35 Gorgeous Slick Back Hairstyles for Women

#21: Slick Back with Curly Hair

Slick backs are usually paired with straight hair and are done so neatly. However, that isn’t the only way to go about it. If you have curly hair, slicked back hair can cause a contrasting look making the hairstyle unique and bold.


#22: Slick Back One-length Bob

Long bobs have recently been gaining momentum as one of the most convenient yet chic looking hairstyles. The only disadvantage about them is- limited ways to be able to style this particular haircut!

Slicking it back can be one out of the box way to do it. This sends out a more serious and confident vide yet at the same time is an unexpected fashion statement.


#23: Minimalistic Slick Back

If you have your long hair colored in ombre and are looking for a different yet magnificent way to style it, slicked back hairstyles for women is a great hit. The reason behind this is having your color on the hair changes so does the wet texture of the hair fade, it’s a great combination and looks like everything amazing. 


#24: Bold Slick Back

This ice blonde hair look is much more towards the bold side, instead of a clean slick back. The hair is rather swept towards the side in this cut. This hairstyle looks precious with a bold makeup look as both elements flawlessly compliment each other. 


#25: Unkempt Slick Back Look

women with slicked back hair

Slicked back hair can be styled in several ways even though most people don’t believe so; this blonde balayage hairstyle is an example of the same.

Instead of having all the hair slicked back, a strand of hair has been let loose to frame the face. It is a perfect way to add a subtle touch that makes a significant impact on the look.