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15 Amazing Short Purple Hairstyles for Women

Short purple hair is just getting more popular with every passing day. Gone are the days when hues like purple were considered to be eccentric when it came to hair coloring. People these days love to experiment and try newer hairstyles for a unique look. If you are one of them, keep reading!


Trendy Short Purple Hairstyles

Are you looking for some chic purple hair color ideas to style your short hair? Check these out!

1. Light Wavy Bob Cut

short light purple wavy bob

Gradients of lavender purple hair are truly adorable! Combine them with a cute, short hairstyle such as a bob cut with light waves, and you have the prettiest of looks ready!

This look is perfect for formal as well as casual affairs. Style your hair in purple and steal the attention of all!


2. Blow-Dried Purple Pixie Cut 

short purple pixie hair with undercut

The hue of purple going from dark at the tips to a gradual lighter tone at the end of tips looks amazing. This haircut is unique as the side hair has been tapered and is of the natural hair color.

For the top, the purple highlighted hair is cut in a pixie and fall backward as no partition is done.


3. Messy Pixie Haircut

short purple pixie hair

Did you ever think that color as vibrant and bold as purple would look so sexy on hair? The electric purple color loses all bounds!

This is a messy pixie hairstyle or, you could even consider it to be a mild shag for short hair. The hint of blue in the hair makes the look even more gorgeous.


4. Purple Balayage 

short purple balayage with a side part

Purple balayage style in itself is so pretty and sophisticated. And, when you combine it with an evergreen short hairstyle, the bob cut, the result is an elegant hairstyle that is highly attractive.

The hues of purple look stunning and beyond beautiful!


5. Textured Bob

short purple bob with loose curls

Bob cuts look great on people with any kind of face structure. You are already unique in your style by choosing to go for short purple hair.

You add loose curls to the style, and you take it a notch higher! The curls add an extra dimension and look great on short hair.


6. Purple to Pink Ombre

Short hair with nape undercut looks downright classic and rich! For the front part, opting for long side bangs that almost cover your eye when swept behind the ear bring a very royal touch to the style.

And, the gradient hue with a hint of red, pink, and then purple looks majestic.


7. Shades of Purple + Pixie Bob 

This is a very simple style for short purple hair that has a dual shade of purple in the hair. The hair in these styles is simply swept to one side after the cut. This makes it look minimalistic and yet, makes it stand out in the crowd.


8. Pixie with Shaved Sides

For the top of the head, keep your purple hair short and let them fall freely on the sides.

But, for the side of the head, opt for a fully tapered style and keep the hair color natural for the sides. This will bring out a unique hairstyle and make the hair look voluminous and pretty.


9. Long Blunt Bob

Blunt cuts are an amazing hairstyle if you wish to portray a bold personality that looks determined and independent.

To replicate this look, get you short hair dyed purple and pick a simple and classic blunt bob cut with middle part for the hairstyle. Keep the length of the hair up till the shoulders.


10. Purple Short Stacked Bob Hairstyle

short purple stacked bob

Stacked bob looks really pretty when done on hair with a combination of shades. Opting for a mix of light and dark shades of purple and a stacked cut is an excellent choice! The style is naughty and playful and looks great on women of all ages.


11. Purple Curls

Afro style hairstyles are wild, quite literally! The tight curls in the hair look cute and sassy while the hairstyle as an overall looks amazing too.

Opting for purple-colored hair in a wild short afro where the hair is left to grow naturally and fall on the sides of the head is a great choice.


12. Unicorn Highlights

Unicorns are all about magic and happiness. This is exactly what the hairstyle represents too. Opt for a deep side part and keeping one side of the hair sleek and straight, make the other side wavy and natural. The hues would be that of magic, violet, lavender, and a tinge of blue for a stunning effect.


13. Asian Bob

This style has purple short hair that looks stunning and sexy! The full fringes that come up till the eyebrows look amazing and make the hair look fine and thick.

Bob cut, on the other hand, adds a little volume to the hair and makes the overall style very elegant and sophisticated.


14. Shaggy Bob

short purple hair with side bangs

Choppy cuts look rough and wild. This is a short haircut with purple highlights that makes the hairstyle look simple and evergreen. The side bangs for the front add a little touch of uniqueness to the overall looks.


15. Short Pixie Cut

short purple hairstyle for women

Cropped pixie cuts are totally in style when it comes to styling short hair. For the front part, the feathered fringes look amazing, and of course, there is no denying that the purple color tone is simply awesome! If you wish to keep your hair away from your face, this is the haircut you should go for!


Short purple hair is definitely taking the hair and fashion industry by the storm! They are unique, sassy, and extremely sexy. Make a bold statement and stand out with a gorgeous hairstyle for purple hair.