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12 Reverse French Braids Styles – Out of The Ordinary [2024]

Reverse French braids are completely in trend these days! Do you wish to know the reason behind it? It’s simple- they are easy to do, carry, and maintain. Moreover, it is certainly one of the best ways to keep your hair out of the face and still manage to look pretty and unique.


Cute French Reverse Braid Hairstyles

Learn how to make a French inverted braid; it is quite easy to do. Once you know a basic reverse braid in the French style. Then, pick one out of these fancy braids hairstyles and try it out for a beautiful look!

1. Upside-down French Braid

reverse french braids with double knots

This hairstyle is regal! It might look a little complex, but this is certainly one of the best styles in this category.

Make a French style inverted braid from the nape of your neck till the crown of the head after sectioning them. Once done, tie the remaining hair into space buns. Doesn’t the style look beautiful?


2. French Braided Ponytail

back reverse french braids with ponytail

If you like keeping your hair elegant and fairy-tale like, this hairstyle is best for you! Opt for a slant French braid moving up from the neck.

Once done, tie your rest of the hair into a beautiful side ponytail. To enhance the fairy look, don’t forget to curl the free ends of your ponytail!


3. Loop Braids

reverse french braids

If you like details and are fond of reverse French braids too, you should give this complex hairstyle a try.

First, you’ll have to make thin and delicate braids and then, combine them into a single, mega one for the ultimate look. This style is neat, tidy, and royal.


4. French Braids with Weave

princess reverse french braid style

Love long hair and want to show-off? Try out this princess look with reverse weave braids.

Section your hair into half and make symmetrical Dutch French braids (as they are also known by that name) from the front, moving towards the back. They look extremely prominent and well-kept.


5. French Braided Updo

U shaped reverse french braids

Do you wish to go sexy and modest at the same time? Try this hairstyle out! Make your French braids in the reverse and finish them up in a U-shaped updo, almost like a crown. This hairstyle is pretty and definitely a perfect pick for any kind of outing or event that you plan to go to!


6. Reverse Half-up Braids

If you don’t wish to tie your hair entirely up, but still want to showcase a beautiful braided style, go for this one! Make a pretty side accent inverted French braid style and pin it up slightly at the back. Leave the remaining hair wild and free for the perfect, carefree look.


7. Reverse French+ Fishtail Braid

Fishtails look gorgeous and bring out perfect detail in the hairstyle because of their fine appearance.

Combining it with French braided mohawk just spices up the look even more! For a charming appeal, you could highlight your hair to bring out a light-dark hue combination in the hair.


8. Braided Space Buns

Looks pretty, doesn’t it? Start by sectioning your hair into two from behind. Make two braids from the nape of the neck until you reach the crown.

Then, finish them up in simple braids till the end. Now, put these braid into a bun on top. If you have vibrant color at the end of your hair, this ombre braids style will look even lovelier on you!


9. Dargon Braids

The whole idea of mermaids is elegance, sophistication, and royalty. And, this is exactly what this hairstyle signifies.

A classic inverted braids in French-style starting from the front and coming back to form a fine braid till the end of the hair is pure perfection. The violet hue of the hair in this one is the added bonus to it!


10. Braided Pigtails

reverse french braid pigtails

Pigtails are cute, quirky, and sexy, all at the same time! Opt for braids that are French or Dutch in style and put them in pigtails for this cute look.

This hairstyle can be carried off with grace at a day-outing, church or even at a night party with a sexy outfit. The best part is, it will look that same ‘lovely’ anywhere and everywhere!


11. Double French Braids

double reverse french braids

Classic is somehow always a smart pick. These classic double French reverse braids look sophisticated and bring out a neat and tidy look.

You have to start braiding from the front and instead of coming behind in a straight fashion, slightly curve them up to that they follow the ear line. This would make it look like a crown from the sides.


12. Single Braid

reverse french braids

Sweet, simple looks always seem to do the trick. This is a simple French braid that starts from the crown of the head and runs till the end of the hair. It is an ideal pick if you like to carry a simple, clean look without going much into style.


Reverse French braids are classic and elegant. You can keep its authenticity and yet, bring out a modern touch to the hairstyle with the way you style your hair. The hairstyles discussed above are definitely a must-try! Pick the one that would suit you best and get to styling your hair the French way.