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11 Popular Anime Girls With Green Hair

Green is cool, soothing and utterly refreshing. It is vibrant and reflects absolute positive energy. Often you will see that anime characters with green hair matching these unique traits.

But what is really interesting about anime green hairstyle is the rarity factor. Green is not a very common color option. It is not something that you expect in every second anime show.


Anime Girl Characters With Green Hair

Anime girls are mostly known for their eccentric hair color. Green hair color is one of the rarest of them. Here we have the most popular anime girl green hairstyles that will inspire you.

1. Flora Klemm – Shaggy Bob

green haired anime girl - Flora Klemm

This anime girl is from the Asterisk War series. She is an orphan girl in the series and comes across as a happy go lucky person who loves helping people around.

Her role as a maid also matches this naturally helping nature. She is affable, kind and absolutely heartwarming on screen. Her green hair is not just the representative of energy; she actually lives it.

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2. Tatsumaki – Green Wavy Hair

anime girl Tatsumaki with green hair

This green-haired anime girl from One Punch Man shows it to the world that size does not matter. She is strong despite her frail features. The green wavy bob though reflects her dainty features, also highlights her strong grit and determination.

She is a powerhouse of energy despite her petite frame and represents absolute control of the situation that she is in.


3. LenaLee – Shaggy Bangs

anime character LenaLee with green hair

She is one of the key lead female characters in D Gray Man. She comes across as a gritty and strong character to reckon with. A medium build person with dark green hair, they match her eye color and highlight her latent strength of being and character.

She is the type of character who is not afraid of anything and ready to face all hurdles. She is both an energetic and talented person who stands out meaningfully.

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4. Tsubomi Kido

green haired anime character Tsubomi Kido

This anime character is from Mekakucity Actors. She is the leader of the Blindfold Gang and has special abilities. She can easily conceal her surroundings and throw her opponents off guard.

The shoulder-length green bob with bangs highlight her beautiful features and bring out a definitive feminine touch to her face.


5. Kemono No Souja Erin

anime characters with green hair

She is from the Land of Ryoza. Her shoulder-length emerald green hair with fringes make her one of the most adorable anime girls. She is gritty and kind-hearted at the same time.

She does not let any adversary get on to her, and her calm and poise help her take control of the situation.


6. Kayano Kaede – Lime Green Hair

She is a bright, happy go lucky and a cheerful protagonist from the Assassination Classroom series. But don’t let her small frame confuse you about her abilities.

That said, she does have her weaknesses, and as you go through the series, you will realize how her dark secrets further make her vulnerable.


7. Akeno Shiranui – High Ponytail

She is a swordswoman from My Bride Is A Mermaid. She is a rather intense personality, and you will realize that it is hard to judge her on a superficial level.

She demands respect and authority and can even resort to violence if she feels she is not getting her due from others around her. She is one of those popular anime girls with ponytails that anime lovers admire.

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8. Michiru Kaiou

The lovely dark green hair of this anime girl is styled in the layered fashion. It gives both volume and bounce to the hair.

This is a styling that brings out both the absolute inner beauty as well as the strength of character that this anime girl represents in totality.


9. Minami Iwasaki – Textured Bob

For fans of Lucky Star, this anime girl with green hair carries many a dream in those deep blue eyes. She is loving and caring but utterly shy and lacks confidence.

In some ways, this embarrasses her too. However, in terms of looks, she seems older than most in her age group.


10. Mashiro Kuna – Pixie Bob

anime girl Mashiro Kuna with green hair

She is one of the 9th Lieutenants in the Soul Society series. But she is decidedly one of the most childish green haired girl characters. The short wavy fall of her hair adds to her young looks too.

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11. Arana Webb

green haired anime character Arana Webb

You may get bowled over by the peculiar shaped pastel green hair, but this anime character represents absolute strength and authority.

She is a powerhouse of energy and vibrancy, and in many ways, her green hair represents exactly this. Her gait and walk are full of confidence, and she keeps her audience in rapt attention.


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Therefore, if you see, the green-haired anime characters are all about exuding positive charm. They are vibrant, full of life, and inevitably wow their audience with their naïve affectionate ways. That said there are some fiercely strong characters full of personality.

Just like the unique appeal of their green-colored hair, these anime girls stand out both in terms of their depth of perception and strength of character.