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15 Green Ombre Hairstyles That’ll Convince You to Go Green

Green ombre hair is something new, interesting, fresh and rare. Have you ever thought about making a huge change in your look? If yes, the biggest and most noticeable changes a woman can do is start with the hair. Your hair is a representation of you, and the haircut you wear speaks about your personality.

The changes in hair color are the most usual way of refreshing your look. But have you considered going the extra mile and trying something very bold? If so, and if you are prepared for it, we suggest that you go green.  To be modern and fashionable it is important that you do this right way.

If you go all green, from roots to ends, in one color, there is a big chance that you will look funny and maybe like a clown. You might even get questions whether that is your wig or natural hair. So, the hair trends have evolved and the bright, vibrant and bold colors go on the hair in the ombre technique.

This way, you will have lots of space for variations and you can dose the look according to your personal likings. We have listed various ideas to wear this ombre hair before we present them to you, we will start with a very important process of how to dye green ombre.


How to Dye Green Ombre Hair

green ombre hairstyle for women

Green ombre is a complex and through the process that is suggested to be done at your hairdresser’s instead of home.  Green is a hair color that requires bleach. It will damage your hair because it is a harsh chemical, but only then you can get a nice green tone. Bleach should be left on the hair about 30 minutes and then washed.

After that comes the process of coloring. Green can be achieved with a combination of two or more dyes. The ombre technique has a special way of applying it so the instructions need to be followed thoroughly. The green ombre hair needs to be redone frequently so that it looks good.

Green is one of the hair colors that fade very soon. This means that besides the use of the right products, you will need to visit your hairdresser more regularly than usual. As soon as the color fades and the intensity decreases, the hair does not look good and you need to have it redone.

Watch The Following Tutorial of DIY Green Ombre Hair in A Simple Way


Most Amazing Green Ombre Hairstyles

There are so many versions of the green ombre hair. Have a look at 15 of the latest green ombre hairstyle ideas for you.

1. Half Up Half Down Hair

Silver Mint Green Ombre Hair for Women

The beauty of the look is in the balanced transition between gray silver into green ombre. The two hues complement each other perfectly and the fishtail braid adds a boho look. This combination is suitable for girls with longer hair.


2. Grey Mint Ombre

green ombre hairstyle for women

Similar to the silver mint ombre, the grey hair color is a darker version and can be done on girls with darker hair. The gradual change in color is perfect. It is best to be worn wavy so that the shades can dominate.


3. Dark to Light Green Ombre

Dark to Light Mint Green Ombre

This bold look is for a woman who is not afraid and willing to experiment. There is a lot of colors, from roots to ends, starting from dark green hair to light mint. This green ombre hairstyle soothes the look, but it still is a dominant one.


4. Vibrant Green Ombre with Dark Roots

Vibrant Green Ombre with Dark Roots

The emerald green is a bright and strong color that gives hypnotic look to the hair. This look features emerald green hair ombre shade in combination with dark roots. The green is bright and eccentric. Subtle waves are the best choice for this ombre.


5. Light to Dark Mint Reverse Ombre

mint green ombre hair

A bit different look can be achieved with a reversed green ombre, and this one is in the mint shades. The reversed process starts from lighter mint gradually transitioning into darker mint ends. Wavy or straight – the look is unique!


6. Wavy Short Bob with Green Highlights

Women with pretty dark short hair can pull off this green ombre bob done with highlights. The shades of green change throughout hair. The wavy bob accents them wonderfully. The highlights are thin but effective.


7. Green Multi-Tonal Ombre

This version of the ombre with green hair color includes at least the green shades that create the ombre. You can pull off this look if you have dark brown or black hair. The green gives a strong contrast. The green shades at the end vary from light grass green to dark mint.


8. Vivid Green to Lime Green Ombre

Green to Lime Green Ombre

The most eccentric, extravagant and dominant look you can get from doing a green ombre is this one. The vivid green slowly transforms into a neon green. It is not suggested for women with light eyes as it might look scary. It looks better on long permed hair.


9. Blue and Green Hair Ombre

Another hypnotic look, but on a shorter hair is the blue to green ombre. It starts with a blue base. As it turns to light green there can appear some discreet pastel green shades. The end is in light green. Again, medium wavy hairstyle is the best for wearing this ombre.


10. Black to Neon Green Ombre

Black to Neon Green Ombre

The neon green ombre can be achieved on dark base too. The contrast is very accented, but the emerald shade in the middle smoothes the intensity of the look. The high wavy pony or loose curls are the best way to wear this look.


11. Blonde to Pastel Green Hair

Ladies with blonde hair can try this ombre. The light green is warm and complements the blonde creating fancy look. The green ombre is done at the very ends of the hair, leaving the blond to dominate. It goes very well on a long angled bob.


12. Mermaid Green Ombre

Mermaid Green Ombre

Mermaid hair colors are very popular lately, especially in green tones. Women with short hair can try this look that starts from light mint green and goes to light neon green. This hairstyle with green ombre hair suits women with fair skin.


13. Punk Bob

The punk bob is a very good choice for green ombre hairdo. Here, the options are numerous. You can play with the different green shade according to the base color of the hair. The light brown balayage goes well with cool green tones, while the lighter blondes required warmer greens. The layering accents the ombre perfectly.


14. Bright Green Afro Ombre

green ombre for afro hair

Women with exceptionally curly hair can try this look. The bright green ombre is an excellent color choice for the tiny side-parted curls.


15. Teal Ombre

women with green ombre hair

A teal green ombre smokey look is just another in the line of hypnotic looks that are new. Changing the shades of teal and finishing in intense mint, this is a very rare yet effective look.


So, which one of these mesmerizing green ombre hairstyles are you going to choose as your new look?