girls

Classic high buns are a simple hairstyle for girls with any bang type. First, keep the hair out of the face and secure it into place with pins and hairspray.

Then, add a bow or ribbons to accent this nerd-girl look perfectly.


21. Wash-and-Wear

nerd hairstyle for girls

Sporting long, tight waves can achieve a wild, nerdy look. This wash-and-wear hairstyle is perfect for girls with naturally long, wavy hair. Achieving this looking doesn’t require any effort at all.

You just need to part your hair a bit lower than usual and push most of your hair to one side.


22. Multiple Braids

nerd hairstyle with braids for girls

Box braids are a terrific hairstyle for young nerd girls wanting to tame thick locks. Using multiple box braids parted on each side of the head will keep your hair under control and out of the way.

Try incorporating beads or colorful rubber bands as a fun way to add color and personality.


23. Halo Braid With an Afro 

nerd hairstyle for black girls

Try dressing up your afro cut by including a halo braid along the hairline. This simple braid adds a sophisticated look and helps keep hair out of your face.

You can also choose to have various braid sizes along the crown of your head for different looks.


24. Teased Afro

nerd hairstyle for girls

If you currently have an afro or thick curly hair, you can easily tease the strands to give your hair more volume for a more dramatic nerdy look.

Be sure to use the right hair products and tease the top sections of your hair for a unique style.


25. Barrel Curls

long hairstyle for nerdy girls

Sporting long straight bangs to compliment curly hair is a terrific style that works for any hair type.

This curly hairstyle requires you to braid your long hair into tiny braids and leave them overnight for shaping. This style adds volume and looks great with side or front bangs.


If you’re looking for hairstyles for nerd girls, this list will surely provide one or two that will be ideal for your hair type.

Having more than one functional hairstyle is a fun way to add personality without making drastic changes.