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21 On-Trend Short to Medium Layered Haircuts

Wearing short or medium hair provided many styling options and hairstyles, suitable for different face shapes. Depending on the type of hair, many hairstyles will satisfy even the most demanding ones.

From short to medium ones, the layered hairstyles are a various and interesting choice for a new haircut. This season, take a look at the 21 trendiest layered hairstyles.


Best Short Medium Layered Haircuts for Women

Have a look at these chic short and medium hairstyles that can be spice up with layers.

1. Pixie with Highlights

short layered pixie haircuts

The layered pixie cut comes with two different hair lengths. The lower part of the head is done in a short cut. The short length continues up to where the top portion of the hair overtakes the hairstyle.

The direction of the hair starts from the middle center part of the head. The ends are sharp and pointy, falling over the shorter cut.

There are also bangs that fit nicely into the pixie look and are styled a bit to the side. For the trendiest look, the top portion can be highlighted or colored in different color shade.


2. Pixie Bob

layered pixie hairstyles

The pixie bob is the longer version of the regular pixie. The difference comes in the length of the hair. The lower part of the hair is not so shortly cut, leaving a larger portion of the hair.

However, it ends right on the neck, with a straight and sharp line. The top portion is quite long, reaching the ears. The styling is round and done to the back.


3. Androgynus Haircut

short asymmetrical layered haircuts

The asymmetrical layering is done with the accented change of the length of the hair. The entire haircut can be done in a short boyish look, but the asymmetry comes from the front parts. Namely, they are left long, almost reaching the chin, and only on one side.


4. Medium Layered Bob

short layered bob hairstyles

This medium bob presents a look with great layering and sharp ends. The hair is styled to the side. Both the sides are layered from the top to bottom. The length barely reaches the ears. The bangs are also layered, pushed to the side.


5. Undercut + Colored Top

dyed short layered hair with undercut

The shaved undercut falls in the range of the short hairstyles and many women do decide to shave their sides and wear undercut.

The undercut is high, while the top hair falls over it like a layered bowl cut. For an extra trendy look, the top portion can be colored in some vibrant and bold color.


6. Short Hair + Shaved Sides

This is a look that is a combination of different hairstyles. The sides are shaved while the top of the head is left with a significant amount of hair. It resembles the look of the Mohawk, with the difference that its length is shorter and the back and longer on the front.

The direction of the hair is to the front, with the ends looking like bangs on the forehead.


7. Choppy Layered Cut with Bangs

The short choppy haircut in its base does contain a lot of layering. Here, it is done in the form of a short bob. The back is short while the front is longer. The bangs, on the other hand, create a total contrast to the look. They are straight and short.


8. Short Inverted Bob

Layered inverted bob is a nice change and upgrades from the regular straight bob. The layering is visible to the sides and on the back. The hair can be parted in the middle, with the bangs also being layered and following that direction. The easiest styling includes a big round brush and a hairdryer.


9. Wavy Bob

When the hair is layered, the best and most visible option for showing the layers are the waves. As they curl differently, the difference in the length of the hair can be noticed from afar.

This especially goes for highlighted hair. The highlights and the waves are the perfect combinations for the short medium layered haircuts.


10. Short Stacked Bob

short layered stacked bob haircuts

The stacked cut us a choice for women who want to add volume and shape on their hair and head too. The stacked part comes in the back of the head, where the layering is more intense. The sides are left longer. This short medium hairstyle can be worn straight or messy.


11. Copper Highlights

Moving onto medium hairstyles, this is not a classical lob. The layering makes for quite an interesting and popular hairstyle. This looks good when is done on thicker hair. There is a side part directing the bob hair, while also defining the side bangs.


12. Tousled Hair

Like mentioned above, the waves are accenting the medium layers in the best possible way. The layered lob comes with quite changed form. The top parts of the hair are longer than the lower ones. The hairstyle gets a bit squared shaped but the waves soften it.


13. Short Shag

The shag is very popular hairstyle this season because it has a retro vibe. The layering on the short shag is ‘70s inspired. The bangs are styled to the side and the length reaches a bit lower than the ears. It can be worn straight, curly or messy, depending on the hair type.


14. Layered Lob with Straight Ends

This elegant and neat medium hairstyle comes with discreet layering on the top portion of the hair. The entire hairstyle finishes in a flat and straight line.

The side part dictates the styling and it gives the hair a certain volume. This is a look that is great for every more official event of the occasion.


15. Textured Bob

short wavy layered bob haircuts

The modern look of the bob comes with the added volume and undefined waves. They come only on strategic pieces to make them look more voluminous. The hair around the neck is layered short.


16. Shaggy Bob

Deep bangs are good for women with a small face as they make it look bigger. With the contrast of layered flowy sides, the final result is a modern and extraordinary short or medium look with layers.


17. Old Hollywood Asymmetric Bob

The glam of the old Hollywood comes in the softness of the timeless waves. These waves are following a pattern that makes for an exquisite short to medium layered hairstyles. The haircut can be a bob or lob, but the layering will give these waves more definition.


18. Layered Medium Hair

There is nothing special in this layered haircut, except that it is very common and often seen among women with medium hair. The layering is done on the front sides, with the gradual change of the length of the hair.

This type of medium hairstyles suits women with a round face because it provides them with elongating rather than round effect.


19. Feathery Hairstyle

This hairstyle is divided into two parts where the layering is done exactly at the place where they both intersect. The ends are feathery and flowy, styled to the outside.

Its beauty is accented in a low and lighter blonde ombre hair, although some highlights start high up in the roots and make the hair appear visually longer.


20. Straight Top + Curly Bottom

straight to curly medium layered hairstyles

The combination of straight and curly in one hairstyle is quite a challenge, especially if it comes with layering. The short light brown hair here is parted by a side part.

The layering is done on the top part of the hair, and it starts somewhere right in the middle of the hair length. the top part is straight and styled to the outside.

The lower part, on the other side, is curly. Combined these two styles blend nicely and make for an interesting look.


21. Loose Layered Curls

medium loose curly layered hairstyles

If this is one of your natural looks than you are wearing a trendy short or medium haircut with layers for 2024. The loose curls are accented by adding some hair products, which will also make them look nice longer. The style is lob, reaching the shoulders.

The loose curls are dense and interlock, although they did not start right at the root. The layering is done throughout the entire hairstyle ensuring the curls look good, bouncy and natural.


Each of these short medium layered haircut suggestions can be altered and have a completely different look when there is a small change in the cut, length or addition of come cute accessory.

However, these are all easy to maintain hairstyles that do not require much time for styling. Each version fits almost all shapes of the faces, and again, it’s mostly the difference in the length that might do the change.