20 Professional Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is gorgeous, but it can be challenging to come up with professional hairstyles for long hair since you have so much of it. While wearing your hair loose and flowing is gorgeous, it’s better saved for casual occasions, date nights, and off days, depending on your job.

To appear polished, poised, and fashionable, you want your hair in a neat but stylish ‘do. It’s understandable if you’re hard up for ideas. Rapunzel, I got you. Keep reading for ideas and inspirations about what to do with your lengthy locks.


Professional Hairstyles for Long Hair

Updos, braids, sculpted curls—there are dozens of professional hairstyles for long hair that still allow you to embrace and show off your personal style.

A professional coif doesn’t have to be unoriginal or dull. You can still look like a long-haired fashionista at the office. The only reason you even need to bother with a polished hairdo is for your own comfort and convenience — you don’t want hair falling over your forehead or sitting heavy on the back of your neck while you’re trying to get things done.

Take a peek at some stunning styles that will look amazing no matter where you work.

1. Professional French Braids

long thick professional hairstyle

You can quickly master a long thick professional hairstyle with just two simple braids. Split your hair into two sections and, on each part, build a French braid. Meet them in the back and pin them in a loose ponytail. 


2. Professional Rose Bun with Braids

half up long professional hairstyle

When you are a busy woman, you don’t want your hair to get in your way, and a gorgeous half up long professional hairstyle like the one above will make you look amazing. Build two French braids on the sides and gather them in a rose bun. 


3. Profesional Half Crown Braid

If you are searching for a long professional hairstyle for an interview, you are in the right place. You don’t want anything too glammy or messy, and this is the perfect option. Wear discreet makeup and using only the top hair, create a crown braid from one ear to the other. 


4. Professional Waves for Long Hair

Long wavy professional hairstyles are ideal for busy women who jump from meetings to meetings and need to look confident all the time. Layer your strands an using a straightening iron, build some waves and curls. Use some hairspray to fix the hairdo and make it last all day. 


5. Professional Long Dutch Braid

long braided professional hairstyle

When you have long hair, your styling options are quite vast. If you want a professional look that keeps your long thick mane out of the way, build a Dutch braid and secure it at the ends with a hair elastic. 


6. Straight Hair with Bangs

long professional hairstyle with bangs

Layer the tips and use a straightening iron to make your mane look flawless. Don’t forget to use a heat protecting spray before you style your locks. Keep the bangs in a blunt cut, on the forehead, and you’ll have a marvelous professional look. 


7. Professional Knotted Braid

This amazing braid will look outstanding and even if it seems complicated to build, you will find out that it’s not that hard to recreate the hairdo. Start by parting your hair in two pieces and roll each strand. After a few rolls, secure them in a pony and repeat the procedure until you run out of hair. 


8. Bun with Headband Hairstyle

If you need to look professional and glamorous at the same time, wear discreet makeup, nothing that pops out too much. Build a refined bun and opt for a braided satin headband. 


9. Professional Half Up Half Down Hairdo

Style some loose waves and separate the top hair from the mane. Create a half ponytail and wrap a strand around the base to hide the hair elastic used in securing the pony.


10. Blonde French Braid

professional updo for long hair

There are multiple occasions when you need to look pulled out of the box. This French braid is impeccable, and if you want to recreate it, you can hide the remaining braided ponytail.


11. Office-Ready Updo

updo Women with Long Hairstyle

Updos are ideal as professional hairstyles for long hair. Always elegant and sophisticated, they keep your hair out of your face and off the back of your neck. More importantly, they make a statement. This is a sleek take on a chignon.

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12. Natural Curls

Women with Long curly Hairstyle

Never feel like you have to put up your hair at work—and never let anyone, not one single person, tell you that your natural hair or your protective hairstyles are in any way unprofessional. They are not. As such, feel free to give your natural curls the structure and shape, then head to work and reap the rewards—every woman you work with will be envious of your spirals.


13. Braided, Twisted, and Tucked

I don’t think it gets more polished and professional than this, speaking of protective styles. This is both intricate and elegant, as well as flattering. As you can see, it’s tidy—I hate that word, but it fits—but it’s just this side of high-fashion, all the same.


14. Up, Up, and Away

Arranging your hair in a messy bun unquestionably works as a professional hairstyle for long hair. The beauty of a messy bun is that your hairdo still has a little edge. To be put together but still funky is no small feat, but a sky-high bun can help you own it.


15. Not-So-Basic Braid

braid hair for Women with Long Hair

A braid is perfect for the office—but it doesn’t have to be a boring braid. This one isn’t basic, either. On the surface, it appears to be a traditional plait, but take a closer look at the pattern, and notice the loose braid at the crown. A lot is going on here, but in no way is it too much for a corporate environment.

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16. Low Ponytail

Although it’s simple, it doesn’t get more professional than a low, sleek ponytail. It’s an easy style to achieve on hectic mornings when you’re running late, plus you can hide the worst of your second- or third-day hair. To give your pony a bit of pizzazz, wrap a section of hair around the base and secure the end of it in your elastic.


17. A Beautiful Mess

I told you—messy buns are fun, fashionable, but professional hairstyles for long hair. As long as it meets the standards of your workplace dress code, a tousled, stylishly sloppy ponytail/bun hybrid is acceptable, not to mention comfortable.


18. Loose Topknot

It doesn’t get more professional than a topknot. I adore this one because of that sag—do you see it? While the bun itself is secure, there’s some attractive, flattering give in the rest of the hair. I can’t even—that’s gorgeous.


19. Fashionable Fishtail

Fishtail long hair for girl

Fishtail braids are mesmerizing. I have neither the patience nor the skill to plait anything this perfect, but I enjoy staring enviously at other people who can do it. There are a few different techniques involved in this coif so that you might need some practice first.


20. Bumped Up

I really can’t reiterate how well low ponytails work as professional hairstyles for long hair. High ponytails are a bit too sassy for the office, but securing it at the nape of your neck creates a chic, smooth aesthetic. Let your personality—and your glam—shine through by adding a bump of volume and pulling a few tendrils of hair free.

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It’s not hard to come up with attractive and professional hairstyles for long hair, and no, you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style. How do you wear your hair when you go to work?

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