Two Tone Kanekalon Braids: A Complete Guide

Lots of women choose Kanekalon braids because they are the best braids around. The fiber is great because it is strong and tough whilst also being manageable and flexible. Colored Kanekalon braids also have some of the brightest colors around. Although a lot of women will only go for one color of braid, we think that two-tone kanekalon braiding looks spectacular.

Kanekalon hair is the kind of light faux strands that have been used ever since the 1980s.  And Two-toned kanekalon braiding hair is basically a type of synthetic hair when two or more solid colors of different hue ranges are blended together to create an ombré – like effect. Thus, boosting your bold look at a whole new level.

Two Toned Kanekalon Braiding Hair

Are you searching for your next protective hairstyle? Who says that protection needs to come at a cost? Instead of losing your right to look gorgeous and swoon-worthy, we present to you the powerful and mighty two-toned kanekalon braid hairstyles. Because every woman deserves to flaunt much more than an average hair protective style.

Everybody knows that braids are probably one of the most versatile styles out there. Despite the fact that you are no longer chained to the daunting task of searching for the right hairstyle, you are still stuck with the search for a specific hair type. But with the help of our digital guide below, there is no place for worries anymore.


Advantages of Two-Toned Kanekalon Braiding Hair

There is a reason we highly recommend kanekalon braiding hair and favor it among all the other brands is due to its plethora of advantages. So what makes us root for this style?

  1. Experience: It has been used as synthetic hair ever since the 1980s, so you have around 40 years of experience in the faux hair domain.
  2. Cost: Whether you like to admit it or not, the first thing you consider when you are shopping is the price tag. Whether you are filthy rich or barely hanging in there, saving up a few bucks will always make you feel better. So, we chose kanekalon hair to satisfy your greedy glands. Because they are probably one of the cheapest yet most efficient out of all the other synthetic hair brands. Thus, at most, you will find it at most beauty stores sold at 5$ for 3 packs.
  3. Availability: It is pretty easy to find. Because it is available at any local beauty supply store and some drug stores.
  4. Efficiency: It works best with the most fashionable and favorable braided styles ranging from box braids to cornrows and Senegalese twists due to its smooth nature.
  5. Beauty Factor: When it comes to the specifics, two-toned kanekalon braiding hair is the absolute best. It is used in different lengths and infinite colors to produce breathtaking ombré effects.


How To Do Kanekalon Synthetic Braids

Synthetic hair is very popular in the black hair community. Now that we have covered the basic background check about the nature of Kanekalon hair and its prestigious advantages, let’s get to styling! And in case you are a beginner in this hair styling world here is a simple detailed video to illustrate every step of two-tone kanekalon braiding hair.

Because following an instructional Youtube Tutorial video is essential for every DIY process. So, to sum up the video above, make sure you pick the thickness of your braids according to the type of braid and nature of your hair. Also, start with one simple step:

Brush, moisturize and massage your scalp before braiding. Don’t forget the tooth comb to untangle all of your hair knots before you get started because healthy hair guarantees a flawless design. And use a rat’s tail comb to section out each subsection you want to braid for easier sectioning.

Moreover, don’t forget to secure the ends of your braids with elastic bands for a more durable lifespan. And last but definitely not least:

Go easy on the pulling of your hair while you braid in order to prevent damaging the roots and your natural hair’s follicle.


How To Take Care Of Your Kanekalon Hair

Besides getting the hang of the styling process, daily care of your two-toned kanekalon braiding hair is ideal if you want to sustain a healthy hairstyle for the time being. So, take a look at the list of our 11 tried and true tricks to help you out.

  1. Before you put your hair in braids, make sure it is clean and moisturized for the best results.
  2. When taking a shower, make sure you rinse thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.
  3.  Add silicon spray to your hair styling process if you think the kanekalon hair looks too dull. But don’t forget that a small spritz can work wonders.
  4.  Wash your braids once a week in order to remove dirt from them and avoid product build-up inside them.
  5.  Brush your hair starting from the bottom to prevent any unnecessary hair shedding.
  6.  Use a towel to dry off excess water when you finish washing your hair instead of squeezing to avoid any hair damage like split ends.
  7.  Prevent frizz and ensure silky – soft hair by spraying your hair every once in a while with moisturizing water-based spray.
  8. Dip your hair in boiling water when securing the ends of your braids to ensure a soft and smooth texture.
  9. Choose a herb based cream and massage your hair weekly to avoid itchiness and dryness of your scalp.
  10. Reduce breakage and thinning edges by redoing the twists or braids along your hairline and napes especially if your hair gets easy tangled up in that area.
  11. Smaller braids are for longer durations. Because bigger braids tend to frizz faster and therefore ruining the solid grip of your hairstyle.


Choosing Your Two-tone Kanekalon Braiding Hair Colors

Choosing the colors for your two-tone kanekalon hairstyle is a very personal experience. In fact, you can choose any two colors that are available. Some people like to blend two colors together subtly, whereas other women want a hairstyle that clashes. Two vibrant but opposing colors can create a jarring but effective style.


Bronze and Silver

two tone kanekalon braid

Mix metallics by choosing bronze and silver two-tone kanekalon braids. The two shades contrast each other perfectly as part of a long braided hairstyle.


Jamaican Colors

Yellow, green and black are used to represent Jamaica. Show your Caribbean cool with bright yellow and green braids set on black roots.


Chilled out Blue

Blue and purple mix together well to make a really chilled out color scheme. Add a touch of silver color to the mix and you will end up with a super cool icy look.

Check These Blue Box Braids for Women Too


Purple and Black Twists

purple and black kanekalon braid

Twisted braids look excellent in a two-tone style because this really helps to blend the two colors together perfectly. Purple and black are a brilliant but subtle combination.


Red and Black

red and black kanekalon braid

Try red and black for your next two-tone braid look. This is a classic color combination which will look great on any girl or guy.


Two-Toned Kanekalon Braiding Hairstyles

Not only are Kanekalon braids practical and efficient, but they also possess the highest quality and appeal among any other extension. But like with every other hairstyle you choose, comes the torturing remedies and endless catalog searches to find the right format you think suits you best. Now you can kiss your confusion goodbye with our detailed guide below containing 10 ideas. So, sit back, relax, and choose away!


Slaying With Contrasting Box Braids

Get creative by trying out bold colors and chunky patterns to spice out your look and rock a summer look. That can be done by letting your hair embrace the hot color trends of the season.

Therefore, you should definitely give the grayish-white hue that goes ecstatically well with an extremely contrasting color like the black tone. This works well especially for girls with naturally black hair and wants to increase their hair length with a daring hair hue.

For more insight into the ombre box braided effect, check out this video!


Powerful In Pink

Fuller volume and kinky hairstyles require kanekalon hair as a pre-requisite. So don’t be afraid to add longer extensions in order to feel more powerful. Because longer hair implies better control over your styling choices.

And by adding a pastel pink color to the mix, there is no way you won’t turn heads the minute you enter a room. Moreover, pink palettes tend to boost your appealing femininity and cuteness by a factor of 10.

Pink Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Women


Rock ‘N’ Roll


Chunkier braids imply a kinkier design and an edgier look. Especially when they are paired with a dashing color like the purple ombre effect shown in the photo above.

Moreover, head accessories like a fierce cap can help you enforce the tough girl look at 100%. And d0on’t forget that using fade in techniques can make your hair look more interesting and fashionable.

Pairing it with bold makeup and choosing the opacity and intensity of the color will also majorly affect the design you choose to go with. So, if you are opting for a bold rock ‘N ‘ roll diva look, maximum opacity and more colors will suit your needs perfectly.


Bantu Knots

Whoever said that Bantu knots are only for kids has never been more wrong. On the contrary, using synthetic hair to turn your plain long braids into something more innovative and eye-grabbing like Bantu knots can help you take a few years off your age.

However, what adds the mighty factor to eerie styles like that is the choice of bold color hues that turns plain black into two-toned triumphs just like the black and crimson red mashup demonstrated in the picture above.

And let’s not forget that a lot of celebrities are going for this viral trend right now, just like the legendary Rihanna. (Check her impeccable style in the photo above.)


Not So Simple

If you like to stand out in the crowd, then think outside your simplicity box and pick a color. (The client went with basic pink in the photo above.) And gather all the derivative hues that can be extracted from that color. (In case of pink: pastel pink, baby pink, fuchsia, rose, unicorn, etc)

Then use different types of braids ranging from jumbo to cornrow in order to go the extra mile and way beyond the ordinary. Don’t forget to pair them up with exotic accessories like the feather-based earrings and kinky makeup.


In conclusion, two-toned kanekalon hair braiding can be tricky to manage. And it certainly has got a lot harder than it ever was before, especially with these new crazy trends roaming around everywhere.

However, promising results have been found to be totally worth all the trouble. Besides, with the help of our handy guide above you will turn from a zero to a pro in no time!

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