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Top 10 Long Hairstyles with Low Fade [2024]

Combining long hair with low fade is one way to look smart and stylish while being trendy and traditional, all at the same time. Styling hair for men has in recent years, seen a transition from having only limited options to having so many options, you could get lost in choosing the right style for you.

Keeping long hair has seen a come back in the fashion world, with many variations to the classy style. Of the trending hairstyles for men, fades have become the top choice in most salons for a while now. It is easy to maintain and looks good on just about anybody. The following haircuts show how to rock that superstar look perfectly.


How to Style Long Hair with Low Fade

How to Style Long Hair with Low Fade

The low fade is one style that fits every face shape. However, the final look is determined by what is sitting on top. Blending a perfect low fade into long hair becomes easier if you follow the tips below

  • Low fades are usually gotten with a clipper at 1 or 1.5 as using scissors will not give the required precision.
  • The art of getting a perfect low fade comes down to attention to details. Start at one side, close to the ear level. Blending the hair to become close to your skin color and then proceed upwards with an increase in hair volume.
  • The longer length on top should be blow-dried, using medium heat and a comb.
  • Depending on the style you want on top, you can use different hair products, ranging from creams, pomades, and clays to wax.


Watch the Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut and Style Low fade with Long Hair


Low Drop Fade vs Low Taper Fade

Low Drop Fade vs Low Taper Fade

It is only right that fades and tapers have dominated the fashion world already. They both provide a clean and smart look accepted in both a professional and casual setting. However, only a few know the difference between a taper and a fade.

Though they are both haircuts with a gradient, a taper is one in which there is a gradual change in length from the top of the head, down to the hairline. It usually shows around the sideburn and neckline, with varying degrees; high, mid taper and low taper. While a fade is a gradual change in length all around the head. It usually terminates just above the natural hairline and gradually fades to blend with the tone of your skin. It is usually more delicate and intricate than a taper.


Popular Low Fade Hairstyles for Long Hair

These are the most popular low fade long top hairstyles that men love.

1. High Top Fade with Part

low fade for long curly hair

Combining fringe with a curly high top fade works well together. The face helps accentuate the volume and length. This style of hair suits oval, heart face and oblong face shapes. It looks classy, stylish and modern. To style long hair with low fade on the back and sides of the head.

Keep the much longer hair on the top of the head and make a hard part on one side of the head. The longer top is then styled into a horizontal fringe.


2. Top Knot with Low Fade

top knot with low fade for long hair

The topknot has already become a mainstay in trending men’s hairstyle and it became popularized by many celebrities. Adding a low fade easily refreshes this go-to long hairstyle, keeping you fashionable and professional at the same time.

Whether you keep it bold or discreet, you can be sure to make a fashion statement with this look. There are many ways to style a topknot with fade but you can go easy with a low fade to the sides and back, just above ear level while you keep your make tied up.

This low fade with long hair look can be complemented with a stubble beard. And with the right pomade, you can sit confidently in a boardroom meeting.


3. Messy Pompadour

Long Messy Pompadour with Low Fade

The pompadour we wear today is a rebellious variation of the cool classic style. It is a blend of skilled traditionalism and modernity with a touch of class. The most common style of the pompadour today is worn with a low fade. The hair is longest at the front and gets shorter towards the back of the head.

This is swept back from the front to give a feel of volume at the hairline. To ensure the pomp fade keeps its style throughout the day, use a reasonable amount of pomade or hair wax. After styling and blowdrying, consider using a hair spray again you hold the hair in place.


4. Slicked Back+ Low Fade

slicked back long hair with low fade

If you desire a professional yet sophisticated low fade long top look, the slick back is one style with versatility and an all-time cool. It works well with different kinds of haircuts from undercuts, full slick backs to fades. It may be daunting to have your hair slick back after the fade cut but using pomade or hair wax with stronghold can work the magic.

While damp, brush your hair backward and use a comb to style and evenly distribute your hair back when applying conditioner. You can always blow dry and consistent styling with the right products will gradually give you the look. It is important to use a brush and blow dryer at the same time to keep the hair in place.


5. Juice Box Fade

low fade for long afro hair

For men who have a kinky texture and still want to sport a fresh, fabulous look, the afro has been on for a long time and is patronized by a good number of stars. Pairing this long hairstyle with a low fade brings a fresh appeal to it. This look is quite easy to maintain and does not cause much fuss. To stand out, some more, consider adding a subtle hair design in the taper fade.


6. Long Curls with Faded Undercut

Similar to the horizontal fringe, this low faded long hairstyle makes you look cool and stylish with a touch of boldness to it. It is made to fit oval and round faces. To style, low fade the sides and back of the head. The longer length on top should be turned into large loose curls. To hold the curl in place for long, apply a generous amount of quality hair spray to the top hair.


7. Low Fade Mohawk 

guy with mohawk and low fade

This is an amazing variation to the already existing Mohawk. Though punk may be gone its presence is still felt in the short Mohawk hairstyle with fade that appeals to generations of stylish men. One thing that makes the Mohawk outstanding is that anybody can get it whether with straight, thick, wavy or curly hair.

It is versatile and can be worked in quite a number of ways. Adding a low fade gives this long hairstyle another class of its own. The sides are worn shorter while the top and back are longer and thicker. Adding a hard part line makes it all the more dramatic.


8. Quiff with Low Skin Fade

The quiff has seen quite a number of variations in recent times. This is due to its stylish versatility and the fact that it suits different face shapes and hairstyles. The contrast between the volume on top and the fade gives the hairstyle a unique professional look that has become popular.

Keep the sides and back in a low fade. The volume on top should be styled with pomade, wax or clay, depending on the texture you want. Pomade for slick and shinier quiff while clay gives more volume and texture. Brush to the style and direction you want. A classic low fade long hair combo.


9. Low Taper Fade for Long Hair

low fade for long thick hair

The low fade doesn’t stop getting awesome no matter what style you combine it with. The thick textured hair is swept to a side, giving a refreshing look to an already glamorous fade. The long hair looks cooler when contrasted with a beard and is easy to maintain.


10. Long Comb over with Hard Part

long comb over with low fade

Described as one of the most refined haircuts among others, the comb overtakes the expertise and craft of a professional to pull seamlessly. The longer hair on top allows you to brush the hair to one side, emphasizing the part on the other side. This low fade with long hair look is usually completed with a pomade of high shine.


So hurry up and pick your favorite low fade long hair on top hairstyle that will complement your natural hair length.