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17 Best Shoulder-Length Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Shoulder-length bobs look stunning on blonde ladies with almost all face shapes and skin tones. Depending on various aspects like different textures and volume, you can play around with your blonde tresses.

Shoulder-length blonde bobs generally require less maintenance and styling time than longer hairstyles. With a bob, you’ll spend less time dealing with tangles, knots, and extensive styling routines. So, it’s perfect if you’re a busy woman looking for a low-maintenance colored bob.

shoulder-length blonde bob hairstyles

There are so many nuances and shades of blonde you can choose from for your shoulder-length bob.

However, if your hair requires bleaching, you should see a colorist who will help you switch to the blonde team without damaging your hair. 

Let’s get inspiration from some beautiful blonde women with medium bobs! Read below for the best tips and tricks to rock a shoulder-length blonde bob hairstyle!

1. Platinum Blonde

shoulder length platinum blonde bob

A light blonde hair color can be suitable for you, even if you have an olive skin tone. But if you are not a natural blonde, this hairstyle will require bleaching. Our advice is to see an experienced colorist, especially if haven’t done this before by yourself.

2. Messy Layered Top

blonde shoulder length tousled bob

For this voluminous blonde shoulder-length bob hairstyle, the goal is to create more dimension for the crown. Layering your hair and getting long side bangs is a trick that we recommend.

Also, you can tease the roots to achieve more height and tousle it before applying hair spray. 

3. Wispy Bangs

shoulder length layered blonde bob

A light honey-blonde color will beautifully suit you when you want to highlight your blue eyes and eyebrows. Slightly layer the tips and go for wispy bangs that you will spread on the forehead. 

Keep them longer on the sides and gradually add length to style a great face frame. 

4. Shoulder Length Curly Bob

shoulder length curly blonde bob

These amazing curls look simply heart-melting. And the main reason is the sun-kissed blonde color that defines the layers done for such stunning ringlets.

Some say that getting bangs is not really the right approach when you have such a curl pattern, but this hairstyle is here to contradict this. 

5. Platinum Wavy Highlights

shoulder length choppy blonde bob

This is my favorite medium blonde bob hairstyle on this list. This amazing blonde color mix is quite unique and involves using a nuance with copper tints for the roots and fabulous platinum blonde highlights.

Trim your hair in a medium bob and wave it with a wand to get that glamorous touch. 

6. Dark Sandy Blunt Bob

shoulder length blonde bob with bangs

Combining dark nuances of sandy blonde and warmer highlights will give your hair depth and texture.

These colors work very well on thick and dense hair, that is cut blunt, above the shoulders. Those long straight bangs complete the look and create a stunning face frame. 

7. Half Up Half Down

shoulder length icy blonde bob

When you have such fair skin, any nuance of blonde will suit you, even a light platinum blonde. It will have a natural aspect and it will give your look a delicate note. 

Your bright blue eyes and darker eyebrows will act as a pop of color, while those black eyeliner lines will add some drama. 

8. Wavy Hair with Thin Highlights

shoulder length golden blonde bob with hollywood waves

Ultra-thin blonde highlights will add all the dimension and depth your blonde hair needs. Even if you’re not creating waves or curls each day, these two nuances will evenly combine, giving you the look change you needed. 

9. Side Bangs with a Lift

shoulder length straight blonde bob

When you have fine hair, the best trick to make it look thicker is to opt for a blunt blonde shoulder-length bob cut like this.

And if you don’t think it’s enough, you can spice things up by going for asymmetrical bangs with a lift. 

10. Lifted Roots with Curls

shoulder length thick blonde bob

These fabulous blonde curls have their own personality and look so well-defined. When using your wand or other heated tools, and you love creating waves and curls, make sure you select small strands that you later carefully style.

To gain that lifted root aspect and height, you should tease the hair and apply some hair spray.

11. Highlights for Fine Hair

sandy blonde shoulder length bob

Curtain bangs are never out of fashion, so you must add them to your to-do list. They are cute, delicate and well-suited for a shoulder-length blonde bob.

A creamy nuance will definitely suit you and if you crave that sun-kissed aspect, then place a few blonde highlights here and there.

12. Blonde Layered Lob

blonde shoulder length bob with glasses

A blonde thick lob with long side swept bangs that reach the jawline is the best way to make your face look elongated and beautifully framed.

To make sure your hair has body and shape, blow dry your hair using the nozzle and a rounded brush. 

13. Blonde Balayage Bob

shoulder length honey blonde bob

Blonde bobs look even cuter even if you know how to add undertones. As a woman with fair skin and pink undertones, sandy blonde hair will complement you best. But, if you want to upgrade your hairstyling game, then dyeing your ends in a bright blonde nuance will certainly do the trick.

14. Icy Wet Curls

white blonde shoulder length bob

Bleaching and dyeing your hair is a must when you want to get this icy platinum blonde color. And if you don’t want to end up with patches of hair that have a different color than what you were aiming for, go see a professional colorist.

You can maintain your roots in their natural color and style your hair with foam that tightens the curls and gives that wet look. 

15. Dreamy Waves

wavy blonde shoulder length bob

If you are aiming for a glamorous look, a simple bob haircut can be the right canvas for your color blends.

Choose warm and light nuances that beautifully blend and create depth. Keep your ends trimmed so the hair always looks healthy, then loosely wave it.

16. Blunt Bob with Ombre

shoulder length asyemmetrical blonde bob

When your hair falls flat, it will be best to style a blunt angled bob that is slightly longer in front. Combine it with a wonderful blonde, warm ombre, and do a middle part. It will help you get better framing and an elongated look. 

17. French Braided Top

shoulder length yellow blonde bob

A short bob hairstyle allows you to create numerous dope hairstyles like this amazing French braided top with a ponytail and waves.

To recreate it, select a hairpiece from the center of your head, tease the roots to get some height, and braid it. Go for waves that you will style with a straightening iron. Rotate it to get that shape.

Styling a blonde shoulder-length bob has never been easier since this cut is highly versatile and suitable for all moments of your day. There is no way it can look flat or dull, especially if you have a straightening or curling iron at your disposal. Just follow our tips, and you’ll end up with a heart-melting look that will get all the compliments it deserves.