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25 Beautiful Lavender Grey Hairstyles for Women

Lavender grey hairstyles are pretty fashionable and look absolutely stunning for women! If you’re a hair color enthusiast, you should definitely try coloring your hair lavender grey because it gives out unique chic vibes.

Coloring your hair in lavender grey is a great option because the color compliments almost every skin tone and looks classy! Keep reading for some lavender-grey hair inspiration!

How to Get Lavender Grey Hair

How to Get Lavender Grey Hair

To color your hair lavender grey, first, you need to color your hair the color of the base, that is, gray and then you need to superimpose the lavender color on the grey hair.

If you have naturally blonde hair, then lucky for you! You just need to apply any permanent gray hair color on your hair after mixing the cream color and developer.

However, if you have dark brown or black hair, you’ll need to bleach your hair to a blonde color first. You might need two bleaching processes if your hair is very dark.

After the bleaching, don’t forget to remove the yellow undertones by applying purple hair toner! Next, apply grey hair color to your hair.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Dye Your into Lavender Grey Color

Lavender Grey Hair Vs. Silver Lilac Hair

Lavender Grey Hair Vs. Silver Lilac Hair

It’s pretty common for people to get confused between lavender grey hair and silver lilac hair. However, the distinction between the two is pretty obvious and noticeable.

Lavender grey hair consists of a dull tone of grey. That grey tone isn’t shiny. On the other hand, silver grey hair consists of a silver tone, which is shiny.

Moreover, the difference between the lilac and lavender color is pretty noticeable too. Lilac is a very pale purple color, whereas lavender consists of purple with a hint of blue.

In short, the lavender grey hairstyle has a bluish purple and dull or matte appearance, whereas the silver lilac has a shiny silvery pastel purple appearance!

Makeup Tips for Lavender Grey Hair

Every hair color has its own set of makeup looks that are compatible with the color. Not all makeup suits all hair colors! Here are a few makeup tips for lavender grey hair:

Wear Dark Lipstick

dark lipstick with lavender grey hair

Dark lip colors complement and bring out the beauty of lavender-grey hair. Wear dark lip shades like maroon, brown, purple, etc.

Don’t Forget Eyeliner

The eyeliner looks great with lavender grey hairstyles! It makes your eyes look bigger and at the same time, makes sure that the classy look of your lavender hair is preserved!

Keep Your Eyeshadow Color Light

makeup tips for lavender grey hair

Lavender grey hair color looks great with light eyeshadow colors, especially, faded purple hair color! You can also highlight the inner portions of the eyelid with silver or grey color.

A dark eyeshadow doesn’t go with lavender grey hair because it would take all the attention away from hair!

Best Lavender Grey Hair Inspirations

We have compiled a list o 25 most amazing lavender grey hairstyle ideas for you to choose from and try funky hair colors on your hair.

1. Medium-length Hair with Bangs

lavender grey hair with thick bangs

Lavender grey bangs look absolutely stunning! This lavender grey hair color is pretty well-done with the combo getting enhanced by the lip shade.

In the photo above, all of the hair has been dyed lavender grey with hints of darker purple and looks gorgeous!

2. Hints of Lavender and Grey

lavender grey short hair for women

In the photo above, the hair color is pretty heterogeneous. Not all of the hair has been dyed with lavender highlights with grey color and that looks pretty stunning!

The shades of blonde and brown that are between the lavender grey hair dye give a very chic and stylish look!

3. Wavy Bob

wavy bob lavender grey hair

This bob cut with the hair fully dyed lavender grey looks stunning! Bob cuts look very cute on those people with oval face shape, so if you have an oval face shape, you should go for this look!

Bob hair cuts are also pretty easy to manage and get dyed, which is another plus for this lavender grey hair inspiration!

4. Curly Grey Hair

Women with Curly Lavender Grey Hair

Lavender grey hair color looks amazing on curly hair! It makes the curls look more prominent and enhances their beauty.

Dark-colored curly hair doesn’t have prominent curls, so if you have dark curly hair, you should try dyeing your hair lavender grey! The color looks classy and pretty!

5. Long Straight Hair with Lavender Curls

 Grey Straight Hair with Lavender Curls

Dye your hair grey from the top and lavender from the bottom. Next, curl the lavender portion at the bottom to get this stunning hairstyle!

The transition from grey to lavender is pretty well-done in the picture above and it looks pretty amazing!

6. Metallic Tresses

lavender grey bob with bangs
Instagram / delico_hair

Make your locks shine like freshly polished metal by coloring them a metallic lavender grey. Flaunt the color with a straight-cut lob and cropped bangs lying above the eyebrows. Keep the hair straight for a sleek look or add curls for a lively appeal.

7. Short Bowl Cut

short lavender grey hair
Instagram / idasolvalentina

Wear a vintage bowl cut with a modern twist by shaving the sides for the strands to fall just above the ears in a perfectly straight line with blunt micro bangs at the front. Add just a tiny bit of purple dye to achieve an ultra-light lavender grey hair shade.

8. Peekaboo Hair

lavender grey hair underneath
Instagram / musesalonvancouver

Those who are not sure about getting this hair color can experiment with peekaboo hair. The technique involves separating the underlayer and dying it lavender grey.

Flaunt it with a half-up hairstyle or keep it hidden with the upper layer whenever you want. Your call!

9. Platinum Streaks

lavender grey ombre hair
Instagram / katia_miyazaki

Amp up a monochromatic mane by adding fine streaks of cool platinum blonde imparting an instant shine to it. Don’t worry about the emerging dark roots as they add up to the look. Finish off with soft waves and leave the tresses loose to sway with the wind.

10. A Touch of Pink

lavender grey highlights
Instagram / natdoesmyhair

Instead of dying the entire head add grey highlights mixing them together with lavender ones. Not enough?

Place stripes of pastel pink in between in a way that it concentrates down the ends. Show off your new look with an elegant crown braid to turn around some heads.

11. Pixie + Side Design

lavender grey hair with design
Instagram / racheljoystratton

Women who are looking for an easy-to-maintain hairstyle can consider a sassy pixie cut. The top is kept short with even shorter sides and back.

Take a step ahead and carve zigzag lines along the sides while styling the strands into tousled spikes.

12. Halo Highlights

lavender grey money piece highlights
Instagram / eyesonmebeauty

Halo highlights involve lightening the strands around the face keeping the remaining mane untouched. Separate the front chunks along the parting and dye them lavender grey.

This look is ideal for those with black to brown hair as it creates the perfect light and dark interplay.

13. Inverted Bob

lavender grey bob
Instagram / xcellenthairsquare

Modern, short, and low-maintenance, that is what inverted bobs are! Bring your facial features under the spotlight with lighter lavender and stacked layers at the back that elongate towards the front to accent the face. Couple the style with feathered side-swept bangs and done!

14. Dark to Light Gradient

lavender grey balayage hair
Instagram /

This stunning lavender grey hairstyle is sure to turn around many heads. The roots are kept dark as they transition into a dark tone of lavender midway while lightening down the tips creating a seamless ombre effect that won’t go unnoticed. Trim the ends for a neat finish.

15. Bold and Beautiful

lavender grey hair with undercut
Instagram / madam_fufu_salonas

Bold is beautiful and here is a look to prove it. The back features a mushroom cut with short layers while the strands at the front are cut straight to reach below the chin like a bob creating an asymmetrical style that is sure to attract the attention of many.

16. Wolf Cut

lavender grey shaggy hair
Instagram / mellau_hair

A wolf cut is characterized by choppy layers creating a lot of movement and texture on the head. The top is short with bangs at the front and long feathery flipped-out strands at the back. Dye the hair in a light metallic purple tinge and get ready to rock.

17. Lustrous Loose Braid

light lavender grey hair
Instagram / jamesoxleyhair

This greyish lavender hair shade is so light it just looks platinum blonde. Ask the hairstylist to add the tiniest amount of purple to the dye to achieve a subtle nuance.

Spice up the style with highlights or keep it simple and complete the look with a loose braid.

18. Keep It Dark

lavender grey hair color
Instagram / uru_zest

Those who prefer dark colors can opt for this deep lavender grey hue to breathe some life into their boring locks. Still seems boring?

Try a dark navy blue underlayer and show it off with a chic ponytail. There you have it, an ideal look for the upcoming winters.

19. Lob + Curtain Bangs

medium length lavender grey hair
Instagram / yuri___atelier

Lobs are the biggest hair trend of this year. Asian girls can cut their strands across the back with soft layers and curtain bangs framing the face at the front.

Dye the hair in a dull purple tinge and flip out the ends to flare out onto the shoulders. 

20. Two-Toned Undercut

lavender grey hair undercut
Instagram /

Another lavender grey hair inspiration for those who want to make a style statement worth remembering. The top is dyed and kept long enough to fall over the buzzed sides with an angular fringe at the front, resulting in a two-toned look that is impossible to ignore.

21. Purple Lavender Hair

The picture above shows lavender grey hair with loose curls. The waves give a pretty classy and young look to the hairstyle.

This hairstyle looks absolutely stunning and will look even better when complemented by the flower.

22. Lavender Grey Hair with a Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid on lavender grey hair

Lavender grey hair looks stunning with crown braid and complemented with flowers, as shown in the picture above!

The short hairstyle further accentuates the look of this hairstyle. In this look, the lavender and grey hair have been colored homogeneously and almost evenly, leaving behind no virgin hair.

23. Braided Updo

This wonderful hair color combination looks gorgeous. In most cases, the grey hair is on the top and it gradually tapers off into the lavender color.

However, in the picture shown above, the pastel lavender color is at the top and it eventually tapers off to grey hair.

This lavender grey hair especially suits those hair colors that are originally dark in color because when the hair grows from the roots, the shift from brown or black to lavender looks gradual instead of abrupt, as is the case when the grey color is on top!

Therefore, it allows your hair to grow without the awkward dark hair growth phase!

24. Silver Blue Hair Tint on Lavender Grey

women with bluish lavender grey hair

In this hair color, the bluish tint of the lavender color is pretty prominent, giving a bluish-lavender grey hair look!

It’s a great hair color to have, especially if you’re out of hair colors to experiment with! The bluish tin gives a soothing sensation to the eyes whereas the greyish color gives a classy and chic vibe!

25. Lavender Grey with a Green Tint

Lavender Grey Hair with a Green Tint

This lavender grey hair with a greenish tint looks amazing! It’s a pretty soft and warm color to look at and it’s soothing to the eyes!

Lavender and grey color, when mixed with a hint of pastel green, gives a wonderful combination that will make your hair look stunning and gorgeous!

FAQs on Lavender Grey Hairstyles

Which skin tone suits lavender hair the best?

Lavender grey hair suits light to dusky skin tones the best. On darker skin tones, ombre hair with the lavender grey color at the bottom also looks great.

Can lavender grey dye make my hair look grey?

Yes, the lavender grey dye can make your hair look grey. Actually, grey hair, also called granny hair, is pretty fashionable so it looks great!

Lavender grey hair is a trend that has hit the fashion industry by storm! Hair enthusiasts from all over the world have hopped on to the grey hair bandwagon and they love it!

Never be afraid to experiment with your hair or try a new look because you never know which look might suit you better!

Moreover, trying a new hair color always uplifts your mood and change is always good because it helps you start fresh and look different. It’s pretty easy to get bored with your natural hair color!

So, what are you waiting for? Try dyeing your hair lavender grey! It can be done at home as well, but to be on the safe side, get it done by your hairdresser!