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17 Hottest Bangs Hairstyles for Oval Faces With Glasses

Women with oval faces can consider themselves lucky because their facial features allow them to choose any type of bangs they want. As for the glasses, you also have plenty of options: round, cat eye, and aviator; however, the most suitable is an oversized pair with thick frames.

Modern Bangs for Oval Faces with Glasses

Discover how to style bangs and glasses for your oval-shaped face. Find some of the best examples below.

1. Multicolored Layered Hair with Round Glasses

colored bangs for oval faces with glasses

Fair-skinned women with oval faces can transform their hair into a canvas where they can blend and combine numerous colors.

In this case, you will choose a medium haircut with layers and curtain bangs and start with a dark faded blue color that gradually transforms into a mauve purple nuance.

A round glass will give you a cool, nerdy and fashionable look. You can choose eyeglasses to match your hair color or simply a contrasting one to stand out.

2. Straight Hair with Round Glasses

thin bangs for oval faces with glasses

Rounded frames are considered to be trendy again, so it will be easy for you to incorporate them into your look.

If you love warm colors, try a golden brown hair nuance with layers and blunt bangs.

3. Pixie cut with Rectangle Glasses

asymmetrical bangs for oval faces with glasses

If you’re a fan of rectangle glasses, try this bangs hairstyle. Creating contrast between the hairstyle and the frames is a great idea when you want a look that won’t go unnoticed.

Go for an icy platinum blonde pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs that you will swipe to the side and a pair of black rectangle glasses.

4. Layered Curly Hair with Round Glasses

curly bangs for oval faces with glasses

Such curly hair requires creating a bunch of layers. Otherwise, you will get an unaesthetic shape that won’t flatter you.

Go for bangs that add value to your oval face and golden rounded glasses to glam up your look.

5. Half Up Half Down with Rectangle Glasses

curtain bangs for oval faces with glasses

When you want to look professional but give your look a twist, opt for a half-up, half-down hairstyle with curtain bangs.

Additionally, those eyeglasses are not only practical but also enhance your appearance. Choose a frame that has a red nuance on the inside and sparkling rhinestones on the end pieces.

6. Updo with Bangs and Round Glasses

layered bangs for oval faces with glasses

This bangs hairstyle will look so cute on oval faces with the matching colored round glass! When you want frames that work well with your hair color, you can pick colorful round eyeglasses, too.

Also, messy looks go so well with a pair of glasses that romanticize your appearance. Choose a brown hair color with red strands and do a back bun.

7. Long Curtain Bangs and Ponytail with Round Glasses

long bangs for oval faces with glasses

Curtain bangs that have such long edges can help you beautifully frame your face. Pin your entire mane in a low ponytail and choose silver thing frames for your glasses.

As for your color, a brown shade with copper accents will amazingly combine with your fair skin.

8. Wavy Bob with Rounded Glasses

side swept bangs for oval faces with glasses

If you have naturally wavy hair, you can choose a short, low-maintenance bob haircut with bangs that you’ll swipe to the side.

To create a delicate look, opt for rounded frames for your glasses that can be easily integrated into your look.

9. Feathered Bangs with Rectangle Glasses

eye skimming bangs for oval faces with glasses

Little girls that have an oval face and need to wear glasses will look so cute with a half-up half-down hairstyle with bangs.

Section the crown hair, pin it in the back and spread those feathered bangs on the forehead.

10. Icy White Dreads with Small Round Glasses

fauxlocs with bangs for oval faces with glasses

Fake dreadlocks look great with some messy curtain bangs. When you combine an icy hair color with pale skin, you can complete the look with a pair of small, rounded eyeglasses.

To make sure they blend, choose subtle golden frames.

11. Red Ombre with Large Cat Eye Glasses

wispy bangs for oval faces with glasses

As a woman with fair skin with pink undertones and an oval face, a vivid red ombre will look breathtaking. Add a pair of oversized cat eyeglasses with thick frames to draw attention to your blue eyes.

12. Pigtails with Rounded Glasses

brown bangs for oval faces with glasses

Adore looking younger? Then these bangs, pigtails, and glasses will help you strip off years of your face.

Moreover, if you have an oval face, you don’t have to worry too much about combining these elements, as almost everything will suit you.

Part your hair in two and do the pigtails up. Swipe your bangs to the side while keeping them on the forehead.

13. Curly Copper Updo with Large Square Glasses

messy bangs for oval faces with glasses

Large square glasses with thick black frames will work beautifully with your oval face, curly bangs, and hairstyle.

If you love a modern look with hippy accents, choose a copper red hair color for your ringlets and tuck them under a cute hat.

14. Classic Pixie Cut with Cat Eye Glasses

pixie with bangs for oval faces with glasses

This pixie cut is ideal for older ladies with glasses. This looks classical but with a retro twist obtained through those cat-eye glasses.

Create some blonde and red pieces and blend them with the rest of your dark burgundy hair. Mess up the top and you’re good to go!

15. Straight Highlighted Bangs with Rectangle Glasses

side bangs for oval faces with glasses

For this bangs hairstyle, you can combine different hair textures. Go for a curly pixie that has more volume for the top and opt for asymmetrical bangs.

Pull off some blonde highlights that will look unique on curly hair and straightened pieces of your bangs.

16. Round  Bangs with Geometrical Glasses

choppy bangs for oval faces with glasses

A simple but gorgeous blonde bangs look for women who wear glasses and have an oval face. If you love a look with retro accents, then you should choose some short-rounded bangs and a pair of geometrical glasses.

Your frames should have a color that is close to your hair nuance with a pop of black, that makes them stand out.

17. Blunt Bangs with Oversized Glasses

blunt bangs for oval faces with glasses

Many of the coolest bangs hairstyles for women with oval faces are blunt and short; they are fashionable and frame the face beautifully. A thick, oversized pair of glasses can add a character to this look.

If you decide to go for this bangs look, choose a pair of oversized frames that will become the centerpiece of your look.

Bangs and glasses are a dream team when we’re talking about oval faces. You can pair curtain, straight, wispy, and even blunt bangs with rounded and rectangle frames, so your overall appearance looks sophisticated and modern.

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