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10 Ravishing Ombre Hairstyles for Asian Women

Asian ombre hairstyles are an all-time favorite among hair color enthusiasts around the world. The trend is a beautiful amalgamation of shades and progresses to a lighter shade towards the end of the length of your hair.

The ombre style can be done with any color combination in mind. While this is a world popular trend, we bring to you, ideas on how to style ombre for Asian women. First, let’s see how you can do ombre on Asian hair.


How to Do Ombre on Straight Asian Hair

how to do ombre on asian hair

Long straight hair, in general, is very easy to color and style. When it comes to Asian women, a majority of their hair texture is naturally straight and silky whereas their hair color ranges from shades of dark brown to black.

While doing ombre hair color on Asian hair, one needs to keep bleach handy so as to reduce the natural hair color to a neutral base to absorb ombre shades. Asian ombre can be done in combinations of brown or blonde, burgundy or golden etc. The options are vast. All you need to do is bleach and apply your preferred shade.


Watch The Following Tutorial of DIY Ombre Hair on Straight Asian Hair


Trendy Asian Ombre Hairstyles

Here, we have 10 utterly ravishing Asian ombre styles for you to draw some inspiration from!

1. Gothic Grey Ombre

silver ombre for asian women

This is the most stunning shade for Asian ombre hair and rightfully so. Coupled with the right makeup, this hair color gives away gothic vibes that are absolutely ravishing.

Silver grey ombre requires mandatory bleach because the look starts dark from the root and progresses to a stunning white towards the end. You can style this look in a simple lob and go for soft beach waves too.


2. Brown Ombre on Long Asian Hair

Brown Ombre on Long Asian Hair

Asians typically maintain long brown tresses and this beautiful ombre shade just adds to that appeal. If you’re styling brown Asian ombre style then go for side or center partitioned hair with layers through the length and create soft curls each step of the way.


3. Voluminous Curls with Copper Ombre

ombre hairstyle for asian women

Copper ombre hair is definitely a refreshing take on Asian hairstyles for women. This bold hairstyle is the one that is totally for divas and is one that is runway worthy.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that breaks all norms when it comes to styling Asian hair, this shade of ombre is your pick. Style with smooth curls or blow dry for that additional bounce in your tresses.


4. Sleek Straight Bob

ombre bob for asian women

A fan of short hair ombre? We’ve got your ombre options covered. If you love playing with colors, this multidimensional ombre is all you need. This look starts with a deep brown that progresses to a lighter brown and ends as the blonde.

Maintaining a straight bob ombre is what makes this hair color pop out in the right aspects and truly shows off your stunning color.


5. Lavender Purple Haze

purple ombre on asian hair

Want to keep your hair dark? Then try this Asian ombre shade of purple and silver. The stunning combination is perfect if your hair is a dark black. Not only does the shade add some chic appeal to your tresses, but it also helps to highlight your layers and curls.

Keep a curling rod handy and do some quick beach waves on your mane to rock this hot shade.


6. Two Buns and Blue Ombre

Another ombre shade for dark Asian hair is this blue shade. Asian ombre hairdo is a widespread area with several color combinations catering to any shade. And the best part is that there are plenty of options that support dark black hair.

If you have styled your hair in this beautiful blue ombre, you can go for twin buns at the top of your head that introduces a pop of blue on the crown area.


7. Super Grey Ombre

asian girl with wavy ombre hair

Styling your hair in waves is the trending option in the hair industry. This one is yet another variation of the grey ombre for Asian women, one that starts gradually from the root and gets point black silver blonde towards the end. The hair shade makes stunning long beach waves and other hairstyles such as braids and messy buns.


8. Purple Neon Hair

What is hair color without a little fun? This bright neon purple ombre is the perfect shade to unleash the playful side with your tresses.

The color diminishes quicker than other neutral shades and hence, it is best to adhere to color protecting products. Style this ombre on Asian hair look in a simple straight hairstyle to reveal the bright shade completely.


9. Hot Pink Bob

hot pink ombre on asian hair

Love bobs? Add extra flair to your bob by styling it with bright ombre shades. How about hot pink? When it comes to hair, what is it without a little experimenting? Straight or curly, you can never go wrong with hot pink hair color!

Exceptional Ombre and Balayage Combinations for Women


10. Brunette Balayage Ombre

brunette ombre for asian women

A color that is typically common among brunettes, this Asian hair ombre style features textured curls along a layered short hair. Want to keep things simple and elegant? This is your look.


If you thought that Asian ombre hair was just browns and blondes, we’ve got an entire list to show you how to go for bolder and more stunning shades. These ravishing shades and their hairstyles can make any woman look astonishingly and effortlessly beautiful.