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25 Short in Back Longer in Front Hairstyles for Women

Take your basic bob to the next level! Short in the back and longer in the front hairstyles lend extra spice by adding height, fullness, and a little extra flair to your hair. However, the style isn’t as simple as cutting your hair shorter in the front than it is in the back.

You can choose between an A-line style, which involves cutting hair on a gradient from front to back, or an inverted style, where hair is stacked into layers at the back to create a round shape so the front layers can frame the face.

Don’t worry, we will show you 15 different varieties of both of these cuts for every hair texture in between!

Classy Shorter Back Longer Front Hairstyles

Below are some of the best shorter in back, longer in front hairstyles for women that are trending in 2024.

1. Short in Back and Long in Front Bob for Thin Hair

This look provides so much style for thin hair. Where a regular bob would fall flat, a style that is shorter in the back uses layers to create height at the back of the head, giving the bob shape and thin hair padded volume.

2. Long Front Short Back Pixie

Give your pixie the illusion of a bob with an inverted style. This cut keeps hair off of your neck but leaves enough to wrap around to the front of the head to frame your face.

3. Long Front Short Back Hair with Bangs

Bangs add to the framing effect of inverted bob. For a large forehead or long face shape, a tousled fringe is an excellent compliment.

4. Colorful Inverted Bob

Show off your angled bob with bold colors! You obviously don’t have to choose yellow and green, but shorter hair with extra flair provides an opportunity to have some fun.

5. A-Line Bob for Thick Hair

Instead of creating even more volume with stacked hair an A-line or angled bob is ideal for thick hair. This cut is angled to be longer in the front than it is the back to frame the face, but no stacking is involved.

6. Layered Hair

We often see smooth locks on these types of bob styles, but why not cut layers to play with dimension? These shorter layers mirror the stack at the back of the head and add depth to a simple, straight hairstyle.

7. Extra Long Concave Hairstyle

A concave bob, also known as an inverted bob takes on a beautiful, rounded shape. This look drastically grows extra long as you reach the front, perfect for elongating a round face shape.

8. A-Line Cut for Curly Hair

A-line bobs are great for babes with lots of hair, whether you have thick and/or curly texture. It’s more subtle and avoids creating height and bulk when you don’t need it, so your curls can shine.

9. Wavy Hair

Who says your angled bob has to be pin-straight? Sleek styles are common, but wavy ones are realistic. If your hair has a lot of texture, keep the front-to-back gradient low.

10. Bob With Weave

Weaves are amazing because they let you choose the exact texture and style you’d like, without a lot of fuss. This inverted bob is lusciously textured and thick with a feminine side part.

11. Simple and Straight

If you’re looking for a front-to-back gradient that is a little more subtle, try an angled bob. This look has just a few inches difference between the back of the head and the pieces that frame the face.

12. Balayage Hair

These haircuts have a lot of style, but why not pay attention to your highlights, too? Hand painting with balayage is truly the best technique for creating natural, blended color.

13. Short in Back Longer in Front with Undercut

This style takes an inverted bob to the extreme with an undercut portion at the back- and we like it! This ultra-short shaved portion bolsters the stack so it can start even higher on the back of the head.

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14. Icy Blonde Inverted Bob

Why not try a modern color on your modern inverted bob hairstyle? The front portions of the hair are very long on this style, so a trendy color is perfect for an edgy take on the classic bob style.

15. Messy Hairstyle

This tousled, messy texture is all the rage lately. It’s easy to create this hairstyle on straight hair where an interesting element is lacking. We love it on inverted an A-line bobs because it adds fullness to your overall style.


short in back and long in front blonde pixie bob
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short in back and long in front layered haircut


short in back and long in front colorful haircut


Rihanna with short in back and long in front haircut
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short in back and long in front pixie cut for teen girl
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short in back and long in front pink bob
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edgy short in back and long in front haircut


short in back and long in front brunette hair with blue tips


wavy short in back and long in front yellow hair


short in back and long in front black bob with blue underneath

There is plenty of variety when it comes to choosing your next short in the back and long in the front hairstyle. Try an inverted style, an A-line look, or a simple angled bob as it works for you. Do you know what look you’ll choose?