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30 Spellbinding Hidden Hair Color Ideas for Women [2024]

Streaks and hidden hair color have become a trend in recent times. Every third person either has dyed hair or is sporting streaks. The number of people indulging in coloring their hair is aplenty these days! If you are one those too, it is time you opt for something unique. Go for a different look!


Modern Trend of Hidden Hair Colors

Here is a list of hidden hair colors that you can opt for so that you can stand out in a crowd.

1. Indigo streaks

black hair with hidden indigo streaks

A bright color like Blue, or more precisely a shade of blue called Indigo is sure to grab the attention of the people. A loud and vibrant color like this will never fail to get the people talking.

Ideal for: People with short hair or who like to experiment, this choice is a bold and an unconventional move that seems calm and pleasing to the eye at the same time.

How to style: If you have jet black hair and wish to keep the majority of it, you can get the edges streaked with only indigo or a mixture of bright blue, dark blue and indigo. The different hidden shades of color will definitely make your hair a lot more appealing.


2. The Unicorn

brown hair with hidden color

Unicorns are mythical creatures that look like horses, but with a horn on top of their head. They are often portrayed to have a long, wavy mane filled with bright and optimistic colors. This hidden color style is a lot similar to that of a unicorn’s mane.

Ideal for: Redheads or brunettes with long and wavy hair, this style looks magical and majestic, just like the unicorn. Flaunt your hairstyle with these choices and people around you will notice you for sure.

How to style: If you have wavy hair, make sure you get the inner side of the hair streaked. That way, when the streaks show up sometimes, the essence of the style will increase tenfold and when people notice it, will ask you about it for sure. Pretty catchy and attention-grabbing, don’t you think?


3. Shades of Pink

hidden hair color ideas for women

One very unconventional yet pretty color combination is purple and pink. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, this is one style you should consider. A little-hidden mix and match with colors that appease the eyes is not a bad idea after all.

Ideal for: Women with thick, dense and bouncy hair, this choice is as beautiful as it can get. The pink and purple streaks, hidden by purple locks, when revealed will surely manage to create some kind of chatter among your peers.

How to style: You can cover the top of your hair with purple color. However, the inner layers need to be vertical streaks of pink and purple (lavender to be precise). So, when you move your hair to groom them or when the wind blows through it, a bright, attention-grabbing combination will become visible.


4. Black and Gold

black hair with hidden golden color

The good old black and gold. A simple combination of your black hair with blonde streaks, this is one combination that will never go out of style.

Ideal for: Women with medium sized hair, if you’re looking for something basic because this is your first time and you aren’t a big fan of experimenting, this is one style you should try.

How to style: Get a few locks on the inner layer and on the outer layer randomly streaked. When you braid your hair, this classic combination should look really enticing.


5. Red Streaks

black hair with hidden red streaks

Red is a color that many people like. The vibrant and catchy shade just manages to grab people’s attention. Imagine this color working its charm on your hair.

Ideal for: Ladies with short hair, the revelation of red streaks present on the inner layers when you move your hair should get people talking.

How to style: If you have short hair, you can get the entire inner side of your hair colored with bright red or its shades, and you should be good to go.


6. Pink & Blue

Pink and blue are two colors that perfectly compliment each other. When used as a color for streaks, the essence of these colors become a lot better.

Ideal for: Blonde hair, this combination will complement your locks brilliantly and give your hair a sense of elegance and grace.

How to style: Spread streaks of blue and pink randomly on the inner layers of your hair. The momentary revelations of these colors along with blonde should make a really pleasant combination.


7. Aquamarine

A combination of blue and green sounds like aquamarine. This uncommon color has a very different vibe to it and an eye-pleasing spectrum.

Ideal for: Blonde hair, this color will suit your bright straight locks creating the perfect contrast.

How to style: Color your hair in a way that your original hair color covers the streaks. The occasional view of blue and green along with blonde seems like a good combination.


8. Bright streaks

bright hidden color ideas

What could be a more pleasing and catchy choice than a combination of bright colors?

Ideal for: Wavy brunette hair, this hidden rainbow hairstyle has a raw and a happy vibe attached to it, that shows a glimpse of your adventurous side.

How to style: Combine vibrant colors like green, blue, yellow, red, etc. on the inner layers of your hair. Give your hair a slight curl or a bounce, and you should be good to go.


9. Skittles

Just like the bright, fruit-flavored candy, give your hair a sweet essence.

Ideal for: Redheads, this style imitates most of the colors available in a packet of Skittles candy.

How to style: Color your hair in a way that streaks are seen only when you tie your hair into a bun. Otherwise, the streaks remain hidden most of the time and are occasionally visible.


10. Indigo Pink

hidden hair color ideas for women

A very uncommon and an unconventional combination, indigo, and pink are two colors that contrast each other.

Ideal for: Brown hair, the contrast between brown, indigo and pink makes it that much more pleasing to the eye.

How to style: The streaks need to placed in a way that when you leave your hair open, it’s not very evident. However, when you tie them up, the actual essence is revealed.


11. Green Elegance 

hidden green hair color

Instagram / cosmomerry7

Turn around some heads with this two-toned green tinge popping through the dark mane.

Ideal for: Long chestnut brown tresses creating an eye-catching color combination.

How to Style: Dye the entire underlayer in a vivid green hue lightening down the ends creating a subtle ombre. Braid the upper brown strands loosely to expose the color underneath.


12. Platinum Magic

hidden blonde hair color

Instagram / hairbyaddisonmoll

Platinum blonde hair is trending this year and can be used ideally as a hidden hair color.

Ideal for: Short to medium length dark hair creating a perfect contrast.

How to Style: The platinum hue peeks through the darker strands creating a black and white appeal. Accentuate it with a loose half-up braid.


13. Granny Grey

Keep it low-key yet noticeable with this unconventional hair look.

Ideal for: Short black hair accentuating the lighter shade beneath.

How to Style: Place the grey color in a way that it remains hidden beneath the black until the hair is lifted. Secure half of the strands in a clip for a chic look.


14. Fiery Orange

hidden red hair color

Instagram / hairsalon.ruler

Express your wild side by going for this anime girl-inspired hairstyle.

Ideal for: Layered long waves for a bold appeal.

How to Style: Spare the crown area while dying the rest in a fiery orange hue including the bangs to overpower the natural dark hair color. 


15. Hidden Beauty

Stand out from the crowd by using a darker shade as a hidden underlayer instead of a brighter one.

Ideal for: Blonde hair, as the brown and blonde color combination is timeless.

How to Style: Instead of the entire underlayer take a central chunk and dye it in a chocolate brown hue.


16. Pop of Colors

hidden hair color

Instagram / alice.vovk

Those who like vibrant hues but don’t want to overpower their hair shade can consider this style.

Ideal for: Short dark brown hair to cover the masterpiece hidden beneath.

How to Style: Ask the hairstylist to add bright blue, purple, pink, red, and orange shades beneath bringing the sunset on your head.


17. Keep It Subtle

Ladies who are reluctant to take part in the concealed hair dye trend can start by keeping it subtle.

Ideal for: All hair lengths.

How to Style: Add chunky streaks of silvery rather than dying the entire layer to contrast with the remaining light coppery red mane. Flaunt it with a half-up hairstyle.


18. Dirty Blonde Moment

hidden ash hair color

Instagram / a_salon_viindy

Here is another spell-binding hidden hair color for confident women.

Ideal for: Long black hair for the lighter underlayer to do its wonders.

How to Style: The dirty blonde shade remains hidden underneath the black mane and gets exposed only when the hair is styled up or lies at the front.


19. Bright Pink

hidden bright pink color

Imagine a color with a contrast that just pierces your eyes. This style is a shade that will grab attention when revealed.

Ideal for: Women with short or medium hair, the bright pink color stays hidden most of the time. But when revealed, will make a lot of metaphorical noise.

How to style: Color your hair in a way that your original hair color keeps it covered all the time. However, if you tie it up in a bun or move your hair a little, the bright color will be revealed.


20. Rainbow

If you have an obsession with the colors of the rainbow, imagine how cool it will look as your rainbow under hair.

Ideal for: Women with short hair, this option can be combined with silver or white hair to give a better vibe.

How to style: The seven colors or the VIBGYOR will be placed in a way that it will stay hidden most of the time. However, when you groom your hair or tie it up, it will look that much better with the bright streaks spread across your hair.


21. Magenta

Have you ever imagined how your hair would look if it was an uncommon color? If you haven’t, try magenta.

Ideal for: Women with short hair, magenta is a bright color that can do wonders if presented in the right proportion.

How to style: Color your hair in a way that magenta isn’t always seen or has small streaks. However, when you braid your hair, the color becomes a lot more dominant.


22. Mermaid

hidden mermaid hair color ideas

You know how pretty and colorful the frills of a mermaid are. Imagine the same colors on your hair.

Ideal for: Brunettes, colors like pink, purple and green will compliment your hair in an unconventional yet positive manner.

How to style: The streaks need to be colored in a way that they are visible only when the hair is braided in a particular style. If you choose this hidden hair color style for a particular occasion, you can add curls to the edges.


23. Popsicle

Popsicles come in many colors and remind you of your childhood. How about a little nostalgia with those colors?

Ideal for: Women with wavy hair, imagine flaunting colors that take others on a trip down memory lane?

How to style: Color the deep ends of your locks with primary colors. When you groom your hair or braid them, these hidden colors will make an appearance and spread a very positive vibe.


24. Blue and Purple

When it comes to hidden hair colors, these two colors are very common in the list of choices.

Ideal for: Women with an A-line haircut, these streaks can only be noticed when you’re in proper light or are close to a person.

How to style: Pick vibrant colors like purple and blue that don’t contrast a lot with your natural hair color. Get them streaked on the inner and outer layers and you are good to go.


25. Flamingo

Best hidden hair dying ideas for women

If a flamingo is your spirit animal, this choice would be the perfect pick for you.

Ideal for: Women with blonde hair, imagine you tie your hair in a messy bun, and it reveals bright colors like orange, pink and red.

How to style: This hair color will be hidden under your natural hair in a way that it will be revealed only when you groom your hair in a particular style.


26. Vibrance

What could possibly be a more vibrant combination than indigo and magenta?

Ideal for: Brunettes, indigo, and magenta create a contrast that pleases the eye, giving a very soothing vibe.

How to style: Color your hair with vibrant colors on one side. You can flaunt these colors by grooming your hair to one side or to the back.


27. Ocean blue

Just like the depth of the ocean, this secret hair color has more depth than you could ever imagine.

Ideal for: Blonde women with wavy hair, the ocean blue style is an amazing compliment to their original hair color.

How to style: Ocean blue, being a very bright color can pierce your eyes. Cover it up with blonde in a way that it looks appealing and doesn’t pierce your eyes at the same time.


28. Shades of Purple

hidden purple hair color

Purple has so many shades available. And all of them are soothing colors. Imagine these shades as streaks on your hair.

Ideal for: Brunettes, this style can be a great compliment for your long and straight hair.

How to style: Color the inner side of your hair on one side (either left or right). When you move your hair or groom them, these soothing secret colors will be revealed.


29. Fire

hidden fiery hair color

You know how mesmerizing fire looks. You know how pretty the colors look. Imagine these colors on your hair.

Ideal for: Blondes, a combination of red, orange and yellow will make a great compliment to your thick and long hair.

How to style: The different shades need to spread across your hair like the shades of fire. Red on top, orange in between and finally yellow hidden under blonde hair, imagine how pleasing the combination will seem.


30. Thunderstorm

hidden thunderstorm hair color

Everybody enjoys the color of the sky during a thunderstorm. Why not get this color on your hair?

Ideal for: Women with medium sized hair, this style is a great choice for women who like to experiment.

How to style: The streaks of blue and purple need to be colored in randomly on the inner sides of your hair. When you groom your hair in one particular direction, that is when these hidden hair colors will be revealed.