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45 Tempting Tapered Natural Hairstyles for Women

Women love short hairstyles, especially if they come with tapered sides. These tapered natural haircuts are not necessarily reserved for men, and women with curly hair adore them. This comes from the opportunity to wear short haircuts but still keep the natural look of your hair.


Latest Tapered Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Look at the 45 of our favorite tapered haircuts for women with natural hair.

1. 4c Pixie

tapered pixie for 4c natural hair

When you’re ready to go short with a safe edgy touch, a tapered pixie is just the thing. Your natural curls will love being the star of the show. You can even highlight the front with a little blonde or caramel.


2. Tapered Undercut 

Tapered Undercut for 4C Natural Hair

An undercut will keep you cool and mod any time of the year. If you’re a woman with a round or curvy face, a tapered cut will help to slender your face shape.


3. Colored Locks

colored tapered 4c hair

A touch of burgundy color on black hair is a beautiful combination to rock. These short twists are more feminine with the addition of color, even though there’s an edgy fade.


4. Long Top with Tapered Sides

long top with tapered sides for 4c hair

Not afraid of some height in your hair? Keep the length you love but rock it with tapering! Prevent frizz with some hair oil or smoothing cream, which will also help you emphasize the length and seal style.


5. Twisted Out Taper

These short thin twists give natural black hair a chic, refreshing shape. A smooth hairline and tapered sides provide flattering face definition. 


6. Tapered Hair for Round Face

Another way to distract from a round or very curvy face is with a lot of design in your taper cut. The snazzy shaved zig-zag lines and beautiful thick curly top will be all anyone is paying attention to.


7. Green Curly Mohawk

When your curls are as tight as these coils, they need to stand out. Don’t be afraid to play with a bright color, such as light green, on the ends of your hair. Shaved lines in the side are an additional bold touch.


8. Big Afro

tapered hairstyles for 4c natural hair

Don’t want to give up your afro-textured hair? Instead of cutting it short, just frame it with a tapered hairstyle. A low taper is more subtle and won’t take away from your beautiful ‘fro.


9. Blonde Highlights

Black women who prefer short haircuts can use color to lighten up their look and a tapered cut to put a new twist on their traditional style. This cut features a ‘misting’ of blonde, a great option for those who don’t want a full-color job.


10. Caramel Colored Curls

blonde tapered hairstyles for 4c natural hair

It’s no secret that caramel and blonde are no-fail hair colors for Black women. The soft, eye-pleasing shades will help your curls stand out in a tapered hairstyle.


11. Super Short Tapered Hair

short tapered hairstyles for 4c natural hair

A very light blonde or platinum glaze of color will instantly take you into summer vibes. Try it on a very short haircut to get the most impact.


12. Undercut Bun

4C hair has never looked better than in a stylish bun updo. This look proves long-haired lovers don’t have to do a big chop to rock a undercut. Subtle curved lines in the fade beautifully accentuate the head’s shape.


13. Taper Fade with Lines

Between the dark purple/burgundy color in the curly cut seen above and the softly shaven lines in the fade, there’s no doubt your friends will be instantly envious.


14. Flower Undercut

Sure, you could opt for a traditional undercut like everyone else, but a beautiful, intricate design like a flower can better lead the way to your naturally curly hair. The surprise detail ensures your tapered hairstyle will pack all the punch.


15. Platinum Pixie

If your hairstyle choice is a platinum pixie, enhance the cut with a taper. Any fade height you choose will help the style stand out.


16. Short Afro Pixie

tapered hairstyles for 4c natural hair

We understand styling afro-textured hair can be a challenge, so take the stress out of managing it by going with a super short tapered pixie. You’ll keep the beautiful texture, but see more flattering shape.


17. Short Spirals with Line Taper

Natural hair will feel like a dream when treated to these glossy, perfectly-shaped spiral curls. A mix of curved and straight shaved lines at the sides brings the look together. If you’re considering a short tapered haircut, this is the way to do it! 


18. Orange Hair

Some Black women embrace the chance to rock fierce, bold hairstyles. If that’s you, this orange beauty is for you. Natural, thick curls are rich up top and shaped with a taper cut.


19. Blonde Spiral Curls

The different shades of blonde and caramel in this Black women’s tapered haircut are stunning together. They really emphasize the long layered, tightly-spiraled curls.


20. Pink Ombre

‘Packing a punch’ is how we’d describe this long curly tapered hairstyle. From the zig zag shaved sides to the pink ombre, it’s pretty much guaranteed no one else will have this look.


21. Tiny Bouncy Spirals

tapered natural hairstyles for women

The natural hair that comes in the form of tiny bouncy spirals can easily be styled with tapered cut sides a layering. The sides are tapered, but not very short, while the top is dense. The natural spirals are layered in length which gives them a better look and opportunity to style.


22. Curly Mohawk with Tapered Side

curly natural tapered hair

The extremely curly afro hair opens different styling techniques and haircut. An interesting and new look is the creative tapering to the sides. It is linear and done in two lengths.

First comes a line with a shorter cut, then comes one with a longer one which makes the curls visible, and ends with a shorter one again. The top is positioned between two side parts, it is curly and unequal.


23. Gradual Tight Curls

black woman with curly tapered hairstyle

The gradual taper cut starts from the sides and the back, moving upwards to the top. In this short tapered natural hairstyle, the layering is also very important because it gives curls direction and makes the entire look more balanced.

On the sides, the curls are very tiny and short. As the hair gradually moves to the top, it becomes longer and longer, keeping the line neat. Some of the locks fall over the forehead.


24. Long Top Faux Locs

tapered natural hair with faux locs

If the natural curls look like dreadlocks, the styling that you can do is to take advantage of that. The tapered haircut on natural hair should be short, while the long faux dreads will fall towards the front, over the forehead.


25. Curly Tapered Shag

shag haircut for natural tapered hair

The tapered natural cut in this hairstyle is very discreet and short, leaving a place for the beautiful curly shag to dominate. The top is voluminous and while most of the curls go upwards, some fall over the forehead. The back is short, gradually becoming longer as it blends with the rest of the hair.


26. Artistic Taper with Short Pink Hair

Women who want to bring drama and creativity in their look can try doing that with coloring the hair pink and creative lines. The back and sides are cut very short. On that short canvas, the options of expressing creativity are endless. As the taper ends, the top continues in dense pink curls.


27. Modern Boyish Cut

With a thick, dense and naturally curly hair, each cut already has its definition. However, adding a low taper cut to the sides and gradual layering of the curl forms a nice frame. The unequal length of the curls makes them interesting as they fall all over the sides. The top is high and extra voluminous.


28. Short Blonde Curls with Sharp Lines

The natural curls can be beautified by adding some blonde highlights. That way they look becomes more playful and modern. Some longer some shorter, each curl finds its own way to fall to the side. The tapered natural haircut is also upgraded, presenting an almost shaved look with sharp lines in the form of the “Z” letter.


29. Curly Bowl Cut with A Gradual Taper

bowl cut for natural tapered hair

Another daring short tapered hairstyles for natural hair can be done with managing and styling your curls in a bowl cut. The bowl cut is defined by the sharp lines of the gradual taper cut. Each layer is shorter and shorter, divided by a clean line.


30. Black to Dark Pink Ombre

tapered natural hair with dark pink ombre hair

When doing a purple ombre on a dark hair it is best to keep the sides in their naturally dark color and to color the top in the ombre. That way the hair will look more elegant and toned down.

The sides are tapered cut, not very short, leaving a significant amount of hair. The only detail that appears on the tapered sides is a small clean unfinished line.


31. Round Curly Short Cut

The natural round curls are bouncy and wonderful. They are much easier to style than the other curls. To spice up your look, try doing a visible taper fade to the sides. That will create a contrast to the curls and will make your entire tapered haircut on natural hair more framed.


32. Pink Curls

Pink is a very common choice when it comes to coloring curly hair. It is much trendier and fresher than red. The pink on small afro curl provides a unique look.

Try centering the color only on the top, leaving the sides tapered in natural color. Styling is done by directing the tapered natural hair towards the front and falling over the forehead and the eyes.


33. Afro Spikes

The afro spikes dictate the entire direction of the short tapered natural hairstyle. If you want to keep them more in line, doing a taper faded sides is a good way to start. Since the spikes tend to be naughty and style themselves in every possible direction, the taper cut will create a balance to the top. As for the top, leave the front ones longer than those at the back.


34. Blonde Ends on Afro Curls

This is a very modern hairstyle for trendy women. The sides are cit extremely short, while the top is dense and high. The afro curls are blonde on the ends, giving it a stylish note, and as the hair is heavy, it opens to the sides, leaning towards the tapered sides.


35. Orange Frosted Tips

tapered natural hair with frosted tips

Another great summer tapered natural cut look can be done with orange tips. The color can be modified according to the base color and personal preference. The curls are done in ombre while the roots and the base are in natural color. The distinctive look comes from high tapered neck and sides.


36. Artistry on The Women’s Fade

Doing some artistry and applying creativity on the faded parts is a very popular trend. The options are quite varied and you can do anything from a shape to free lines. The rest of the top is natural, long and curly.


37. Wine Ombre and Creative Lines

Another option of creativity can be done by doing a visible sharp line serving as a side part that goes all the way back to the head. Just above the neck, the line transform in a graphical picture. The top is high and curly, done in discreet ombre with wine red hair color.


38. Colorful Curls

Multiple colors on curly top are a fresh take on wearing a tapered haircut on natural hair. As the colors transform from one to other the sides remain short, tapered and any artsy addition is welcome.


39. Dark Copper Hair

The taper fade here is almost invisible. The sides are curly and short and the top is copper-colored and rich.


40. Modern Round Curls

girl with tapered natural curly hair

There are so many modern looks that can be done with round curls and this tapered natural hairdo is one of them. The sides start with low short fade interrupted by a clean sideline and continue with the long straight portion of hair. After that, the curls take over the style, from top to back.


41. Spirals and Micro Curls

The spirals and micro curls together on this medium pixie bob haircut are extremely interesting. The taper fade is hidden underneath the rich curls.


42. Short Curly Waves and Graffiti Fade

This daring short tapered hairstyles for natural hair look is a combination of high gradual fade and graffiti artistry on the sides. the top is short, natural and curly.


43. Neon Top

Neon colors are a very popular choice for women with darker complexion because they create a wonderful contrast. To try this look, don’t start with the neon color right away. Leave a bit of hair as a base, and then turn to color. The sides are gradually tapered and give a fresh new look.


44. Disconnected Undercut for Women


natural tapered hair with disconnected undercut

The disconnected undercut is done when a clean line serves as a side part and interrupts the fade. Up to that line, the undercut is short and tapered and after that, the natural hairstyle continues to layer upwards and high.


45. Curvy Lines + Short Hair + Blue Ombre

tapered natural curly hair with blue ombre

Adding an extra creative look can be done by doing multiple curvy lines on the fade. They go all around the head, only on the fade part and present an interesting tapered natural hair look. As the fade is high, the top part starts around the middle of the head. The curls are colored blue and fall over to the sides and forehead.