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20 Short White Hair Color Ideas & Styles for 2024

Every woman knows that her hair makes a statement, which is why short white hair is so popular this year. This style is bold, eye-catching, and will easily attract attention in the office, on a date, or when out with friends. Choosing the right style is key to ensuring that a woman looks and feels her best.

Chic Short White Hairstyles for Women

These are the most exclusive white-colored hairstyle and haircut ideas for short-haired women:

1. Pixie Cut with Undercut

white hair color ideas for short hair

This short haircut is not only eye-catching, but it is also clean and attractive. The shorter sides and back expose the ear and are faded to allow the longer top to have a bit more movement and body.

It’s a fun look for any woman who is bold and daring enough to wear such short hair.

2. Longer Shaggy Bob

shaggy white bob

Short hair doesn’t have to expose the ears, as this slightly longer bob shows. The ends are kept incredibly wispy, which prevents the icy white hair look from being too harsh and angular.

Longer bangs on short hair would work well for someone with a wide forehead and the addition of leaves or flowers in the hair helps to break up the style, as well.

3. Pixie Bob

pixie bob on short white hair

This is a classic shorter style and has a stacked back to add volume and interest, as well as some fun side bangs. Being able to tuck some of the hair behind an ear allows women to keep the hair out of their face.

Additionally, bold and dark eyebrows help to complete the short white hair look and ensure that the woman doesn’t look too pale.

4. Side Swept Pixie

short white hair for over 50

This white pixie is perfect for women with short thin or fine hair. The layers give shape and texture that’s easy to style with fingers, while the side-swept look is soft on the face.

5. Blunt Bangs

short blunt white hair
Instagram / liamw91

If you have a long face or a wide forehead, bangs may be in your future. Blunt bangs can shorten the length of the face and cover the width of the forehead and will look great with a short bluntly cut white bob.

6. Pink Highlights

short white and pink hair
Instagram / alicemanserhair

How pretty is this a-line bob with its light pink highlighting? While it’s mostly straight, there’s plenty of volume and texture thanks to stacking the hair in the nape. If you prefer, you can even add a side bang for face framing.

7. Choppy Waves

short white shaggy hair
Instagram /

On a bob or a short simple white haircut with bangs, add lots of texture to accentuate the natural waves in the hair. Women with fine or thin hair will appreciate the addition of volume.

8. Short and Choppy

short white hair with spikes
Instagram / lachevelurenacree

White blonde will highlight the gorgeous choppy texture in a pixie cut and stun against your light skin. You can easily style this haircut with your fingers and a little product.

9. Androgynous Hairstyle

short white haircuts

Some white hair color ideas for short hair do not involve a lot of layers, but this great style does. The hair is kept very short and is trimmed close to the head.

This allows the shape of the head and the beauty of the face to easily be seen. With such short hair, this is a great style for women who are busy and on the go.

10. Bixie Haircut

white hair color ideas for short hair,

This haircut is called a bixie, which is a mix between a bob and a pixie. The hair is shorter on the sides and back while keeping some length on top. This means that women can’t easily tuck hair behind their ears, but it still looks great and is a lot of fun for bold women.

The shorter bangs are pushed up and away from the forehead so that they add some movement to the style.

11. Bowl Cut

Bangs don’t have to be long to be eye-catching. These baby bangs are cut perfectly straight so that they form a bold fringe across the forehead.

The rest of the hair is trimmed shorter, with the lower sides shaved to the skin, making the bangs the focal point. This style looks great when paired with funky and bright sunglasses.

12. Undercut with Longer Top

An undercut is a great way to make a short hairstyle unique and to help remove some of the weight of thicker hair.

This female undercut shows off a gorgeous natural hair color underneath and allows the white hair to really shine.

13. Half Shaved Head Haircut

An asymmetrical cut is not for everyone, but bold women who are willing to take the plunge will love this silver white hair option.

By shaving one side of the head, women can increase focus on the rest of their hair. The rest of the hair should be grown long enough to hang down over one eye to add mystery and fun.

14. Women Buzz Cut

Designed to be eye-catching and easy to take care of in the morning, this incredibly short style is a lot of fun for women who are bold enough to try it out.

The dyed white hair is cut very short to the head, which is great for women who want to show off their facial features. Dark eyebrows complete the look.

15. Mullet with Longer Front

white short hairstyles

You can maintain varying hair lengths around your head with this particular haircut, which features a mullet at the back and longer lengths in the front.

It’s crucial to use hair gel to ensure that the shorter hair stays up and voluminous. This helps prevent it from falling flat, especially in hot weather.

16. Short and Spiked

This short and spiky hair look for women has a lot of layers and lengths, but the main focus is on the hair on the top of the head.

This hair is a bit longer and can easily be spiked in different directions with the help of product. It’s a fun look for women who want to stay cool in the heat.

17. Curly Weave

Full curls look glamorous and attractive when they are bold and icy white. This look is exceptional, as the curls perfectly frame the face.

Keeping the hair curled away from the face allows women to showcase their features while enjoying a bold style.

18. Pixie with Longer Bangs

Short white hair looks great on women of all ages. This fun look has longer bangs that are allowed to hang down in the face.

By pairing this longer length with shorter sides, women can enjoy a lot of volume. The bangs have a huge swoop at the roots to give them lift and control.

19. Wavy Top with Product

white hair color ideas for short hair

A faded back and sides with longer hair on top are ideal for women who have waves. This is a great way to show off the thick waves in short hair without them feeling or looking out of control.

By pushing the hair back from the face and allowing it to have some natural movement, this style is attractive and fun.

20. Straight Bob

straight white bob haircut for girls

A longer bob is a bold move for women who want shorter hair, but aren’t committed to a pixie. The bold and blunt ends of this white bob make it appear more modern and updated than if the ends were wispy and flowing. The perfect layers around the face add to the beauty and the cut appears a bit softer.

These incredible short white hairstyles are sure to make any woman stand out. They’re fun, bold, and sexy, but do require some upkeep. Choosing a style that fits a woman’s personality and lifestyle will ensure that she is happy with how she looks.