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15 Bobs With Side Bangs You’ll Want to Copy

Bob haircuts with side bangs is a fusion hairstyle for women of any age. When women are looking to reboot their style one of the first risks they want to take is with their hairstyle. Whether it’s a cut or new color, one of the best ways to change up your style is by getting a brand new look.

Bob with Side Bangs

Side bangs on bob haircut can be styled in many different ways. Bangs can be curly, straight, wavy, or worn up or down. Check out these bob hairstyles with side bangs for women below that will reboot your style.

1. Bob with Braided Bangs

bob with braided side bangs

Having bangs is fun but when they start to get long and you’re not ready for a cut yet there is a solution to keep them from falling in your eyes. French braided bangs is a classic way to wear a bob along with side bangs.

Where the part starts, begin to french braid the hair that makes up the bangs. Use a bobby pin to secure the braid into place.

2. Curly Bob

curly bob with bangs

Cher never goes out of style and neither do her haircuts. This bob cut with side bangs is a great way to deal with the unruly curls. The curly bangs add some flavor and make the hairstyle stand out of the crowd.

3. Asymmetrical Bob with Dramatic Bang

Asymmetrical Bob with Dramatic Side Bangs

Short, Asymmetrical bobs with side swept bangs are edgy and trendy. Make sure you get a stylist who truly knows how to cut choppy layers to achieve this rock star look.

The dramatic side bang sweeps across her face which draws the eye along her cheeks and to her mouth. This style also works well for introverts who don’t like people looking at their face.

4. Sleek Layered Bob and Bangs

The side bangs on a sleek layered bob is perfect for working professionals who need to look put together.

Use a straightener or flat iron to gently smooth out the hair and tuck the ends under so that the bob is curled under your chin. This sweeping side bang adds dimension and shape to her hairstyle.

5. Barrel Curled A-line Bob with Bangs

Curled A-line Bob with Side Bangs for women

Bob with bangs is hot in 2024. Long or short A-line bobs can be curled to be flirty and girly with a curling iron barrel.

These gentle and loose curls add a lot of volumes, and straight bangs that fall into your eyes contrast with the softening of the curls. The bigger who want your hair, the bigger your curls should be.

6. Funky Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This side bangs hairstyle is dramatic and fashionable. The severe side part starts at the edge of the eye and swoops over the face so that the hair cascades down the other side. This long bob and side swept bangs is elegant and can be styled in many ways.

7. Ponytail Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

If there is absolutely no way to avoid a ponytail, it can be styled to make the appearance ponytail bob with side bangs. Straight bangs can be grown long and brushed to one side to provide a very stylish appearance. Asymmetric sweeping is allowed.

8. Curly Lob with Bangs

Curly Lob with Side Bangs

This curly long bob with side bangs hairstyle is a good choice for those who like an active way of life. It is often used by movie starts since it needs a little maintenance during the day. However, the waves must be properly made in order to hold as long as possible.

9. Side-swept Bangs on Pixie-Bob

Women with thin hair are often afraid that there aren’t many hairstyles they can sport. It is a great mistake. Short pixie bob hairstyles should be the choice for those women who don’t know what to do with short hair. Side bangs are a compulsory addition to the style.

10. Unevenly Cropped Bangs

Cropped Bangs on bob

Unevenly cropped bangs on short bob is a bold hairstyle which most of the women are afraid to try. However, it looks amazing and adds its owner a lot of styles.

11. Colored Baby Bangs

Colored Side Bangs with Short Bob

If you want to try something totally out of the box and new, try coloring just your bangs with funky colors that pop against your natural hair color.

The model wearing this hairstyle has several different colors in her bangs which have a severe side part. The bob haircut with side bangs also does not look set with products and keeps a natural wave.

12. Black and Wavy

black bob hairstyle with side bangs

Trying to wear your black hair natural without the braids or twists? Wear it loose as a bob with side bangs. The body on this style is wavy and the side part switches up dimension.

13. Blonde Layers

layered bob with side bangs

Layers are a great option for women with thick hair. A bob with side bangs is not only manageable, but it creates movement that doesn’t take much styling.

14. Short Straight Bangs

medium bob with side bangs

The short straight side swept bangs on this bob are very chic with the wavy body. With round faces, a bob brings new shape and it’s always in style for older women.

15. Long Bob

Not ready to let go of length? A long layered bob comes past shoulders for length you can still create your favorite high pony with.

How to Choose The Perfect Bangs for Bob

side bangs for bob hairstyles

Choosing the perfect side bangs for bob is easy. Longer bangs are best for bob because they are versatile and can be styled to either side when you keep bangs long.

French cut bangs are great for side bang styling when the bangs are cut when hair is parted down the middle. Short bangs can work with bob cuts with side bangs if they are cut the same way the bottom of the bob is cut whether that be choppy, wispy or blunt.

How to Fake A Bob with Bangs

Cutting your hair to bob and bangs can be a scary thought but you can fake a bob with side bangs by gathering layered hair into a low ponytail and gently pulling out the face-framing pieces.

You can also divide your hair into two ponytails with hair parted down the middle. When you are looping the last of the ponytail through, leave it shaped as a loop without pulling the hair all the way through on both ponytails.  Lock the ends in place underneath the ponytails with bobby pins.

FAQs on Bobs With Side Bangs

Which bob length is perfect to try with bangs?

Any bob length works great to try with bangs. Whether your bob is short, medium, or long; asymmetrical or classic cut, bangs can help enhance your look and frame your face.

Just remember the cut of the bangs whether French, blunt, or fringe should mirror the style of the bob.

Textured and choppy bangs are they the same?

Textured and choppy bangs are generally used interchangeably. Textured bangs are cut with a razor at an angle and can look choppy.

This style of cutting hair is usually used when creating dimensional layers and adding volume. Textured bangs can be incorporated into short or long bobs and can be worn fringe style or as a side bang.

The other kind of cut is a blunt cut. A blunt cut uses scissors to cut the bangs or hair straight across. There are no layers as the blunt cut is marked by very clean edges and straight hair generally. Bunt cuts are dramatic and edgy while textured or choppy bangs are wistful, flirty, and feminine.

Whether you are looking to become someone new or just need to brighten up your style, a bob with side bangs is one of the most popular and easy-to-maintain looks.

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