35 Bright Winter Hair Color Ideas to Warm You Up 

When the winter comes and you put on several layers of clothing, all you rely on to show off your beauty is your head. That’s why choosing the best hair colors for winter is so important.

Meanwhile, the sun is not so hot in the winter so it doesn’t fade the color away so you can opt for richer and deeper shades that won’t require frequent maintenance. When all you’ve got to show your style is your face and hair, you need to pay more attention to the hairstyles.


How To Choose The Perfect Winter Hair Color

hair coloring ideas for winter

You already know that you have to consider your skin tone and the hair type when choosing the right hair color. But it might come as a surprise that you also need to think about the season. Choosing the perfect hair color for the next winter might seem easy. It is. But a few tips won’t hurt. Here they are.


1. Go Two Shades Darker

Darker and richer colors are more suitable for the winter months than light and sun-kissed locks. So whatever hue you sported during the summer and the fall, it should be changed to something at least two shades darker. The best part about getting dark shades in the winter is that they don’t fade as fast as they do in the summer due to the absence of harsh UV rays.


2. Consider Red

All shades of red are one of the best choices for the winter. Fiery red, deep ginger and bright orange can be a hit. Just imagine how amazing you will look walking down the dull and snowy streets. Red locks hanging out of the winter hat will feel like a tiny sun. Such hair color can warm you up from the inside.


3. Go Wild

Wild colors also look much more interesting in the winter than they do in the hot summer months. If you’ve always dreamed about pink and blue strands, the time has come to take advantage of them. Hair gets drier in the winter due to dry air so it might require less frequent washing. This is a big advantage for wild colors that can wash out easily. When going crazy with the shades, consider the deep hues, such as bright pink or dark blue.


Sizzling Hair Colors for Winter

Most of the time the perfect winter hair colors need to be bright. So think about fiery red and deep mahogany. Meanwhile, some women can experiment with popular white and silver tresses. They look so well when coupled with bright makeup and fashionable winter clothes.

Remember, you might need to wear a hat or a hood so if you are opting for an ombre, make the bottom part brighter. The brightness and the richness are the keys to the best winter colors. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome winter hair color ideas.


1. Mahogany pink

Mahogany pink Winter Hair Colors for women

This mahogany shade is a wonderful choice for women who have cool skin tones. It’s richer than regular pink and softer than deep mahogany. Besides, it looks close to the natural red color. A few bright makeup strokes can complete the image.

Mahogany Hair Colors


2. Brown and honey

 Winter Brown Hair Colors idea for girl

Try to forget about blonde hues when it comes to winter hair colors. But if you can’t avoid light shades, go for brown and honey ombre. The top part can stay naturally brown or even black while the bottom one should be honey or golden.


3. Orange highlights 

Orange highlights with Winter Hair Colors

This is a wonderful choice of hair color for women who want to mix rich brown or mahogany with fiery red hues. The deep brown shades look perfect with light orange streaks. Partial highlights can do the trick just fine.


4. Icy silver

silver color Winter Hairstyle for girl

If you are now a big fan of winter fashion trends but want to stand out of the crowd, the cold season is a wonderful opportunity to try silver locks. You can either test them as an ombre or as highlights. Either way, they’ll be beautiful.


5. Pink and stunning

Pink Winter Hair Colors for girl

This is a wonderful winter hair color for gals who want to go wild. While rich and deep pink colors are better for the cold season, medium pink is good as well. Imagine how great it will look with your warm coat.


6. From black to caramel

caramel with black Winter Hair Color you love

This mix of black, brown, and caramel colors create a perfect winter image. Each one of these shades is rich enough to outline your beauty. Meanwhile, the hairstyle is low maintenance and won’t require monthly visits to the barber shop.

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7. Bright and deep

 Winter Hair Colors

Mixing deep purple and bright red hair colors are exactly what you need for the cold winter months. This is a perfect solution for the cold season that requires you to brighten up the day. Go for it!


8. Mahogany and purple

purple Hair Colors idea for Winter

Mahogany hair color for winter looks great when mixed with lighter purple hues. This rich color requires plenty of maintenance but looks truly stunning, especially if you have long locks. You can mix in another hue if you wish.


9. Snowwhite

 Winter Hair Colors

If you have olive skin and want to get a unique winter image, silver strands are the way to go. You’ll need to bleach your locks to get the perfect effect, but the effort is truly worth it. You’ll look amazing against the snowy winter background.


10. Red highlights

 Red highlights with Winter Hair Color

If you are a fan of blonde locks, you have to choose a suitable winter hair color to change into. Consider getting red highlights. Pink and orange hues look good when mixed with blonde shades. They give your image an extra oomph.


11. Honey hues

Honey and golden hues look terrific with rich brown and dark black shades. Such highlights appear like the streak of sunlight in the dark and gloomy winter months. This approach can allow you to keep some light strands.


12. Lighten up

blonde Winter Hair Colors idea for women

If you can’t live without your blonde locks and even a cold winter is not an argument, you can still stick to your favorite hues. However, it would be smart to add some light brown strands to make the colors richer.


13. Purple hair colors

These outrageous hair colors for winter can really warm up your image. You can experiment with purple hues and add some lighter pinkish undertones. If you are ready to go wild, winter is the best time to do it.


14. Bold cherry hair color

Dark bold cherry is one of the perfect winter hair hues. It has some rich brown and wild reddish tones to it so you can really make an impression. Such color looks amazing with any wardrobe and can stay intact longer than the wild shades.


15. Fine wine ombre

ombre Winter Hair Colors for girl

You can experiment with red hair hues by creating a stunning winter ombre. Lighter red on top and fine wine cherry on the bottom make an amazing reverse ombre that you will certainly love during the winter.


16. Lovely bronde

Bronde is another way out for girls who can’t say goodbye to their blonde locks. The mix of blonde and brown is smashing and allows you to always look stunning during the cold days. Give it a go!


17. Wild fun

If you have dark natural hair, this shade of red can be a good choice. It looks perfect when coupled with black so you don’t have to worry about the growing roots and dark eyebrows. This is a good choice for a style change.


18. Hair extensions

If you don’t feel like changing the image too much or feel as if you need some serious change, the hair extensions can help you do the job. You can choose absolutely any hair color for your next style.


19. Flower power

 Winter Hair Colors

This approach to hair coloring can make your hair appear like a wonderful summer flower in the middle of the winter. While these shades are not very easy to achieve, they can be a terrific choice for a special winter occasion.


20. Raven black

 Winter Hair Colors

The darker you go with your next winter hair color, the better you can look. Even if you have naturally blonde or brown hair, winter is a wonderful opportunity to try raven black. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at how much it suits you.

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Winter hair colors vary greatly. As long as you follow a few tips when choosing them, you can look stunning regardless of the weather. Check out these above options one more time to make the right choice.

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