10 Handsome Long Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Long wavy hair for men is more exceptional than the normal long hair. It gives the hair more befitting look and it looks healthier. Although not very easy to maintain like the normal long hair, few maintenance tips are needed to give your hair the glamorous look it deserves.


How Men Can Get Long Wavy Hair

mens long wavy hairstyles

Men’s long wavy hairstyle can be gotten by following these few steps:

  • Skip the shampoo; the main rule of long wavy hairstyle for guys is to skip the usage of shampoo as often as possible. Scalp oils which naturally moisturize hair won’t be able to travel as far on men’s curly hair like the straight hair. These results into the dryness of hair which easily makes hair damaged.
  • Conditioning; curly hair needs lots of moisturizing which comes in the form of conditioners and leave-in conditioners. Some people make use of natural conditionals like coconut oil but commercial product perform well also. Furthermore, products created for curly also has added ingredients to fight dry hair. Everyday conditioning helps curly hair and reduces dryness of hair.
  • Style gently; Hair brushes are not meant for long wavy hair and particularly damp wavy hair. Damp hair is weak and susceptible to breakage so gently crease it and untangle with your finger or a comb with the wide tooth. Same as for styling. If you make use of hair blower, make use of the diffuser and low level of heat setting to protect hair from styling damage.


Hair Care Tips for Men with Long Wavy Hair

Here are a few hair tips for men with long wavy hair:

Know Before You Grow

Before you start to grow your hair, make sure you have rational goals and that the maintenance of long hair won’t be difficult for your lifestyle. You’ll need more time in your grooming ritual to maintain wavy long hair for guys.


Get The Right Tools

hair brush for men's long wavy hair

This is similar to the repairing of a car or construction of a bridge, the right tools make the difference. For keeping of long hair, invest in good tools. A wide-tooth comb and a hairbrush with high quality with natural bristles are important. If you have a ponytail on, buy some cloth-coated bands because rubber bands will cause great damage to your hair


Use a Blow Dryer

Drying with a towel is one of the main causes of damage to men’s hair. When the hair is wet, it is highly vulnerable to damage. When the towel is used to rub the hair, some of the hairs become twisted in the threads of the towel and become stretched out to the breaking point, causing great damage to the cuticle and split ends.

To properly dry with a towel, shake out the excess water and blow your hair in the direction it grows rather than using the towel to rub the hair. The drying process takes a bit longer this way but after a few haircuts, you’ll take note of the difference in the way your hair looks.


Loosen Up Your Hair

loose ponytail for long wavy hair men

Wearing very tight ponytails can lead to a condition called traction alopecia, which is a loss of hair due to break to the hair’s root from pulling tight.

Wearing a tight hat can also cause stretching of the hair and cause it to break. Putting on your hats and ponytails looser will help to avoid these types of hair damage.


Avoid Pool Water

If you’re a swimmer, avoid damaging your long wavy hair in the pool by using leave-in conditioners and clarifying shampoos before and after you swim.


Trim Regularly

how to trim long wavy hair

Since the only way to get rid of damaged hair is to cut off the damaged section, trimming your hair regularly will help remove split ends. Make sure you trim your hair about every six to eight weeks but make it clear to your stylist that you only want enough hair removed to get rid of the split ends.


Take Care in The Sun

hair care in the sun for men

Too much sun can damage the skin, and too much disclosure can damage your hair as well. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep into the hair and cause injury and make your color fade. A leave-in sunscreen for your hair can be of help.


Stay Healthy

Your hair condition is often a reflection of the condition of your body system. How many see unhealthy people with great hair? Not much. Poor diet, stress, smoking, and lack of sound sleep all contribute to poor health and lifeless looking hair. So try to eat well, drink lots of water, stay away from smoking, reduce your stress, sleep well and live well.  Both your hair and body will thank you for it.


Best Long Wavy Hairstyles for Men

We have compiled a list of 10 hairstyles for men’s long wavy hair. Have a look and get inspired.

1. Wavy Fringe Cut

long wavy hair with fade

The opposite of a slick back, this trendy style wears hair forward instead. Hair is long enough to wave and layered enough to enhance natural volume.


2. Long on Top, Short in Sides

long wavy hairstyles for men

This cool long wavy haircut for guys has enough length for hair to wave while a high fade at the sides hair down to the skin.


3. Short Undercut

long wavy fringe with undercut

Another variation of the crop trend for men, this version is all about wavy long hair in bangs over the forehead.


4. Thick Crop + Drop Fade

thick long wavy hair with fade

A longer and heavier way to wear the textured crop, this one contrasts a bald drop fade over the ear with thick fringe that falls down over the forehead. Stylish long hairstyles for men’s thick wavy hair.


5. Long Wavy Hair with Undercut

Long Wavy Hair with Undercut

A shaved undercut with long hair on top is a cool combination that makes men’s wavy and long hair easier to wear. To get this look, work some product into the hair at the forehead to keep hair out of the face.


6. High and Tight Hair

The high and tight is no longer just a military hairstyle. With long waves on top and high fade that goes down to the skin at the hairline, this haircut has the same profile but lots more style.


7. Wavy Faux Hawk

wavy faux hawk for long hair men

This creative Mohawk-inspired long wavy hair look does what a good haircut is supposed to do for men – works with hair. The undercut leaves a wide swath of hair on top. Hair is left wavy but pinched up at the centre like an undercut faux hawk.


8. Wavy Hair with Quiff

The slick back hairstyle for men with wavy long hair is cool and easy to wear. A touch of the product holds hair back and tames frizz. Faded edges add even more detail.


9. Tousled Waves

tousled long wavy hair for men

For something different, this men’s side part hairstyle coifs tousled long waves into a faux hawk at the front.


10. Long Wavy Haircut + Skin Fade

long wavy hair with skin fade

For guys with thick and long wavy hair, this wash-and-wear style reveals natural texture while cutting hair short.


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