12 Cool Medium Undercut Hairstyles

The undercut has been one of the most stylish and smartest styles of men’s hairdo. Be it short, medium, or long; there are many amazing undercut hairstyles for men. The closely shaven lower half and the voluminous top half has always been an irresistible fashion among men. The undercut style is adapted at all lengths of hair. This blog sheds limelight on undercut styles for medium hair.


Undercut Styles for Medium Length Hair

You must be wondering how many variations could possibly be there for the medium undercut. Well, there are over 50 different hairstyles for this particular undercut for medium hair.

Let’s check out 12 of the most amazing undercut styles from the innumerable variations.

1. Comb Over Undercut

combover undercut for medium hair

This is a simple and much sought-after medium undercut style.

Ideal for: This is a style that would suit a majority of face shapes.

How to style: This hairstyle comes with a close shave all over the sides and the back of the head. The hair on top is brushed back to create a neat look. In case you have silky soft hair, you can gel your hair to make sure it sets well.


2. Tousled Top Tuft

medium undercut hairstyle for men

This is an extremely trendy and stylish hairdo.

Ideal for: This is a style that suits a long face with sharp features. It also goes really well with a bearded face.

How to style: This hairdo shows a sharp distinction between the close shaved lower part of the head and the voluminous top tuft. This tuft of hair on top is also layered creating a ripple effect. It is truly a stylish undercut with beard hairdo.


3. Soft Spiked Top Tuft

spiky medium undercut style for men

This is a fashionable combination of medium undercut and spikes.

Ideal for: This hairstyle will look very good on an oval face with a pointed chin.

How to style: This is a style with multiple soft spikes on the hair on top. The hair is brushed upwards from the front and back. This hair is then spiked gently to create a stunning look. This style will go easy on a naturally rough hair.


4. Gradient Undercut

medium undercut with fade

This is an attractive and appealing style of the medium length undercut.

Ideal for: This hairstyle is best suited for an oblong face with a jawline angled downwards.

How to style: This undercut goes easy on the distinction between the two contrasts. There is a gradual slope from the top tuft towards the lower hair. The hair from all sides are brushed to towards the top creating a stiff wave on all sides. There is also a gradient in the length of the tuft from the front towards the back.


5. Front Spiked Undercut

medium undercut with front spikes

This is an elegant variation to the soft spiked top tuft. This style too shows a clear distinction between the top and the lower half of the hair.

Ideal for: This style will suit a diamond-shaped face with a soft rounded chin.

How to style: The undercut carries a lot of spikes pointed forward. The spikes at the front are curved upward in a gentle fashion. The lower part is almost clean shaven. However, this style too displays a very mild gradient in transition.


6. Side Combed Asymmetrical Undercut

This elegant and classy men’s medium undercut carries a style of its own.

Ideal for: This is yet another hairstyle that suits a long face with soft edges.

How to style: This is an asymmetrical side swept undercut with the tuft on top a little lengthier towards the back. This hair is brushed to one side neatly. The distinction between the tuft and the closely shaved part is shown by a clean streak across the head.


7. Layered Backcombed Tuft

 Layered Backcombed Medium Undercut

This hairstyle is a very similar variant to the backcombed undercut.

Ideal for: This is a style that would suit almost all face shapes.

How to style: As mentioned earlier, this is a variant to the backcombed undercut. Hence, the backcombing of the top tuft remains the same. But the tuft here is also layered with the undercut. These layers add to the smartness of this undercut style.


8. Smart Undercut with a Mild Punk

men's undercut for medium hair

An undercut is classy, and a punk is trendy. When they come together, the resulting hairstyle is very attractive.

Ideal for: This style suits well for a square shaped face.

How to style: This hairstyle displays no big difference in terms of the voluminous tuft at the top and the close-cut sides. It’s at the back where the interesting factor lies. The tuft ends in a gradual punk at the back towards the nape of the neck.


9. Long Side-Parted Undercut

 Long Side-Parted Undercut for Men

This is a really cool undercut style for medium hair. If you’re in for a few long strands of hair, then this is the one for you.

Ideal for: This is an amazing hairstyle for a smart face with soft angles.

How to style: The top tuft in this style is longer than in all the above styles. This tuft is side-parted. The close-cut hair ends in a clean partition where the top tuft begins. The long end of the tuft falls over to the other side of the head.


10. Long Top Tuft

This is an exciting variant of the previous style, the long side-parted undercut.

Ideal for: This style is ideal for an oval or an oblong face shape.

How to style: The similarity between the two styles is the long top tuft. However, the previous style had a gradient slope on one side of the head. This hairstyle marks a clear distinction between the contrasts on both sides of the tuft.


11. Undercut with a Wavy Tuft

medium undercut with wavy top

This is a typical informal hairdo. It is funky and unique.

Ideal for: This style would look really nice on a pear-shaped face.

How to style: The main feature of this style is that the hair on top is wavy and rugged. Also, the tuft slopes towards the front falling on the forehead. This style would work well on a tough textured hair.


12. The Messy Side-Parted Undercut

medium undercut with messy side part

If you have messy curly hair, try this informal undercut.

Ideal for: This style is perfect for a square face with an angular jawline.

How to style: The tuft of hair on top is curled and messy. This tuft is further parted to one side with the curls falling in a messy fashion. This being an informal hairstyle is advisable for people working or studying in an informal environment.


We hope you enjoyed the medium undercut styles. If you liked any, go ahead and give it a try!