50 Beguiling Long Hairstyles for Women With Round Faces

Finding the right long hairstyle greatly depends on your face type. Choosing long haircuts and hairstyles for women with round faces must be done carefully because if it doesn’t suit, the blessing of getting such face type will be turned into wastage.

When you have a round face, your goal is to make it seem more oval. There are many long hairstyles out there that can help you do the trick. However, there are also some that should be avoided. This goes mostly for very curly styles. Large and voluminous curls will make your face look even more round than it really is. That’s why choosing the right haircut for women with round faces can take some time.

Browsing through some useful options will help you take the right pick and enjoy the new hairstyle to the fullest extent.


Mind-boggling Long Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Round is very close to oval but it still needs some help looking perfect. This face shape is very cute and some girls might prefer to flaunt it. However, a wrong hairstyle can ruin any effect you are trying to create while working on your image. Choosing the right haircut is important for all women regardless of their face shape.

Hairstyles for women with round faces vary greatly. Long haircuts are a great way to go. However, all long hairstyles are different, so give the below long hairstyles for round faces some consideration and make a decision about which one will suit you the most.

1. Long Layers

Long layers hairstyle for cute women

If you have straight hair, it will look great with long layers. However, for a round face, you must remember that the shortest layer should start well beneath your chin so the face looks elongated.


2. Large waves


Curls are not always a great idea for a woman with a round face, but large waves are. Follow the above advice and make the large waves start well below the chin level to correct the appearance.

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3. No Bangs

 long hairstyle with no bangs

Long hairstyles for women with round faces look good without bangs. Bangs make the face look even more round no matter which type of a fringe you choose. So opt for a bangs-free image.


4. Long Bangs


If you can’t live without bangs or just have trouble growing them long enough, you can opt for this hairstyle. The bangs must reach at least the level of your ears. Otherwise, clip them to the side to open up the forehead.


5. Eye covering strands

long length hairstyles for women with eye-covering bangs

If you want a sexy long hairstyle for women with round faces, consider creating eye-covering strands. It’s a good replacement for eye-covering bangs that can actually make your face look rounder.


6. Windblown tresses

nice brown long hair style you like

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a long hairstyle. Just let your long hair down and give it a windblown look by messing it up a bit with the help of some hair gel.


7. High Fringe


Women with round faces can go for this combination of a high fringe and layered strands. You must be careful with styling this haircut daily, otherwise, the bangs will add to the roundness of your face.


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8. Side-Parted Long Hair

best Side part hairstyles for long faces

Using a side part to open up your forehead is another way to deal with bangs that are not growing as fast as you wish. This hairstyle requires daily styling to be kept neat and intact. You can also try side-parted ponytails which will look good with long hair.


9. Voluminous curls


This hairstyle is acceptable for girls whose faces are closer to oval. If your face is really round, then you should avoid such volume since it will have a reversed effect on your image.


10. Hidden highlights

highlight black hairstyle for young girl

Hidden partial highlights are a great way to freshen up your image. If you have long hair, you have so much to experiment with. Partial highlights can change your appearance in no time.


11. Low waves

 Low waves hairstyles for women with round faces

If you are getting ready for a special occasion and want curls or waves, your best bet would be to make low waves that start below your chin area. Straight top and a curly bottom is a great way to look unique.


12. Go blond


If you are going for a cute girl image, experiment with different shades of blonde. All long haircuts for women with round faces look great with blond color. Time to dye your tresses!


13. Hairstyle Using Hair Extension

 straight hair extensions haircuts for women with round faces

If your hair is short and you want a long hairstyle, consider getting straight hair extensions. They will allow you to enjoy the benefits of long hair while making your round face look more oval.


14. Brush over


Experiment with your long locks by brushing them over to one side. The more brushing you do, the more unique your style will look. Just make sure your forehead is open.


15. Middle-Parted Long Hairstyle

Middle part brown hair for girl

If you are contemplating a long hairstyle, think about a middle part. It’s a sure way to open up your face and make it appear more elongated. Side parts need work to look good. A middle part doesn’t.


16. Partial highlights


Partial highlights on the lower part of your tresses serve the purpose of making your face look longer. Consider blond shades on your dark hair or red strands on your blond locks. You can also try full highlights. If you are confused between these two – learn the differences between a full highlight and partial highlight.


17. Straight and neat

long hairstyles with straight and neat

Getting ready for a special occasion? This hairstyle for women with round faces is for you. It’s almost worry-free. All you need to do is let your hair down and apply plenty of gel to make it look sleek.


18. Long Hair With Red highlights

beautiful Red highlights hairstyle for women

Red highlights are a great way to brighten up your image and enjoy the result. Women with all face types should consider this easy way to change their appearance for the better.


19. Slight waves


Slight waves are a great way to turn your simple long hairstyle into something suitable for a special occasion. Make sure to brush your long locks over the shoulders so they are visible from the front.


20. Blunt Bangs

 easy hairstyles for long hair

Blunt bangs should be avoided by women with round faces since they make the face look shorter. If your face is closer to oval than round, then you can allow yourself to wear such bangs.


21. Ombre


If you want to get an ombre, then the color change must be done really low. If you make a regular ombre, you will get a reversed effect for the round shape of your face.


22. Natural colored long hairstyle for round faces

cute hairstyles for long hair

When you are looking for color options for your long hair, consider staying with the most natural shade. These shades usually look the most attractive for girls of all ages.

Ideal Medium Haircuts for Round-Faced Women


long hairstyles for round face shaped women




long hairstyles for women with round face






round face women with long hairstyles






long top knot for round face women





long dreadlocks for round face shaped women





space bun for women with round face






long hairstyles for round face women


long hairstyles for women with round face


These long hairstyles for women with round faces can help any girl choose a suitable hairstyle. Make sure to avoid blunt bangs and do some experiments with colors. Your long hair will look fantastic, while the shape of the face will appear perfect.