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25 Showstopping Red Purple Hair Colors to Rock in 2024

Reddish purple hair colors are totally hot these days. If you’re looking for a combo that is somewhat trendy but fresh enough to make you stand out, consider red and purple color. Blend the two together for a deep hue or create a gorgeous ombre style. Whatever you choose it’s sure to ‘wow.’

Red Purple Hair Color Ideas

Below are 25 red-purple hairstyles to suit every hair type, length and texture. Let’s take a look!

1. Face Framing Highlights

mahogany red purple hair

To give medium wavy hair a beautiful color combination, use vivid purple in the hair that frames your face, a bit of mahogany red in the top middle parts of hair, and light purple in the rest of your mane.

2. Plum Red Hair

plum red purple hair

Is your hair naturally medium brown or dark blonde? With plum red highlights throughout, you can retain your natural hair color but have a fun pop of color on top.

3. Magenta Red Purple

magenta red purple hair

Bordering on hot pink, magenta red or purple is bright and feminine hair color combo. It’s perfect for women who want to give their long hair a fun update that catches everyone’s eye.

4. Curly Updo

curly red purple hair

For a special occasion, gather long, curly reddish purple hair into a low updo. You can use a curling iron to add even more tight spiral curls for a fuller body. Secure with a flowered hair band or ribbon.

5. Purple A-line Bob

dark red purple hair

Flaunt the best of both red and medium purple as an ombre on a cute A-line bob. Wear it straight for sleek and chic vibes, or add large waves for thicker texture.

6. Red Purple with Blonde Highlights

red purple hair with blonde highlights

Add streaks of light to long red purple hair by throwing in blonde or white highlights. They break up the dark color nicely and just look amazing.

7. Red Purple with Blue Bangs

red purple hair with blue bangs

A medium-length hairstyle full of waves can look even more gorgeous by separating bluntly-cut bangs and face-framing sections in their own fabulous dark blue coloring.

8. Red Purple Ombre

Ombre styles make it so you don’t have to choose between two colors. With this color effect, bright strawberry red feeds into rich purple color seamlessly. All you need to achieve this look is a talented colorist.

9. Purple Burgundy

Make your olive skin tone stand out with this unique purple burgundy color. It’s critical that your color compliments your skin’s undertones so your hair suits your overall look. Whether your locks are short or long, this rich color is gorgeous.

10. Red, Blue and Purple Hair

Having a hard time choosing just two colors for your hair? Why not throw in shades of pink and blue for a totally cool pixie cut? Lots of colors typically works better on short hairstyles to keep your look from feeling overwhelming.

11. Pastel Red and Purple Hair

If you’re pale and your skin contains pink undertones, a lighter color palette is ideal. Go for a light, bright red at the root and a pastel purple rather than an eggplant shade. Add a pop of pearly pink at the ends of hair and you’re good to go!

12. Red Purple Hair on Short Curls

Why not play with some fun colors on your natural curls? A deep purple at the root of short cropped styles perfectly grounds this look. A red with purple undertones round up the rest of the style.

13. Chin-Length Red and Purple Hair

Bobs are a great length for trying out bold colors. Whether you decide to take your look more purple or red, a little natural root growth helps to ground your look and make your color feel more natural.

14. Medium Red Purple Hair Color

This red purple hair color is perfect for skin with yellow undertones. Brighten portions of this deep purple look with lighter hues. Focus these highlights to the front portion of hair to lighten and brighten your face.

15. Red and Purple Long Hair

Long hair provides more room for trying out funky hair color combinations. Add red hair color to the top portion of the hair so that this lighter color can open up your face. Add dark purple from the chin downwards.

16. Curly Red Purple Hair

Apply dynamic color and make your gorgeous ringlets really stand out. This ombre fade looks perfect on shoulder-length layered locks.

17. Red and Purple Wavy Hair

Tousled waves seem to make any hairstyle look elevated yet relaxed. It is the perfect way to style a beautiful blend of red and purple. A slightly more orange-red hair color is ideal if true reds clash with your skin tone.

18. Red and Purple Braids

Add some pops of violet to beautiful burgundy braids. We love the high contrast between the vibrant strands against the deeper, more grounding hue.

19. Red and Purple Highlights for Thin Hair

You don’t need tons of volume to pull this look off. Add vibrant red and eggplant streaks on black hair that is straight and fine for an edgy vibe. Focus highlights to the front portion of the hair.

20. Red and Purple Bob

Because red and purple hair looks so great together, choose one as your major base and add in a pop of the other color as a detail. This is especially stylish on short reddish bob hairstyles.

21. Red Purple on Dark Hair

The combination of red and purple that you choose can be adjusted according to your natural hair color. Babes with dark hair can incorporate deep, rich tones while maintaining brunette hues at the root.

22. Red and Purple Hair with Bangs

Bangs can be tough with dynamic color, but a straight fringe shows off the look best. These red and purple bangs contain two colors, but if your hair is curly, you may want to stick to just one with dimensional highlights instead.

23. Red Purple and Brunette

You don’t have to forgo your natural color when you incorporate purple and red hues. Create a tri-color ombre look with your natural hair at the root. Blonde hair requires bright hues, brunette needs medium and black hair can handle deep tones.

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24. Red Purple Balayage

Create a seamless, jewel-toned look with the beautiful balayage technique. When done correctly, this style distributes color in a way that looks soft and natural. Because it’s customizable, it works on every hair type and length.

25. Red Pink and Purple

Care to make a bold statement? Add in a bright color like pastel purple or electric pink. This gives your gorgeous locks even more colorful dimension.

There is so much variety when it comes to choosing your perfect red and purple hair color look. Add in lots of colors on short locks and beautiful, seamless balayage on longer tresses. Let these images inspire you and your next hairstyle!

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