25 Unique Short Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men to Rule

When you are looking for a new and improved hairstyle, you should give a short faux hawk a chance. There are so many different faux hawk fade haircuts for men out there that you will surely find something you need and enjoy.

The fade part of the hairstyle makes it much less outrageous than a regular Mohawk. No matter what type of hair you have, you can get this hairstyle as long as the length is satisfactory.

Styling a fade faux hawk might seem complicated at first. However, all you will need is some gel, your fingers and about 2 minutes of work. You will really love the way your image will change after you get this fohawk. If you are afraid of this hairstyle looking too outrageous, go for more subtle faux hawk options.


Outstanding Short Faux hawk Haircuts for Men

If you are not sure what you want to do with your hair but know that you need a style change, take some time to browse through the fade fauxhawk haircut options.

Once you take a look at the choices we prepared for you, you will realize that you can easily look your best with the least effort. If you are bold enough to go through some style changes, you will surely find the best fade fohawk for yourself.

Many men are allowing themselves to look fabulous by styling their fohawks in their own personal way. Give a couple of them a try and you will surely stick with the new hairstyle.

1. Faux Hawk Fade with Beard 

Should a short faux hawk fade with beard interest you for your next look, it’s a good idea to choose a medium or high fade for the most polished effect. To maintain this laidback look for yourself, steer clear of gel to avoid a wet look. Try wax instead. 


2. Faux Hawk with High Fade 

For a semi-mohawk approach, a short faux hawk with high fade is your best bet. Hair doesn’t run down the nape of the neck, giving a more subtle look overall. Facial hair? No problem- so long as it’s clean cut.


3. Crew Cut with Skin Fade 

Give your regular crew cut an upgrade. A short faux hawk with skin fade sharpens your features for a tidy, chiseled look. It is the perfect update for older men as well. 


4. Taper Fade 

A short faux hawk with taper fade creates a subtle mohawk effect if you’re the professional guy who is punk at heart. If you choose to include a line detail behind the ear, your taper fade should have a bald fade in front of the ear. 


5. Mid Fade Faux Hawk 

If you like wearing more hair on top of the head, then you should consider a medium fade. The small square hairline will illuminate your eyes to frame your face. Throw in an edgy line detail while you’re at it to make it unique. 


6. short faux hawk fade hair

short faux hawk fade hair

If you are not afraid of real changes, consider creating a short high fade faux hawk hairstyle. Leave the top part of your hair long enough to make high spikes. Ideally, it should be about 4-5 inches long.

Men’s Popular Faux Hawk Fade Hairstyles


7. Simple low fade faux hawk


This is a great faux hawk option for men who are not ready for a drastic style change. There is no shaving here. The hair is cut into a low fade and the top part is left to be about 2 -3 inches long.


8. Long fade faux hawk haircut

 Long fade fauxhawk haircut

This is a great choice for guys with thick and straight hair. If you are ready for a high fade, try to shave off the most hair on the sides. This way you will be getting close to a real Mohawk.


9. Break lines


Using break lines to emphasize the shortness of your faux hawk fade is a great idea while adding a beard to your image will surely make you stand out of the crowd. Try this style and you will love it!


10. Almost Ivy League

Ivy League hairstyle for men

Did you think that a faux hawk can’t be Ivy League? You were wrong. Short sides and a spiky top will make any simple haircut look close to a short faux hawk fade hairstyle. Give it a go!


11. Styling is everything


Your faux hawk haircut has many different sides to it. It all depends on the way you style it. If your locks are long enough on top, you can create crazy wild spikes or neat geometrical shapes.

Simple Yet Attractive Crew Cuts for Men


12. Very short fade faux hawk

short fade fauxhawk hairstyle

Even if you are a fan of short hair, you can still create a great short faux hawk fade hairstyle by spiking up the hair on top. All you need to do is to get a neat short fade and leave some hair on top to work with.















We hope you got some inspiration from these amazing hairstyles. If you are still contemplating a faux hawk, you can start by spiking up the hair you have now and taking a look at the results. Most likely you’ll want to go further.

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