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Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Beard Styles to Copy in 2024

No wonder there are multitudes of fans who want to copy the Leonardo DiCaprio beard styles and rock the fashion fraternity. Leonardo DiCaprio with his chiseled looks and sharp features has always brought a new dimension to the bearded look.

Whether it is the full-grown version you saw in Revenant or the rough stubble in Titanic, he manages to carry them with élan and convey a sense of understated style and class. His fans don’t just respect him for his path-breaking acting skills, but also for his innate sense of style.

How to Get Beard Like Leo DiCaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio Beard

The most exciting aspect of Leonardo Dicaprio’s beard is the length of the beard. He never grows it too long and often tries to create a style statement with the natural flow and fall of the beard. As a result, trying to style your beard like him is neither time-consuming nor does it take a lot of effort.

The goatee with a connected mustache is one of the most recognizable Leo Dicaprio beard styles. Though he has experimented with different lengths and styles, this is one of the basic premises around which he bases his overall styling. So depending on your facial features, you can take a call on the length and the dimensions of the Dicaprio style you would like to adopt.

  • You have to start by trimming the beard towards the end first
  • Trim the length in a way that there is sufficient beard left on the chin
  • Follow the natural flow of a connected mustache.
  • Let it come across as a casual growth around the jawline and the upper lips
  • Make sure there is adequate beard on the jawlines and neck to bring out the proper styling.
  • Keep a close watch on the length and regular maintenance is important for the styling to come through.

But for the best possible look, it is also essential to use the right tools. That will help bring out finesse. Go for a top-quality beard comb and avoid a plastic one. They often have jagged edges, and that can result in split ends.

Leonardo DiCaprio beard style evolution

Leonardo DiCaprio’s beard style has evolved over the years, reflecting different phases in his life and career. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and explore his beard style evolution:

Early Career – Clean-Shaven

Leonardo DiCaprio with clean shaven look

During his early career in the 90s, Leo sported a clean-shaven look, which complemented his youthful appearance in movies like “Titanic” and “Romeo + Juliet.” This fresh-faced look became synonymous with the heartthrob image he had at the time.

Growing Phase – Stubble Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio with stubble beard

As Leonardo DiCaprio transitioned into more mature roles in the early 2000s, he began to experiment with facial hair, often sporting a light stubble. This look added some ruggedness to his boyish charm, seen in movies like “Catch Me If You Can” and “Gangs of New York.”

The Goatee Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio with goatee beard

In the mid-2000s, Leo embraced the goatee trend, which was popular at the time. The neatly trimmed goatee added a touch of sophistication and maturity to his appearance. He rocked this look in movies like “The Departed” and at red-carpet events.

The Full Beard Era

Leonardo DiCaprio with full beard

As Leo entered his late 30s and early 40s, he started to grow a full beard, which became his signature look for a while. This rugged, grown-out beard gave him a more masculine and mature appearance, which he sported in films like “The Revenant” and “Django Unchained.”

Refined Beard

Leonardo DiCaprio beard style

In recent years, Leo DiCaprio has opted for a more refined and well-groomed beard, maintaining a balance between ruggedness and sophistication. This look complements his mature and distinguished appearance, reflecting his status as a seasoned actor and environmental activist.

Top Leonardo Dicaprio’s Bearded Looks

So, here is a quick look at some of the most compelling and popular beard styles that Leonardo Dicaprio made iconic.

1. Goatee 

Leonardo Dicaprio's Goatee with Connected Mustache

This is one of the classic Leonardo Dicaprio beard styles. Here you can see the trademark goatee with a connected mustache along with hair around the neck and jawline. This is casual and classy in the same breath. This is generally combined with slicked-back hair for best results.

2. Clean-Shaven Look

Leonardo Dicaprio's Clean Shaven Look

If you are looking for that ultimate ambassador for that clean-shaven look, then Dicaprio wins that contest hands down. The clean shave may rob the machismo of a few but not of Leonardo Dicaprio.

3. Light Stubble Beard

Popular Leonardo Dicaprio Beard Styles

In this case, the stubble is a couple of days old, and there is hair around the neck and jawline too. A thin line of connected mustache is also visible. This Leo Dicaprio beard gives a rugged look with a messy feel.

4. Ducktail Beard

Leonardo Dicaprio with Ducktail Beard

This is one of the most famous trademarked Leonardo Dicaprio beards. It is messy and classic, made famous with the Django Unchained. It is trimmed into a triangular shape along the chin.

5. Goatee with Disjoint Mustache

Leonardo Dicaprio's Goatee with Disjoint Mustache

In this case, the chin goatee is quite prominent, and the mustache is a thin line. This beard look of Dicaprio is, of course, not a continuous one. The mustache, in this case, is delinked from the beard. You get the feel of the first flush of youth in this case.

6. French Beard

This beard look is a proper goatee with a connected mustache that Leo often wears. The hair on the chin and the jawline too are overgrown and not trimmed.

7. Full Beard

Leonardo Dicaprio with Full Beard

This Leonardo Dicaprio’s beard look is a perfect example of well-trimmed broad beard growth with a matching trimmed square mustache. The beard, in this case, grows to the ears along the jawline.

8. Lumberjack Beard style

Only the mustache is perfectly trimmed in this case. The rest of the face glorifies an overgrown beard.

9. 5 O’clock Shadow Beard

Leonardo Dicaprio's Chinstrap Beard

The Leo Dicaprio-inspired beard around the chin is trimmed with light trimmed mustaches. The hair along the jawline is also trimmed perfectly into shape. A thin line also connects the mustache with the beard.

10. Short Beard with Light Mustache

Leonardo Dicaprio Goatee Beard Styles

This is another classic beard style of Leonardo Dicaprio. It is casual, messy but also incredibly chic.

Therefore, the classic Leonardo Dicaprio beards is all about carrying your beard with panache and confidence. Regular maintenance and a close watch on the length will ensure guaranteed compliments every time you style them. Also, make sure that the length you choose matches your facial features.

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