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Hollywoodian Beard: The Complete Styling Guide With 10 Examples

The Hollywoodian beard is a specific type of facial hair style that is often seen on actors and other celebrities, hence the name.

This facial hair style is characterized by a full goatee, a mustache that merges with the beard, a wide chin strap tracing the lower jawline, and minimal to no sideburns, focusing primarily on the lower part of the face.

The distinctive features of the Hollywoodian beard style include:

  • Goatee: This is a fundamental component of the Hollywoodian style. The style includes a prominent goatee that extends along the jawline. This is why the Hollywoodian beard is also known as an extended goatee.
  • Mustache: The traditional Hollywoodian beard includes a mustache that merges with the beard.
  • A wide, horizontal chin strap (Optional): This style is characterized by a chin strap that covers the lower jawline.
  • Minimal to no sideburns: Unlike many other beard styles, the Hollywoodian usually lacks substantial sideburns. The priority is on the lower part of the face, with the cheeks typically kept clean-shaven.

Who Can Pull Off Hollywoodian Beard Style?

can you rock a Hollywoodian beard

The Hollywoodian beard style was inspired by celebrities sporting a goatee, complemented with a chin strap. It’s an easy style to achieve but certain factors may influence how well this style suits you.

Facial Shape

The shape of your face plays a crucial role in determining whether a beard style will complement your looks. Those with round face shapes are often the best candidates for a Hollywoodian beard.

Why so? Well, for those with a round face shape, this beard style adds much-needed length to the chin area. It sharpens the chin and balances the wider cheekbones.

Similarly, men with square or oval face shapes can also pull off the Hollywoodian beard, but they should opt for a shorter style that is not as full.

Beard Growth Pattern

The next essential factor is your natural beard growth. Do you have full facial hair growth, especially on the chin and lower cheeks?

If yes, the Hollywoodian beard can be a fantastic choice for you. This style primarily focuses on the beard grown in these areas and less on the sideburns and the mustache.

Beard Density

Finally, the density of your facial hair can also determine how well you can carry the Hollywoodian style. This beard style is full and thick, thus it might not suit individuals with sparse or patchy beard growth.

If your facial hair growth is denser around the chin and lower cheeks, the Hollywoodian is definitely a style to consider.

How to Get the Hollywoodian Beard Look

Hollywoodian beard look

Alright, now that you’ve decided to adopt the Hollywoodian style, let’s walk through the steps needed to grow and groom this beard.

Growing the Beard

Patience is the primary ingredient here. Allow your facial hair to grow without interference for about 4 to 6 weeks. The growth time can vary depending on your genetics and preferred beard style.

During the initial stages, you might experience itchiness and an awkward phase where your beard may look a bit unruly.

Do not let this discourage you. Regular application of beard oil can help reduce the itchiness, and a little patience will take you past this phase.

Shaping the Beard

When your beard has grown sufficiently, it’s time to shape it into the Hollywoodian style.

This style is characterized by a thick beard along the jawline and chin, with thin sideburns that may or may not be present based on your preference.

Start by defining your neckline. Trim the beard in the shape of your jawline and cut it to a point at the chin.

Remember to outline a thin line for your sideburns (optional) and shave off anything outside the line including the cheek. Trim the strap shorter and connect your mustache with your goatee.


After successfully shaping your beard into the Hollywoodian style, you must invest time in its maintenance. A quality beard oil will moisturize your beard and the skin underneath, reducing dryness and itchiness.

To maintain the shape of your Hollywoodian beard, trim your goatee every 2 weeks and wash your beard with a mild beard shampoo twice a week. It will keep your beard healthy and fresh.

Hollywoodian Beard Styles

So, considering the factors, if you think a Hollywoodian beard is suitable for you and you are ready to try this classic and trendy style, here are some variations to consider:

1. Classic Hollywoodian Beard

guy with hollywoodian beard

Who said classics have to be dull? With a chin strap paired with a trimmed circle beard, this Hollywoodian beard was so popular in the past yet modern enough to turn heads today.

2. Full Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio Hollywoodian Beard

A full, messy beard paired with bun hair. It’s the Leonardo DiCaprio beard style. Does that sound like your vibe? Give it a try!

But you should keep in mind that, this style requires a lot of grooming and maintenance every day. So, take your decision. If you think it will be difficult to maintain then go for the next one.

3. Thin Short Beard

thin hollywoodian beard

Meet the low-maintenance Hollywoodian beard. It’s short, stylish, and easy to care for beard style. Wear black sunglasses and a suite with this style and get ready to look as cool as action heroes.

4. Curly Beard for Black Men

Curly Hollywoodian Beard for Black Men

Here is a Hollywoodian beard style for men with naturally curly facial hair. The beard looks cool with short hair. You can also wear a spectacle with this style to look like a bearded celebrity with glasses.

5. Scruffy Beard

Scruff Hollywoodian Beard

Unkempt? More like deliberately! George Clooney has mastered the art of the Hollywoodian beard. It’s a short scruffy beard style with black and gray facial hair.

6. Medium Beard with Spiky Hair

Medium Hollywoodian Beard with a Mustache

Check out the medium-length beard, paired with a standout mustache and faded short spiky hair. The beard has some gray strands and the rest of the facial hair is red.

7. Stubble Beard with a Soul Patch

Stubbly Hollywoodian Beard with a Soul Patch

Who’s that, pushing the boundaries of style? Why, it’s the Hollywoodian beard with a soul patch! Adding a hip patch of hair under the lower lip, it’s minimal yet bold.

8. Salt and Pepper

Goatee with a Chin Strap Hollywoodian Beard

The salt and pepper facial hair seamlessly blends into the hair and creates a harmonious transition that looks natural. You can rock this style with your formal outfit.

9. Extended Goatee

Disconnected Hollywoodian Beard

This style combines a long extended goatee, with sleek back hair. The beard and the smooth hair strike a perfect balance with an oblong face shape.

10. Rough Beard and Disconnected Mustache

Hollywoodian Beard with a Handlebar Mustache

Last but not least, pair your Hollywoodian beard with a disconnected mustache. This style brings back the good old days with its retro charm.

So, evaluate if the Hollywoodian beard with its full goatee and minimal sideburns suits you, and pick your favorite style.