8 Trendy Long Brunette Hairstyles

Long brunette hair is a truly gorgeous and glamorous choice for women, as long as they take care of it properly. Regular washing and brushing help to keep the hair looking and feeling healthy.

Using a de-tangle brush can help to prevent stubborn knots and tangles. This will leave your hair looking and feeling totally touchable.


Long Brunette Hairstyles

Women with long brunette hair need to use certain tricks to help to make their hair look it’s best. Long hair can look limp and lifeless if it does not have volume and texture.

Regular brushing with a special thick brush will help to build volume. Brushing from the roots also helps to boost the volume of the hairstyle.

If your brunette hair is naturally flat, you may also want to have layers put in. Layers can give your hairstyle a boost. We have illustrated this with some gorgeous and glamorous long haircuts.


Layered with a LightWave

Long brunette Light Wave hairstyle



Top Brunette Balayage Hairstyles to Copy


Thick and Glamorous with a Golden Sheen

Thick Long brunette hair for women



Long and Sleek Brunette Hairstyle

Long sick brunette hairstyle



Gorgeous Symmetrical Long Hairstyle

Symmetrical Long brunette hairstyle for women



Long and Wavy Glamorous Haircut

Long and Wavy brunette hairstyle for cute girl



Short Sassy Brunette Hairstyles


Waist Length Brunette Hairstyle

Long brunette hair



Perfect Large Waves

Perfect Large Waves long hair



Modern Feathered Hair

Modern Long brunette hair cut you like



Miss Your Long Hair? Grow Them Faster


Long brunette hair is so versatile. It can be casual or glamorous, depending on what you do with it. Try out some different style ideas from our list.