5 Coolest Side Parted Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Women

You may have seen the blunt cut bob with a side part, but what you don’t know is how many styles you can make with it! Yes, blunt cut side part bob isn’t just one style, instead, it has evolved into a whole category. You will be surprised by how different this cut can look with different styles and hair.


Side Part Blunt Bob Styles

Let us introduce you to 5 different ways you can style your side part blunt cut bob, that will leave you in total awe!

1. Blonde Chin-length Bob

blonde blunt bob with side part

Sometimes going blonde really adds the fun in everything. The short blonde hairdo gives your blunt bob with side part that extra look it needs to stand out. This is one cheerful, attention-grabbing cut for sure.

Ideal for: The style suits women looking for a carefree take on the blonde bob. it requires minimum maintenance and gives you a well put together look, no matter how you style your hair.

How to style: The important thing is the color of your blonde. Once you nail the color, add in some serums and hairspray to give your hair the lift. Side part it and you are good to go!


2. Short Bob with Side Part

short blunt bob with side part

A short blunt bob has many grades. We like to experiment and take the bob really low. Cutting down the length really brings out your face and highlights your features.

Ideal for: The side part blunt cut bob style goes best with people with oval and rectangle faces. The short hair balances the long face cut and adds grace to your entire look.

How to style: A good blow dry can save your day. Start with a good cut and then work your way through your hair to give it a good lift. You will be surprised by the outcome.


3. Long Blunt Bob

sleek blunt bob with side part

Take your side part to the next level with the help of your hair dresses. The blunt cut side part bob hairdo makes use of balayage to really bring out the style.

Ideal for: We adore the look on anyone. The great bit is that the straight bob hairstyle is perfect for the casual and formal settings if you are brave enough to pull it off!

How to style: Use some hair gel to make sure your blunt cut bob side part is upper sleek for maximum effect.


4. Romantic Wavy Bob

wavy blunt lob with side part

It is surprising how much a cut can change simply by styling it. The waves add a romantic charisma to your blunt bob with side part, worthy of the red carpet!

Ideal for: The look is ideal for women looking for a sophisticated look. The elegant waves, the perfect assemble really help to pull the look together.

How to style: You need some volume in your air, to begin with. Get a good blow-dry to poof up that hair. You can use a curling iron to add in delicate curls at the end. Side part your hair for a fabulous hairstyle.


5. Messy Bob

messy blunt bob with side part

Sometimes messy is the right way to go. The messy side-parted blunt cut bob channels your inner rogue and gives you a subtle, carefree look that is quite attractive.

Ideal for: The look is perfect for going out with your friends and suits almost all informal occasions. You can pair it with a casual look at the office too!

How to style: Use a curling iron to add in some waves then mess up the hair with hairspray. The carefree waves have a charisma of their own.


The side part blunt cut bob is back in action. These super cute yet bold styles really showcase your personality. Give them a go to find out which one suits you!