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How to Bronze Your Hair, According To Pros

Light brown, dark blond, copper, rust, brassy locks- bronze hair runs the gamut. It’s usually added as highlights, but you can have it all over if you wish.

If you think of a golden lion’s mane, you can visualize how bronze looks on some people – like tarnished gold. But there are no absolute rules to how you apply it. Just glam.

What Is Hair Bronzing?

bronzed hair

Hair bronzing is giving brunette hair a warm tone by adding three matching shades of copper, light brown, or blond. It gives brightness, movement and depth to your hair.

Bronzing looks great on all skin tones, especially olive and darker ones, but depending on the colors that are used, it can be made to look amazing on any skin tone.

In order to achieve the desired result, your colorist will likely need to apply bleach to your hair. Your colorist will discuss what kind of maintenance your hair will need to keep the damage from bleach to a minimum.

The good news is that bronzed hair keeps maintenance to a minimum because you won’t need to dye your roots every month, so there’s less damage with bronzing than with a regular system of highlighting.

How to Get Bronze Hair

There’s one thing that all bronze hair colors have in common and that’s depth.

The depth and movement is created by having more than just one color. You need a base color, which could be anything from blonde to black.

Then you have highlights or lowlights added to give it an almost tarnished look, like bronze. Here are five of the most popular ways to create this look:

1. Ombre Bronze

hair bronzing ombre

So let’s say you want an ombre hair bronzing and your hair is black. You wouldn’t just transition midlength to brown. Instead, you use a dark chocolate color in the mid-lengths that’s close to black. From there your ends are mostly a chestnut color, but you have some copper highlights within the ends too.

Not thin, but chunky highlights that blend in well with the surrounding hair. The result is striking three-dimensional color with a lot of movement at the ends.

You could do something similar if your hair is brown by just lightening it gradually at the midlength, then using a honey blonde on the tips that have highlights of a lighter, bleach blond.

Note: Ombre bronze is light at the top or at the bottom.


2. Bronze Highlights

hair bronzing highlights

This is also done on dark hair, where you’ll have chunky highlights in the hair that use the same colors as above: chocolate, chestnut and copper, or a variation in lighter or darker colors.

The point is that you have one blending color, another that’s slightly lighter and one with a reddish tone. You can ask your stylist to show you color blends that will suit your skin color.

Bronze highlights use three colors for depth and movement.

3. Bronze Lowlights

hair bronzing lowlights

This is when your base hair color is a warm-toned blond, as bronze works with warm colors. Then you might have lowlights in two progressively darker shades of honey blond or highlights added in a lighter blond as well. This is the lion’s mane look.

Bronze lowlights create a lion’s mane look.

4. “All Over” Bronze

all over hair bronzing

“All over” hair bronzing isn’t really going to be one color all over, because as mentioned, it needs at least three colors deposited in your hair. So you might have darker roots or a darker nape.

Then the majority of your hair color will be bronze and on the very tips, a lighter blond hue. This looks very natural as if the sun lightened your hair.

“All over” bronze looks very natural.

5. Face-Framing Bronze Highlights

face faming hair bronzing

In this look, whether your bronze is lighter or darker than the rest of your hair, you’ll have chunky highlights that frame your face. You can use the same hair color plus a slightly darker or lighter color to highlight the rest of your hair.

For instance, if your hair is brown, you can have a cappuccino color as your face-framing highlights. Then Use a mix of cappuccino and blond to highlight the rest of your hair.


Is there a bronze hair color?

Yes, a bronze hair color is similar to a dark blonde that’s ashy in tone. Hair bronzing might use this as just one of the colors to turn the head into three-dimensional hair color. Usually, at least three colors are needed.

How do you dye your hair brassy?

Honey blonde is the brassiest hair color.

What does bronze hair look like?

The hair looks three-dimensional. It usually has at least one brown, one blonde and one copper or red color.

What hair color is copper?

Copper is the traditional red-head color.

What are brassy tones?

Brassy tones are warm, honey-colored tones that we used to use purple shampoo to get rid of. Now they are back in style in the form of bronze hair.

How do I dye my hair bronze?

Bronze is a system of different blonde and brown highlights that are used to get your hair to look three-dimensional. Sometimes copper is added, too.

What is cinnamon hair color?

Cinnamon is a light brown that almost looks transparent because of the way the highlights or ombre coloring is applied.

Can I get light brown hair without bleaching?

Not if your hair is dark. Bleach is used to lighten the hair and then add a lighter color than your own.

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