10 Most Unique Red Hairstyles for Green Eyes

Red hair and green eyes, it’s an enviable combination that everyone covets at least once. Women who are lucky enough to have it naturally can take some inspiration from hairstyles that are designed to show off your eyes while making your hair look top-notch.


Red Hairstyles for Green Eyes

The point of perusing red hairstyles for green eyes is to find something that draws attention to that gorgeous gaze of yours. Below are some red hairstyles you can try to pop your green eyes even more.

#1: Shaggy Red Hair + Green Eyes

Blunt lines red hairstyle with green eyes

I adore every single detail about this coif—the color, the cut, the highlights. Woof! The jagged layers and uneven bangs are also on-point. Blunt lines are overrated, anyway.


#2: Wavy + Richer Red Shade

beautiful women red hairstyles and green eyes

An exceptional number of red hairstyles for green eyes have a sort of Little Mermaid appeal, and I’m definitely getting Ariel vibes here. Switch it up and consider going with a darker, richer shade of red—not burgundy, but dark cherry mixed with a little auburn.

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#3: Medium Layered Bob + Light Shade Red Locks

Shoulder-Length red hair for green eyes women

Don’t hide your light under a bushel and don’t hide your beauty beneath a thick fall of hair. Chop your locks to shoulder-length, such as in a layered bob, and skip the fringe. Leave your forehead on view and your peepers on display.


#4: Cherry Red + Green Eyes

Cherry red hairstyle for black women

Cherry red is unfailingly edgy and eye-catching—just ask Rihanna. You, too, will be the girl on fire in this shade. Long or short, the color will make any cut look phenomenal.


#5: Side-Parted Bob

Side part red hairstyle for green eyes women

A sleek, side-parted bob is always sophisticated. It’s a timeless but sexy coiffure that never goes out of style. While it’s a winner regardless of your hair color, it does amazing things with the classic red hair/green eyes combo.

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#6: Fiery Undercut

Undercut red hairstyle for women

Nothing shows off your eyes like an undercut, but it takes confidence to splash out with a haircut that’s traditionally seen as masculine. Eff those gender rules, though—a dash of red is all you need to imbue you with self-assurance.



#7: Fierce Faux Hawk for Green Eyes

Short red hairstyles for green eyes are hot AF. This is a silly point to make, but check back at how often Tyra Banks opted for a makeover consisting of cropped red hair. You can’t hide your eyes when your hair is short—but you can look like you’re ready for the catwalk.


#8: Fairytale Braid

If you have long red hair, the least you can do is braid it occasionally. Let others live vicariously through your fairytale princess coiffure.

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#9: Easy Waves

Easy Wave red hairstyle for girl

Sometimes, simple is best. Whether you highlight your natural waves or give your straight hair a bit of body, you can rock a simple, elegant ‘do that doesn’t require too much time or effort.


#10: Bang Bang

These bangs are giving me life. Natural red hair and green eyes don’t need much to complement each other beautifully. A short crop, such as a bob or variation thereof, topped off with side-swept bangs—that’s it. That’s golden.

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It doesn’t even matter if you’re a natural redhead because red hairstyles with green eyes are stunning on anyone. Do you have green eyes? Have you ever thought about going ginger?