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21 Best Silver Grey Box Braids That Scream Style

Silver Grey box braids are a chic and stylish choice for African American women if you can style it the proper way. These silvery strands look beautiful on women because they seem unusual and mysterious. Grey colored extensions can also be used to temper darker hair colors to give them a subtle dusky look.

silver grey box braids


Beautiful Grey Box Braids

Box braids are having a huge revival, and they have become one of the most fashionable ways to style African American hair. And grey is definitely one of the top picks when it comes to women’s hair color!

Box braids are normally inserted as a type of hair extensions. This is especially true if silver-grey braids are desired. When you get this type of braid, your hairstylist will weave the extensions into your natural hair. Thankful, these braids do not require much maintenance.

You can also try short, medium, long box braids, colorful or single-colored box braids like blue, red, box braids with curly hair or styling with beads, etc. Here are 21 handpicked silver grey box braids you can get inspiration from.

1. Thigh Length

Thigh-length hair looks fantastic on both tall and short women. One of the main benefits of box braid hair extensions is that they can be as long as you want!


2. Green-Grey Braids

Grey looks really special when it is mixed with a hint of green. This dusky shade looks good on women who like to wear yellow, brown or orange shades of clothing.


3. Space Buns

Give your hair a cool futuristic look with grey box braid space buns. Separate your hair into two sections and create knots on each side of your head. Let the rest of your hair hang loose. Here are more bun hairstyles for women.


4. Run Around

Cover your forehead up with a tight section of box braids. Bring the braids around from the opposite side of your head so that they sit across your forehead like a band.


5. Pigtails with Traditional Head Covering

Mix two styles together by teaming up a flirty funky look with traditional colorful head coverings. Give your pigtails a playful look by securing them at the top of your head, rather than at the side.


6. Brown to Silver Ombre Box Braids

silver grey box braids for asian girls

Instagram / rae.kir

Why stick with only silver box braids when you can play with more colors? Adding other shades like brown and black and going for an ombre is the best way to make your box braids look more interesting.

At the same time, this coloring technique can also make a round or square face look slimmer and more elongated. 


7. Box Braided Bun

silver grey box braided bun

Instagram / cherished brands

Do you love box braids but want to get your hair away from your face at the same time? You can enjoy the best of both worlds by going for a braided bun.

In this way, you get to enjoy the cool look of box braids and the convenience of a bun. 


8. High Ponytail + Shaved Sides

silver grey box braids with shaved sides

Instagram / renebraid_master

A high ponytail is a sleek and fun way to keep hair from your face and show off your fabulous shaved sides which made the look extra edgy.

Aside from the light silver shades, the braids also feature a few metallic silver streaks for added pizzaz. 


9. Half Up Silver Braids

half up silver grey box braids

Instagram / prifermi_ni_o

If you wish to keep your hair face-free but want to enjoy the face-framing advantages of having long hair, go for this half-up ponytail.

It will give you that fun and carefree look and is the best way to show off the contrast between your dark roots and silver braids. 


10. Silver Box Braids + Curly Ends

silver grey box braids with curly ends

Instagram /

Make your box braids look both badass and feminine by leaving the ends curly and bouncy. Add a few purplish streaks to make your hairstyle stand out even more. 


11. Half Shaven

For a cool punky look, keep half of your hair to a short length. Do not add any braid extensions to this section when you are styling your new look.


12. High Top Knot

A high top knot is a really cool hairstyle for a woman with amazing box braids. For a fierce look, wrap some of your braids upwards and around into a knotted style at the front of your heads.


13. Long and Side Swept

Long hair looks amazing when it has been swept over from one side to the other. Changing your parting can really change the appearance of your whole hairstyle. If you love bangs, you can try side swept bangs too.


14. Thick Top Knot with Thigh Length Hair

If you have a really long hairstyle, it is possible to create a very thick top knot style. Pull your hair up into a knot and wrap the braids around 4 or 5 times to create a thicker knot.


15. Grey Ombre

An Ombre is one that changes gradually from one color to another. Ombre that fade from black to grey looks really effective in braided hairstyles.


16. Grey Box Braid + Bob

Bob grey Box Braid hair Style

To create this classic short box braided hair, use grey as a highlight color and weave through your braids alongside your natural hair color. Choose a short bob style that frames your face for a no-nonsense and easy to wear a hairstyle that will take you anywhere.


17. Contrast

Grey Ombre Box Braid hairstyle

Grey hair is this season’s biggest color trend, make it even bolder with ombre grey contrast! This bright and bold color can be difficult to maintain.

Sidestep any upkeep dilemmas by having your grey braids added in approximately one-third of the way down your head and other with ombre, blending your natural hair with your extensions.

As your hair grows out, this hairstyle will just keep looking better and better.


18. Pulled-Back Grey and Lilac Box Braids

Back Grey Box Braid hairstyle

When your stylist is adding your braids, ask that they braid the hair at the front of your head towards the back of your head, creating a no-nonsense style that will look great, and require minimal upkeep.

This will keep your hair close to your head and away from your face, ideal for showing off feminine features and adding length to round or heart-shaped faces.

Combine this style with a simple ponytail or half updo for a style that is chic and easy to wear.


19. Grey Box Braids With Loose Ends

Grey color Box Braid Hair Style

Soften the appearance of your long grey box braids by upbraiding the end of your braids to create gentle waves through the lengths of your hair. This is a great way to inject some natural movement into your hair.


20. Grey Box Braids + Side Twisted Updo

Sweep your hair to one side of your head, then twist and tie it into a crochet-style up do to create this look. The extreme side sweep of this look is ideal for creating balance if you have asymmetric features and is a wonderfully feminine way to showcase your hair for formal occasions.


21. Purple and Grey Box Braid Half Top Knot

top knot with Box Braid hair Style

Braids always look great, but they look even better when piled into a knot on top of your head! This gray box braid hairstyle is great for pulling your hair out of your face and turning something practical into something stylish and original.

Silver grey box braids are a pretty cool style for African American women, but there are plenty of other perfect looks to choose from.