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25 Dazzling Charlize Theron Hairstyle Ideas

Charlize Theron has been ruling the entertainment industry for decades. The South African-American beauty’s hairstyles are always popular among her fans.

Charlize can pull off almost any haircut with her sharp cheekbones, perfect oval face, and piercing green eyes. She’s never been afraid to switch it up – from pixies to bobs to long and flowing.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration, you won’t find anything better than the list below featuring the actress’ most iconic hairdos.

Charlize Theron’s Hairstyle in 2023 – Platinum Bob

Charlize Theron's 2023 platinum bob hairstyle

One of the world’s highest-paid actresses, Charlize Theron went for an edgy blunt-cut bob with a deep side parting and some teased beach waves in Dior’s Fall-Winter 2023 Women’s Show in Paris.

The light platinum blonde hair creates the ideal background to make those twinkling hazel green eyes pop while the chin-length chop is perfect to start fresh!

Charlize Theron Haircuts And Hairstyles

Whether it comes to sporting long tresses, elegant updos, or sassy pixies, Charlize Theron knows how to slay them all. Here’s how!

1. Short Ponytail with Bangs

Charlize Theron's Tiny Ponytail

The Atomic Blonde went all dark and showed the world how stylish a bob can look when slicked back in a teeny tiny ponytail.

The piece-y side fringe at the front is just perfect to avoid a flat look while bringing all the focus on those gorgeous peepers. 

2. Fluffy Curls

Charlize Theron's curly Hairstyle
Instagram/Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron’s unique hairstyles prove that the brunette actress can go to any lengths when it comes to adapting to a movie character.

For the School for Good and Evil, Charlize went for some super fluffy auburn red curls with a sleek side parting making her jawline and chin look better than ever before.

3. Headband Updo

Charlize Theron's Hairstyle with Headband

Dark roots used to be a big no-no but the way Charlize Theron sports them she looks simply wow!

She went all elegant for one of her movie premieres by opting for a sleek middle-parted updo with an embellished hairband matching the dress.

4. Textured Pixie

Charlize Theron's Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts are Charlize’s thing and here’s one to try if you’re thinking of getting rid of all that hair.

Ask the hairdresser for a forward-falling long top with as many wispy layers as possible to achieve a similar texture coupled with neatly trimmed sides and back. A hand-tousle and off you go!

5. Wavy Pompadour

Charlize Theron's Tousled Pixie Cut

No one carries the iconic pompadour better than the Bombshell actress. Brush back that long top while blow-drying and leave the rest to your natural hair texture.

The resulting short hair not only creates a professional appeal but might also slim down a round chubby face like nothing else.

6. Classy Mushroom Cut

Charlize Theron's Hair with Highlights

It’s never too late to experiment with a mushroom haircut just like the world-class actress did for her movie F9.

Go for straight bangs extending all the way to the back with a neat undercut and a handful of blonde highlights to illuminate the face. Don’t forget the bold red lips!

7. Low Pony + Baby Bangs

Charlize Theron's Hairstyle with baby bangs

For her premiere of Long Shot, the Hollywood star thought a little out of the box.

She not only went for a chocolate brown all-over hair color but also experimented with baby bangs for the very first time. Finish off with a sleek low pony and bright lips to recreate the look exactly.

8. Asymmetrical Formal Hairdo

Charlize Theron's Bob Haircut with Side Braid

Theron’s perfectly symmetrical oval face is what many wish for but the American producer threw off the entire balance making several jaws drop.

She went for baby braids on one side with a long blunt fringe covering the other part of her face. Gray highlights against a blonde base are a must-try too!

9. Sleek Lob

Charlize Theron's Sleek Bob Haircut

Charlize Theron’s hairstyles never disappoint no matter what the occasion. She raised the bars during the Golden Globe Awards with a blunt bob that was slicked down and tucked neatly behind the ears.

Opt for multi-tonal highlights to achieve a little dimension and you surely won’t regret it!

10. Wavy Bob

Charlize Theron's Blunt Bob Haircut

It won’t be wrong to call this American beauty a true hair chameleon given her ever-changing hairdos.

Try her wavy bob haircut with highlights to maintain a carefree on-the-beach look all the time. Use a good quality texturizing hair spray for the best results and that’s pretty much it!

11. Side-Swept Loose Curls

Charlize Theron with long blonde hair

The Young Adult actress kept it basic yet classy at Cinemacon by donning a purple floral dress coupled with long loose curls.

The deep side parting and wavy hair pattern complement her oval face like nothing else. Top off the look with soft sultry makeup to see heads turn all around.

12. Iconic Pixie-Bob

Charlize Theron with Short Wavy Hair

Charlize Theron has rocked pixies and bobs all along the years, but the curly pixie-bob hairdo she debuted at the ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ premier is surely worth remembering.

The short hair of the celebrity is full of layers, curls, and highlights making her look like the present-day Marilyn Monroe!

13. Feathered Elfin Cut

Charlize Theron with Feathered Pixie

The blonde beauty looked much younger for her age when she chopped off her mane into a soft romantic long pixie haircut.

A side-swept rounded long top with plenty of feathered layers falling alongside the eyes is a safe way to go short with zero regrets!

14. Elegant Chignon

Charlize Theron's Updo Hairstyle

Charlize Theron’s hairstyles are as versatile as her acting skills. Instead of leaving her blonde locks on the loose, she rocked the red carpet for Snow White and the Huntsman premiere with her mane neatly tucked away in a twisted chignon updo.

The smoky eyes are yet another thing to experiment with.

15. Flirty Side Bun

Charlize Theron's Side Updo Hairstyle

Thinking of something more casual? Consider recreating Theron’s messy side bun hairdo to steal the show wherever you go.

Opt for a side parting and assemble all that hair in a loose pile behind one ear leaving plenty of strands out. Top off the look with your favorite headband and voila!

16. Basic Ponytail

Charlize Theron's Ponytail Hairstyle

It’s pretty amazing how the Monster actress can make the simplest hairstyles look extraordinary just like this basic ponytail.

Office-going ladies can keep their hairdo workplace-appropriate yet stylish by going for a mid-length ponytail, wispy side bangs, and some bright red lips of course!

17. Charlize Theron’s Messy Bun

Charlize Theron's Wavy Updo Hairstyle

Charlize Theron made another messy-yet-sexy appearance making several jaws drop on the red carpet.

The diva went for 1930s-style crimped mermaid curls that were piled up loosely on one side with the opposite side of her face being covered by a thick fringe. Those dark maroon lips are just everything!

18. Wispy Layers with Highlights

Charlize Theron's straight layered haircut

Wispy layers and some highlights are perfect to rejuvenate your look, especially when getting on in years just like this Hollywood star.

Snipping off the dead ends will result in a healthy-looking bouncy mane while the light ashy blonde streaks are ideal to conceal those emerging grays.

19. Flawless Curtain Bangs with Lob

Charlize Theron's Brown Bob Haircut

Although the famous former model is aging like fine wine, Charlize Theron’s haircuts and hairstyles have always remained iconic since her early acting years.

Here she framed her face with soft curtain bangs, a shoulder-grazing lob, and some barely-there babylights that do make a lot of difference when it comes to brightening up her face.

20. Playful High Pony

Charlize Theron's Long Ponytail Hairstyle

Rocking a bouncy high ponytail every now and then instead of a complicated hairstyle isn’t a bad idea either.

Piling up all the hair high up on the head uplifts the face creating a youthful appeal. Pull some chunks loose for a carefree vibe or slick them down. Whatever you like!

21. Slicked-Back Black Bun

Charlize Theron's Hairstyle with Sleek Side Part

One of the highest-paid blonde beauties in Hollywood looked even sexier in sleek black tresses during another red-carpet appearance.

Her side-parted black bun sitting on the nape coupled with a laced black dress and matching jewels is giving some serious beauty-in-black prom look goals. Simplicity at its best!

22. Sleek Side Updo

Charlize Theron with French Bun

Theron is often spotted sporting deep side partings to bring her best facial features under the spotlight.

Keep her slicked side bun in mind for your upcoming formal gatherings. Slip on a hair donut bun maker with some sexy side bangs framing the face at the front and off you go!

23. Bouncy Noodle Curls

Charlize Theron with Blonde Curls

Theron went for a different vintage-doll vibe during one of her public appearances by opting for gorgeous bouncy noodle curls.

The deep side parting is again suitable to cover a wide forehead while adding a little asymmetry to the face. Pin back one side with some shiny hair jewels and you’ll love the outcome!

24. Straight Bangs, Blonde Curls

Charlize Theron's shaggy Haircut

Straight bangs dancing against a curly mane were a huge trend back in the 2000s and Charlize Theron took part in it whole-heartedly, as depicted here.

Throw in some highlights and tease and tousle the strands to relive those good old days alongside some glittery eye shimmer and glossy nude lips.

25. Sassy Micro Bob

Charlize Theron's 1999 Haircut

Last but not the least, Charlize Theron’s haircut from her youthful years can still help you make a style statement today if done right.

Choppy micro bangs, a jaw-length blunt bob, and a warm dark brown hair color create an exceptional edgy look that might be the thing you need this season!

The list of Charlize Theron’s hairstyles might probably never end but we surely brought some of her best hairdos for you to copy. Go blonde, throw in some highlights and curls, or slick back all that hair in a sophisticated updo. The choice is all yours!