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25 Prettiest Lilac Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Pastel hair colors are the hottest trend of the hair fashion industry these days. Among them, lilac hair color has become the undisputed queen of hair shades. Although Lilac is not among the natural hair colors, it still suits all kinds of skin tones and hair textures.

Are you thinking of taking a lilac plunge? Then you do not need to fret about it as there are so many ways you can rock this new hairstyle. 


Dreamy Lilac Hair Color Shades

Have a look at the following lilac hair color ideas we have rounded up for you.

1. Lilac and Pink Combo

lilac highlights hairstyle

This girly hairstyle allows you to combine lilac with a lighter pink shade. Dye your hair with a light lilac base hair color and add light baby pink colored highlights to them. A light purple beanie is just the thing to set off your look. 


2. Three-Toned Look

long lilac hair

If you have long wavy locks you can try three different hair shades to create this look. Start with a lilac base at the top and merge it into a metallic lilac hue midway. Add a baby pink color at the ends to complete this style.


3. Platinum Lilac Hair

silver lilac hair

You can keep up with the lilac hair trend if you have blonde hair by going for this look. Add a mix of lilac and light lavender to your short curly bob to create the right shade. When faded out, this shade leaves the best blonde hue underneath.


4. Loose Curls with Lilac Highlights

brown curls with lilac highlights

Lilac tint goes equally well with loose curls. Keep the roots untouched with a dark color and add lilac hair dye to your curly strands. With a side part, this hairstyle creates a unique two-toned look.


5. Lilac Ombre

lilac ombre hair

Experiment with your darker hair with this ombre hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist to add the lilac shade in such a way that the darker color at the top merges into the purple hue and ends with an icy lilac shade. This style is perfect for short hair.


6. Futuristic Dreadlocks

lilac dreadlocks

You can get a futuristic look by rocking this dreadlock hairstyle. Keep the roots dark and add a purplish-lilac hair color to the dreadlocks. Also, add a touch of icy blue hue to complete your style.


7. Grey and Lilac Balayage

Lilac hair with braid

If you don’t want a monochromatic look, add a grey and lilac gradient to your hair. Keep the roots dark to create more dimension for your hair. A side braid with loose waves will set off your short hairstyle.  


8. Dip-Dye Bob

lilac hair with dark roots

Test out the dip-dye trend with this short bob hairstyle. Dye your hair in a flamingo pink color and add a lilac hue midway to the ends. The dark roots surely add depth to your style. 


9. Monochromatic Look

lilac hair color for older women

This is a ideal hair color for women over 50 who are not afraid to express themselves. Whatever your hair length is just add a lilac tone to your strands. This is a simple monochromatic look that is easy to achieve.


10. Icy Lilac Updo

pastel lilac hair

Updo will pair perfectly if you have icy lilac-blonde-colored hair. After getting an icy hue on your hair twist your strands at the front and get a flower braid updo at the back. Leave some strands loose to complete your dreamy look.


11. Brown and Lilac Hair

lilac balayage hairstyle

Stay on the warmer side with this look. Ask your hairstylist to add a lilac hair dye to your brown hair. The ends are kept a tone or two lighter to create an ombre effect. This tousled hairstyle paired with purple makeup gives you a chic edgy look. 


12. Mermaid Waves

wavy lilac hair

These mermaid waves paired with a lilac hue give off some strong bridesmaids’ vibes. Add a lilac color to the top that softly fades into a lighter shade. This style goes equally well with long and short hair.


13. Half Lilac Half Blonde

lilac and blonde hair


Want to make a bold move? Add a lilac color to only half of your hair with a middle part. The remaining half of the hair is dyed in an icy blonde shade that accentuates the pastel half.  This hairstyle will surely turn some heads. 


14. Dark to Light Two-Toned Lob

short lilac hair

Show off your lob with this lilac hair color. Start by dying your hair in a gradient, from dark lilac on the top to light lilac on the tips. This soft two-toned look gives a dreamy appearance to your lob.


15. Lavender and Lilac Blend

lilac rose hair color

Here is another reason to color your hair lilac. Add a lavender and lilac blended hue to your hair that will create a soft brightness on your face. Two high buns paired up with loose strands at the front will complete this girly look.


16. Cosmic Hair

You can achieve this cosmic hair look by adding muted lilac and blue dyes to your tresses. Add a metallic lilac on the top that merges into a blue hue. Loose waves will set off your look.


17. Lilac Curls

Crimping hair is another way to rock your lilac hair color. Get a faded undercut and leave the top part long. Dye your top part in a lilac hue and add a bunch of curls. Also, crimp your strands here and there to create a tousled look.


18. Candy-Floss Lilac Hair

light lilac hair


This style gives a trendy candy-floss-inspired hair look. The lilac shade leans towards blue or pink depending on your choice. Pinned back on one side with bangs at the front, this hairstyle will give you a sweet look.  


19. Metallic Look

long lilac hair idea

Stay on the darker side with this metallic look for your long tresses. Mix eggplant hair color with some ashy shades of grey and lilac to get the perfect hue. The tips are dyed in an icy blonde shade to complete the look.


20. Vintage Hair

This is the ideal hairstyle if you want a vintage-inspired look. Dye your shoulder-length locks in a lavender-lilac hue. With a middle part, roll your front hair back and secure with bobby pins. The wavy curls at the end set off this look.


21. Peekaboo Highlights

peekaboo lilac hair


Another great way of incorporating this gorgeous shade into your hair is by just dyeing the front of your hair. This will give you peekaboo hair which will look neat and chic. This hair color looks absolutely chefs kiss on straight and sleek hair.


22. Bright Wavy Hair

wavy lilac hair


Some girls want their hair to be an embodiment of their free spirit and soul. This bright hair color is going to perfectly represent your inner flower child. A long bob would go great with this gorgeous hair colour and would make you feel like a literal flower.


23. Dipped in Color

If you’re one of the lucky witches with gorgeous red hair, this hairstyle is a match made in heaven for you. Enhance your natural hair color by going for this dip dye lilac hairstyle. The two shades contrast each other and yet compliment each other too well. 


24. Subtle Look

short pastel lilac hair


We get it, bright colors aren’t for everyone. Especially if you’re an introvert who is too scared to stand out in a crowd.

If that’s the case for you, don’t worry. This subtle shade would be absolutely perfect for you. This cool-toned pastel hue is perfect for an everyday look. This hair color looks great on short hair.


25. Long Messy Shag

This is such a universal color that it makes a complete statement on its own. This deep and rich lilac hair color is perfect for this summer. Style these locks with some loose waves and you will have the perfect beach hairstyle.


In the end, don’t think twice if you are looking to give your hair a lilac makeover. This pastel color has become hotter than ever. You can go subtle or bold with it; either way, it will give you a chic look. Make a style statement by taking inspiration from the above ideas and giving the lilac hair train a ride this year.