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12 Curly Long Bob Hairstyles That’ll Be Everywhere Soon

Each curly hair is different. One of the most beautiful looks that can be done with long curly hair is the bob. There are so many different versions of the curly long bob and all you need to do is pick the right one.

How to Cut Long Bob on Curly Hair

how to get a long curly bob hairstyles

Cutting a long bob on a curly hair is slightly more difficult than on short hair. One thing that you need to have in mind is that the curls tend to squeeze and become shorter.

So, if you have set one length in mind, always expect the cut to be done a bit longer, and on wet hair. Your hairdresser should know this, but if you want to play it safe, pick a length that is at least 1 cm longer than your desired one, just to be safe.

As the hair grows, the curls tend to change their form, so schedule a regular visit to the salon for small cuts that will make them look fresher and better.

Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut Long Bob on Curly Hair

Here is a list of the best 12 curly long bobs to try out in 2024.

1. Voluminous Curly Bob with Bangs

Voluminous Long Curly Bob

This is the look that you will get if your hair is afro curly, voluminous, and wild. No matter the length you choose, this type of hair contains a lot of volume so it will look big.

The curly lob is the perfect length so that you can manage it easily. The sides are equal, slightly layered to the sides for better framing and fringes are curly and fall over the forehead.

2. Sleek Curled Bob Weave

curly long bob with middle part

If your hair tends to curl not from the root, then you have on the option of wearing it parted in the middle.

The middle part will divide the hair into two equal parts, and the straight hair can be straightened even more and made super sleek so that the curls that reach the shoulders create a balance to the curly long bob look.

3. Messy Bob

bouncy and curly long bob

The loose curls are great for styling. Their roundness and volume are enough for the hair to set itself up in a hairstyle. What you can do is to layer it to the sides so that it looks nicer and tidier.

4. Mid Parted Bob

long afro bob for women

Mini afro curls are very tiny and they make each hair big and dense. For a new long curly bob look, try setting the part in the middle. The sides must be layered because if they are not, the final result will be ridiculous rather than beautiful.

5. Gorgeous Curly Highlights

long curly bob with highlights

Highlights with a long bob for curly hair is an excellent option for trying something funnier and playful.

The curls will be pulled back nicely and won’t fall over your face. The highlights will blend nicely to the rest of the bob.

6. Chin Length Bob

This is the minimal length considered in the long bob department. The spirals reach the chin, they are big, wavy, loose and rich. The front ones are shorter than the rest and the final look is very charming.

7. Round Curly Lob

girl with long curly bob hairstyles

The roundness in a hairstyle is done by gradual layering. In this case, the curls themselves give nice framing. The length goes a bit over the shoulders and the curls create a direction of the entire curly long bob hairstyle.

8. Long Side Parted Bob

side parted long curly bob

The side part of this curly haircut is what creates the entire look. The portion of the curls is not equal on both sides.

The curls in the smaller portion are all the same length, while on the other side, as the hair is being pulled to the side, they are in different length. The look is very trendy and modern.

9. Curly Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical long curly bob presents a hairstyle where the hair is cut in different lengths. One is longer, and the other one is shorter. The curls are looser and the difference in length is visible and divided by a side part.

10. Bouncy Short Twist

black women with curly long bob

When the hair is braided in dreads that look like ropes, half of the curly long bob hairstyle is already done.

The other half can be achieved by a suitable length. In this case, the middle part is what directs the dreads, while their length is all different, the longest reaching the shoulders.

11. Blunt Bob

curly long blunt bob

The equal length and the straight cut is what is significant about the blunt bob. When done on curly hair, it looks flowy and adds more volume to the hair.

12. Curly Blonde Hair

curly long platinum bob hairstyle

There are those hair types where the entire hair is extra curly and on the ends it just becomes straight.

This curly lob is a good thing for those who want to achieve length and different visual perceptions of their hairstyle. The curls can be styled to the side or parted.

FAQs on Long Curly Bob Hairstyles

Can I try a blunt bob on long curly hair?

Yes. A blunt bob can be done on curly hair and it can look wonderful too. The secret lies in the fast and capable hands of your hairdresser and in the type of curls. A blunt bob is a neat option for those who want to keep the look framed and balanced.

Can I try an inverted bob on curly hair?

Yes. The inverted bob is not a very popular choice lately, however not impossible. It means that the back is cut much shorter than the front. Be aware that you will need to have the back of your hair tapered faded.

This all depends on how short you want it to be. As the hair moves to the front it becomes longer. The curls will maintain their direction and balance throughout the whole hairstyle.

The long curly bob is a perfect hairstyle for women who have naturally curly hair. Except for getting a proper haircut, the styling is pretty effortless. The hair should be treated with a special product for curly hair.

As for the daily styling, a bit of mousse or other styling product is just enough to define the curls and keep them from tangling. Long bobs are trendy and popular and they never go out of style.

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