70 Unique Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Rock in 2020

Ombre hair color is taking the hairstyle world by the storm. Initially, this hair coloring technique was created to reduce the hair maintenance for women with dyed locks whose roots were growing too quickly. But then it evolved into something much grander.

Girls all over the world are testing different hair colors and experimenting with combinations. If at first, the popular mix involved dark top and light ends, nowadays, any colors go. You can experiment with different shades of one color or go for several completely different hues to create an amazing contrast.

You can leave just the very top dark and make long blonde tresses, or create a color change in the middle of your locks. Anything goes.


Hairstyles with Ombre Hair Color

All women love to experiment. The ombre hair color technique offers them a new and exciting way to do just that. An ombre can be created by mixing any two colors or attaching hair extensions. The imagination can go wild. If you are not a fan of outrageous styles, you can go for more classic options.

If you want to make a statement, you can mix several wild colors. If you’ve always wanted to see how a certain hair color suits you but were afraid to dye your whole head, an ombre offers you a chance to do a color test. Take a look at these magnificent ways you can go about an ombre hair color.


1. Subtle Blonde Ombre

 Subtle blonde ombre hair color

This subtle blonde ombre is created by mixing sandy blonde and sun-kissed blonde hues. Take a look at how most of the hair is dyed one color and less than half of the bottom part features a different shade.

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2. Ombre on a Short Stacked Bob


Creating an ombre on a stacked bob is a hard task since the gradual transformation from one color to another can take some time. But the overall result will be truly impressive no matter which colors you pick.


3. Ombre with Highlights

Ombre with highlights for young girls

If you choose the classic ombre hair colors such as dark brown and blonde, you can make your image even more unique by making a few blond highlights on the dark part of your ombre.


4. Auburn and Light Blonde Hair

 Auburn with light blonde

Dark auburn hair color looks especially wonderful with light blonde hues. If you have long locks, you can make the Auburn part end near your neckline and make the rest of your tresses blonde.


5. Redhead experiment


Red ombre hair color is just what you are looking for when it comes to making an impression. Use darker burgundy, cherry, and ginger shades on top and light red or fiery ginger on the bottom.