8 Trending Long Blunt Bob Haircuts for This Season

Numerous celebrities are getting back into the long blunt bob hair trend and we can’t blame them. The style stands out and gives you many chic options to style your hair. People think many times before getting a blunt bob cut but once you learn to style it, you’ll love the look!


Long Blunt Bob Haircuts

To make things easier for you here we have described 8 amazing long blunt bobs to inspire the stylish inner you.

1. Side Parted Long Blunt Bob

Side Parted Long Blunt Cut Bob

If a chic hairstyle is your goal, you’ll love this straight long bob with a blunt cut and side part. Keep the hair parted at one side to switch the dimension of your face. A center part will elongate oval faces.


2. Blunt Lob Weave

Blunt Long Bob Weave

Lob weaves easily incorporate two colors and come just a little past the shoulders. Ask for blunt-cut ends to accentuate the length and part straight hair in the center.


3. Layered Long Blunt Bob

Long Blunt Bob With Layers

On thick hair, long layers are a great way to get rid of any heaviness. The layers will also ensure you always have movement to the hair. A golden highlight is just the thing to brighten up dark hair.


4. Blunt Blonde Lob

sleek long blonde blunt bob for women

The trending bob hairstyle that every celeb has worn at least once in their lifetime. The sleek blunt lob defines the cut and gives you a sophisticated look. Celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Scarlet Johnson have worn this look.

Ideal for: The style suits different face cuts and works for both formal and informal setting. The effortless style doesn’t take long, making it your go-to look for busy mornings.

How to style: The sleek look is one way to go with this blunt cut long bob. you can also pull it up in a twisted bun, add soft or tight curls as you like.

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5. Long Blunt Bob with Bangs

Long Blunt Bob with Bangs

Add a twist to your hairstyle with blunt bob with bangs. The style is not for the faint of heart but styled appropriately they can add an interesting element to your blunt bob.

Ideal for: This is more of a rock and roll style, suiting your inner rogue spirit. You can soften the look with some curls and make it into a cute statement as well.

How to style: The wispy or blunt bangs at the front combined with the sleek bob give it a style of its own. Take care to run a straightener through your hair to define the sleekness for a perfect style.


6. Side Bangs with Lob

women with blunt bob and side bangs

The side bangs look elegant and add a youthful vibe to your cut. If you are going for a long bob, you should give this blunt haircut some thought for an adorable look.

Ideal for: Women looking to channel their youthful side. The blunt bangs give you an instant charisma. It is perfect for triangle and diamond face cuts as the hair falls all around the face.

How to style: Sweep your bangs one side. Go for sleek hair or add in some curls according to your wish. The cut adds an inherent style to the updo making sure you look fabulous every time.


7. Wavy Bob

long wavy blunt bob for women

Channel the 80s with blunt lob style. Crimping is iconic for the 80s and you can don the retro vibe with this simple style.

Ideal for: The style is perfect for rave parties, get-togethers, and even formal occasions. The style doesn’t get old and helps you claim the retro style for yourself.

How to style: Part your hair down the middle. Using a crimper, softly crimp your hair to add thick waves. Your hair is done in a jiffy!


8. Straight Long Blunt Bob

girl with long straight blunt bob

Long bobs don’t mean it is fun all the time. Sometimes you have to get things done. For those occasions, this style is made for the business you to get those things done in style.

Ideal for: If you are looking for a formal hairstyle to make a statement, this is the perfect style for you. The formal bouffant gives you a strict look which says you mean business out loud.

How to style: Part your hair at the sides. Tease the hair to give it some lift and style backward into a bouffant. Let the rest of the hair fall down for an elegant finish with your long blunt bob haircut.