12 Hottest Medium Undercut Hairstyles for Men Right Now

The undercut has been one of the most stylish and smartest styles of men’s hairdo. Be it short, medium or long; there are many amazing undercut hairstyles for men. The closely shaven lower half and the voluminous top half has always been an irresistible fashion among men. The undercut style is adapted at all lengths of hair. This blog sheds limelight on undercut styles for medium hair.


Popular Medium Undercut Styles for Men

You must be wondering how many variations could possibly be there for the medium undercut style. Well, there are over 50 different hairstyles for this particular undercut for medium hair.

Let’s check out 12 of the most amazing undercut styles from the innumerable variations.

1. Comb Over Undercut

combover undercut for medium hair

This is a simple and much sought-after medium undercut style.

Ideal for: This is a style that would suit a majority of face shapes.

How to style: This hairstyle comes with a close shave all over the sides and the back of the head. The hair on top is brushed back to create a neat look. In case you have silky soft hair, you can gel your hair to make sure it sets well.