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10 of The Hottest Auburn Balayage Hair Ideas (2024)

Auburn balayage will look incredible on any woman lucky enough to have deep brown or chestnut hair. By applying this balayage, women can enhance the beauty of their color and enjoy a more natural and deeper look. These options are all great choices for any woman to consider.


Chicest Auburn Balayage Hairstyles

We have put together ten sassy and simple balayage hairstyles with auburn shade for women to rock this season.

1. Long Hair + Balayage

Auburn Balayage Hair

What is impressive about this style is how thick the hair is and how perfectly the auburn hair color has been applied to the tips.

The great application of the auburn color makes the balayage style stand out, especially when part of the hair is worn up and pinned on the back of the head. It makes it a bold option for women who have thick wavy hair.


2. Chestnut Hair with Balayage

balayage auburn hair

Light and gentle waves around the face are incredibly attractive, especially when subtle auburn highlights are added to the hair.

This balayage style has kisses of auburn all around the head, and the hair is wavy and curled a bit around the face.

It’s a relaxed and very attractive style that is easy for most women to style in a hurry when they need to get out the door.


3. Mid-parted Bob

auburn balayage on short hair

Bobs look great on many women, and this fun bob balayage has a bit more personality due to the inclusion of a bold and deep auburn on the hair.

The tips of the hair are allowed to curl a bit around the chin, and the darker roots are a wonderful contrast. Regular trims keep this wavy bob from getting too long and growing out, which can pull the body from the waves.


4. Textured Lob with Side Bangs

balayage auburn hairstyles

Balayage in auburn shade looks great on all women, regardless of their skin tone. This fun look is ideal thanks to the incredible curls that the hair has and the way that the longer bangs hang in the face.

It’s a fun option for women who want something that is easy to take care of and will have a lot of movement and body.


5. Bright Balayage Highlights

auburn balayage for women

Curling hair so that it falls in waves around the face and shoulders is a great way to show off the auburn color of this balayage.

This allows the light to catch the color of the hair and to show off the deep tones that it has. Darker roots and lighter tips look natural and incredibly attractive in this style, making it a great choice.

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6. Deep Auburn Brown Hair Color

Longer hair looks great when deeper auburn balayage is added to the strands. Rather than opting for a lighter color, which can look a bit brassy when applied in volume, choosing a deeper and earthier color is a good idea.

This bold look is great for women who have long and thick hair and want to lighten it up in a natural and sun-kissed way.


7. Straight Auburn Red Hair

Straight short hair looks great with balayage, as well. While curls do a great job catching the light and showing off the color, this straight hair has a ton of different shades added to it, which makes it a fun and bold choice.

The wispy strands are allowed to blow free, which gives the cut some light and movement.


8. Lob with French Bangs

A lob is a great way to grow out short hair and is especially beautiful when paired with bangs. All of this hair is auburn, with great highlights and lowlights scattered throughout.

The bangs are almost to the eyes, which gives the woman a mysterious look that is a lot of fun and tends to be very alluring. This cut does take a bit more upkeep to prevent it from looking shaggy.


9. Long Auburn Hair

long hair with auburn balayaage

Auburn balayage is a great reason to curl hair. The curls on this style are designed to carefully pull the hair away from the face, allowing women to look their best.

It’s a fun look with deeper roots and plenty of movement. Using a product to hold the curls in place is key, as it will keep the style from falling flat and help the curls hold their shape all day long.

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10. Half up Half Down Hair

auburn balayage styles for girls

Wearing hair in a half up half down style is one of the best ways to show off the balayage. This allows all of the colors to really be seen and lets the light bounce off of the auburn hair color.

Long and wispy bangs that are pushed to the side of the face help to complete the look and do a wonderful job drawing attention to the face.


It’s easy to see why so many women want auburn hair balayage styles. It’s a great hair trend that is gorgeous and can easily boost a woman’s confidence. Picking the right style is key, as this will ensure that a woman looks and feels her best.