How to Do Snake Braids + 5 Creative Ideas

The snake braid is one of those styles everyone wants to try. It looks so different from everything you’ve seen before. But don’t let the looks fool you. This type of braid is actually really easy to make that every single woman can do it.

Another great news is that you can actually braid this chic braid on yourself. In this article, we will give you all the details on how to do it, and plus 5 inspirational ideas that you’ll want to see.


Snake Braids

The braid we mentioned above is one of the basic snake types. But hairstylists are so innovative that they constantly think of new things and elevate the looks. That is why you will see a variety of ways to do snake braids.

1. Boho Snake

boho snake braids for women

Double the braids, double the fun. Make things much more interesting by including two larger snake braids. If you tried them by now, you know that this style is so simple.

Ideal for: It is perfect for a lady who likes to be different. While everyone else is doing Dutch or French braids, you can do this one.

How to Style: Do two classic braids and while holding the middle strand pull them up. Make sure to mess it up at the end for more volume. Don’t forget about the accessories. They are the best thing you can do to any hairdo.


2. Twists and Turns

twisted snake braid hairstyles

Nothing is as mesmerizing as a complicated braided hairdo. Each time we look at this one we are so in love.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for glamorous events, such as holiday parties, weddings and more.

How to Style: This snake braids style includes an infinity braid, which you definitely want to learn how to make. It is a very complicated look, so the best idea is to visit a hairstylist.


3. Dutch Snake

dutch snake braid hairstyles for women

A Dutch braid is another basic that is done in five minutes. For this snake braid hairdo, follow a snake pattern from one side to the other.

Ideal for: It’s great for everyday activities, but if you do the bottom part in a low messy bun you can also rock it at a wedding.

How to Style: Do the regular Dutch braid, but in a snake pattern.


4. Crown Braid

women with crown snake braid

This is officially the easiest way to do a snake braid hairstyle. It is a half-up, half-down mane, with a very sleek, sophisticated finish. The braid is the cutest detail and the thing which makes the hairdo so special.

Ideal for: You can literally flaunt the half-up snake style anywhere. That means school, a coffee date, at work, dinner and any other place you can imagine.

How to Style: To create this look you will need to follow the instructions we listed above. Start with a classic braid, then pull it up for a snake-like finish.


5. Lace Snake Braid

lace snake braid hairtstyles for women

If you are good at lace braids, you can use them to actually recreate this fun hairstyle with snake braids. When all the other snakes get boring, you can do this one. It is such a work of art, so you might need to practice it several times before you’re happy with the result.

Ideal for: Long hair is the most flattering for this type of braid. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it on medium length, but the end result is much more mesmerizing with long hair.

How to Style: Start braiding a lace braid from the top, and switch the directions to get that snake shape. The small braids are a great accessory as well. The first one you do can be without them, but once you get better, keep upgrading it.



How Long Does It Take To Braid A Snake Braid?

It will only take you five minutes to do the classic snake braid.


Does My Hair Have To Be Long For This Braid?

No, even ladies with short hair can try the snake braids.


So which one from these unique snake braid hairstyles you are gonna pick your next hairstyle?

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