How to Style Lilac Hair – Get Inspired

Vibrant hair color like lilac will attract the right kinds of attention and will help people to stand out in the crowd. There are a few different shades of lilac hair to try, so you should think about what shade might suit you. Take a look at our simple list of the best pale purple hairstyles.


Ways to Style Lilac Hair

Very pale shades of purple look fantastic on women who have pale skin tones. The juxtaposition of the two looks great because it prevents the wearer from looking “washed out”. Women with darker skin tones may want a darker hair color. On the other hand, girls who want something more vibrant can choose ombré dye.


Dusky Lilac

dusky lilac hair

Flaunt Your Faded Purple Hair With Confident


Blonde and Lilac Ombré

Blonde and Lilac hair


Gray With Lilac Roots


Lovely Long Lilac Locks

long lilac hair idea


Retro Style with Victory Rolls


Lilac and Blue Hair in a Fishtail Braid

Exceptional Fishtail Braids Ideas

Pastel Lilac Shade

Pastel Lilac hair


Pastel Shades in A Wavy Style


Sleek Gray Lilac Look


Vivid Color and Soft Curls for a Special Occasion

Vivid Color in curly lilac


Big Bold Glamorous Curls

Glamorous Curls in bold lilac


Pale Pink Lilac Hair

pale lilac hair style


Retro Chignon Updo


Purple Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Lilac Hair


Long layered hairstyle

layered lilac hairstyle

Purple & Grey Braid Styles for Aristocratic Look


Try lilac hair for your next big adventure. Unnatural hair color might take you outside of your comfort zone, but it looks amazing.

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