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What Is a Multi-Textured Perm?

Though they never really went out of style, perms are back in the mainstream and making literal “waves” in a big way. One very popular type of perm is the multi-textured perm. Never heard of it? We’ve got you covered!

However, there are many other different types and variations of perms.

For example, some perms use hot curling methods with harsh chemicals, and others use cold methods with milder chemicals.

Some perms have tight curls, and others have loose curls. The perm style you decide to get depends on what kind of hair you have and the look you want to achieve.

What Is a Multi-Textured Perm?

multi-textured perm

A traditional perm uses chemicals to create curls or waves. They’re meant to last months, so you don’t need to worry about sleeping in curlers or spending an hour curling your hair each morning.

But what if you want a more textured, natural look? One that gives you curls or waves of varying sizes? That’s where a textured perm comes in. This type of perm uses rods of different sizes to give you curls of different sizes, adding a more natural look.

If you’re worried that the chemicals a perm uses may damage your hair, a  multi-textured perm won’t have that issue. This type of hair treatment uses a cold perm solution, which is healthier for your hair.

The only drawback is that your curls, often like natural curls, will be tighter when wet and will loosen up when they dry.

Overall, this perm does a better job mimicking natural curls than a traditional one.

How To Do Multi-Textured Perm

How To Do Multi-Textured Perm

There are several ways to achieve a multi-textured perm. Your stylist may use traditional rods to shape the curls, or they may use fabric or soft rollers.

However, the general process will be similar, regardless of your particular stylist. To start, they’ll clean and spiral your hair.

They’ll either use rods of different sizes and wrap your hair around those, or they’ll twist your hair around the fabric of different lengths and thicknesses. The different sizes ensure that all of your curls will be unique, not simply one size or tightness, making them look natural.

Typically, your scalp and hairline will be protected with petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, right before the perm solution is put on your hair.

Next, the cold perm solution will be applied. Instead of applying heat, the solution works on the hair, altering the protein structure and allowing the hair to be reshaped. The stylist will leave this on your hair for anywhere from five minutes up to an hour to soak in.

When the solution has worked, your stylist will most likely add a neutralizer. This is to rebalance your hair and ensure that your hair isn’t damaged. Think of this as a deep conditioner that not only restores your hair but it ensures your hair keeps the curl.

After a few minutes, your stylist will rinse your hair. Once your hair is dried, you’ll be ready to go! As with other types of perms, ensure that you don’t wash your hair for 48 hours after the process.

Watch the Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Multi-Textured Body Wave Perm

How to Care for a Textured Perm

Although a multi-textured perm is a relatively low-maintenance hairstyle, there are some essential tips to remember when caring for a textured perm.

  • Be sure to wait at least three days before washing your hair after getting the perm; it needs time to set fully.
  • Never brush your hair with a wire brush but rather with a wide-tooth comb or use your fingers instead to break up the knots.
  • Your hair will be dehydrated after the treatment, so use moisturizing products.
  • Do not wash your hair every day. Keeping the natural oils in your hair as long as possible is crucial.
  • Be sure to get the right products for chemically-treated hair, and avoid any products that contain alcohol in their ingredients.
  • Continue to get your hair trimmed regularly to keep your hair free from dead ends.
  • Avoid using heat on your hair. This means no straightening or manually curling hair with hot irons.

Multi-Textured Perm Vs. Digital Perm

Difference between Multi-Textured Perm and Digital Perm

Another type of perm, and probably the most common, is a digital perm. So what exactly is the difference between a multi-textured and a digital perm?

As mentioned above, a multi-textured perm uses a heating method to curl hair permanently. The numerous different sizes and tightness of curls are made possible using other sized curling rods and fabric.

Digital perms use heat to form curls that are uniform in size and tightness, unlike textured one that produces various curl sizes.

In addition, digital perms use chemicals that thermally recondition the hair, while multi-texture perms use a waving solution that breaks up the natural chemicals within the hair’s structure; it does not entirely change the chemical structure of the hair as the digital perm solution would.

Another difference between a multi-textured and a digital perm is how the curls look and feel. Curls made by a digital perm are typically tight and bouncy. In contrast, curls created by textured perm are flowy and appear loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common questions asked about multi-textured perms.

Are multi-textured perm and texture
wave the same thing?

No. Texturizing is a similar process but uses a different product, is left in for a short time, and has other chemical processes. Multi-textured perms use a waving solution to relax the hair chemically. Texture waves use a much less chemically bound texturizer than the waving solution.

How much do multi-textured perms cost?

The cost of a perm will depend on how long your hair is and where you decide to get the perm done. An average price for a textured perm falls between $30-$150 for short hair, $60-$200 for medium-length hair, and $80-$400 for long hair.

Are multi-textured perms permanent?

No, despite the name “perm,” multi-textured perms are not permanent. These perms will usually last approximately 3-6 months if properly cared for. In rare cases, you could see the effects of the perm in your hair for up to a year after the initial treatment.

Multi-textured perms are an excellent solution for someone seeking a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks and feels natural. Of course, straight hair is beautiful too, but there’s nothing like the look of natural waves flowing down your back.

Although a textured perm also uses chemicals, they aren’t quite as harsh as those used in a digital perm, so this could be your happy medium when choosing the right type of perm for you.

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