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How to Get Fire Red Hair – Top 5 Ideas

Like the classic blonde or brunette look, fire-red hair has never gone out of fashion. A lot of girls like their red hair because it best represents their fiery red personality.

However, red hair is neither easy to achieve nor easy to maintain without turning orange, brown, or blonde with time. That is why in this article, we are going to explain to you how to get fire red hair, as well as give you 5 stunning hairstyle ideas.

How to Get Fire Red Hair

fire red hairstyle

The process of getting fire red hair depends on the base, or rather the color of your own hair and the intensity of the color you want to achieve.

If you have naturally blonde hair or bleached blonde hair, you can choose whether to apply hair dye or toner. If you decide to apply hair dye, you don’t need a developer that is stronger than volume 20. Just section your hair out and, starting from the bottom section, start applying the hair dye. Wait 30-40 minutes, then wash it out and style your hair.

If your hair is bleached blonde, you have to tone it. However, if you have had your hair dyed previously, you will first have to remove that color from your hair and then apply some toner to get the fiery effect.

If you have virgin hair darker than level 8, you will first have to lighten your hair and then color it using a toner. Dark hair can be dyed red, but the shade wouldn’t be as bold and bright and would start turning brown after only one wash.

How to Maintain Fire Red Hair

fire red hair

If you are ready to commit yourself to wearing red hair, you have to be ready for regular touch-ups. Red hair color fades easily, especially if the base is lightened. That is why you will have to tone your hair every few weeks and lighten the roots every 4-6 weeks.

Therefore, you should take good care of your hair so you don’t damage it heavily. Use hair oils to improve the shine and silkiness and trim the ends regularly to avoid split ends.

Best Fiery Red Hairstyles

1. Fire Red Highlights on Curls

fire red curls

If the texture of your hair is already beautifully emphasized, you can only enhance it by adding some gorgeous bright highlights that would intertwine and blend into your hair.

Ideal for: Square and oval-shaped faces and warm skin tones.

How to style: Bright red hair and a perm are definitely not a good match due to the heavy damage that your hair would suffer if you combined those two. Rather, opt for this hairstyle only if you have natural tight curls, or simply try black hair with red highlights even on straight hair.

2. Fire Red Bob

fire red bob

Sometimes, simplicity is a great contrast to boldness. If you opt for an edgy hair color, having a bold haircut can make you look tacky. Rather opt for something like an inverted bob.

Ideal for: Round and square-shaped faces and all skin tones.

How to style: Use a curling iron to create big loose curls that would do justice to the beautiful shade and shine of your hair. Then spray it with some hairspray.

3. Cool-Toned Straight Hair

straight fire red hair

This shade of red is bright and fiery, but still cool-toned, and it’s, therefore, an ideal shade for girls with a cool-toned complexion.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces and cool skin tones.

How to style: Section your hair out and use a styling brush and a comb to style the bob, curling the ends slightly inward.

4. Fiery Balayage on Wavy Hair

fire red balayage hair

A bright red balayage on wavy hair looks exactly like a flame, which is why this hairstyle is something that you can’t miss if you like wearing red hair.

Ideal for: All face shapes and warm skin tones.

How to style: If you have natural waves, add some texturizing spray to your wet hair and blow-dry it. If not, use a curling iron or wand to curl your hair slightly. Then comb through the hair gently for a more relaxed look and spray it with a bit of hair spray.

5. Ombre on Long Curls

fire red hairstyle

This red ombre hairstyle is only for brave, strong, flamboyant girls to try.

Ideal for: Square and heart-shaped faces and warm skin tones.

How to style: The top section of this gorgeous fire ombre is toned bright red, while the ends are toned bright orange. If you opt for this, make sure the two toners are blended very well. Then, wash the toner out and blow dry your hair. Take a thicker curling iron and curl your hair.

Getting the perfect fiery red hairstyle might not be the most straightforward task, but once you get it, the results will blow you away. Hopefully, among these gorgeous fiery red hairstyles, you have found the perfect one for yourself