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15 Renaissance Hairstyles To Get Inspired

While some Renaissance hairstyles are considered to be just too much, you can easily adapt these impressive hairdos to look modern and cool. Back in the days, these fantastic coiffures featured loads of braids that were mostly pulled off on long hair.


Renaissance Hairstyles

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a Renaissance hairstyle that you can adapt to shorter manes. Pick your favorite color, and grab your curler because you will definitely need it. Discover below 15 hairdos that will make you feel regal and stylish.

1. Extra Large Braids

This authentic renaissance hairstyle features a white headdress that covers the knits. The hair is split in the middle, braided, and rolled to obtain two gigantic buns on each side. A gorgeous jewelry application draws all the attention above the forehead.


2. Intricate Braids

Most of the time, long renaissance hairstyles include intricate braids, curls, or waves and floral decorations, just like the image above. If you have fair skin, opt for ginger hair color and wear your long ringlets on one side.


3. Italian Hairstyle for Long Hair

This Italian renaissance hair is so imposing, and it uses thick braids decorated with rounded pearl pins, a voluminous bun on the back, and a headband made out of a gorgeous knit. It has volume, makes those wavy tresses stand out, and is perfect for themed parties or events. 


4. Crown Braids with Pattern

If you have long hair, use your curling iron to build some curls and let them fall in a cascade on your back. This renaissance curly hairstyle also uses a braided crown with a crossed knitted pattern that looks so glorious. 


5. Blonde Braids

If you want to build a Renaissance-inspired hairstyle, blonde hair is the perfect canvas. Slightly wave your long tresses’ tips and use your temple hair to make several braids that you will combine in the back. 


6. Heart Shaped Hair

To build this heart-shaped renaissance red hairstyle, you need a lot of patience because both sides must be symmetric. Use sponges under your tresses if you want to get that height. Decorate the updo with a pearled application. 


7. Loose Waves

renaissance hairstyle for short hair

This renaissance hairstyle is an excellent option for short hair. Wave your bob and gather your temple hair in the back. Use a sophisticated decoration, and you will glow like a princess. 


8. Renaissance Braid For Wedding

If you are searching for a hairstyle for your wedding, this renaissance inspired hairdo with long wavy hair will be perfect. If you want to pull off that imperial touch. Build a braided crown and decorate it with flowers. You can also build another knit in the center of the crown if you want a more glamorous updo. 


9. Low Wide Bun

Renaissance times are full of inspiration for women who crave glamorous updos and hairstyles. Use strands from your temples and create braids, mixing them in the back. You can also use a braided leather decoration to give the coiffure a vintage touch.


10. Intricate Hair Crown

This renaissance inspired braiding technique creates a hairstyle that will definitely get all eyes on you. Create two sections and braid them, create a crown, and tuck the ends under the top.


11. Viking Braids

Renaissance hairstyles that involve Viking braids are genuinely fabulous and can be built to obtain an impressive updo.  Play with their thickness, and the outcome will suit even the pickiest tastes. 


12. Tight Curls

A hairstyle as complex as this one will probably take a lot of time to recreate, but it will certainly look gorgeous. Take small ringlets and roll them and pin in two buns creating a heart-shaped updo.


13. Medieval Hairstyle

Use your bangs and build two braids. Pin the rest of the hair into a bun and cover it with a red net. Now take the two knits and create a curve before you tuck them under the net. 


14. Double Crown Braid with Waves

If you have long hair, arm yourself with patience, and use your wand to build your curls. Create a double crown braid and also make style two blonde highlights.


15. Crown Bun with Ribbon

Straighten the top hair and curl the temple strands. Show off your ringlets while you gather those straight locks into a bun with a twisted hair crown. Decorate with a white ribbon

Renaissance hairstyles demonstrate glam, look imposing, and suit any fierce woman who adores pulling off that medieval look. You can easily integrate ribbons, floral decorations, jewelry, and curls into your hairstyle, and you will undoubtedly look incredibly graceful.