21 Charming Hairstyles for Women with Thick Wavy Hair

People say that it is better to have thick than thin hair. However, thick wavy hair can be more difficult to style and manage if you are not skilled with your hands.

Luckily, there are lots of beautiful hairstyles that will make this much easier and with the use of less effort, you will hardly experience any difficulties with your thick hair.


How to Get Waves on Thick Hair

How to Get Thick Hair Wavy

Women with thick hair usually don’t have any particular natural style, so its styling requires lots of time and effort. One great option, which is not straight hair, is wearing your thick hair wavy. The waves on thick hair make the hair itself look richer, shiny, and healthy and give the face a better look than any other styling option.

Depending on your hair’s natural condition, the waves are not very hard to achieve. You can do it at the hairdresser’s salon or at home. The home version will be different from the one in the saloon, but you will still look great and neat.

At home, the version requires several brushes, hairdryers, hair mousse, other hair products, bobby pins, curling accessories, hair straightener, etc. Each of the tools can be used for achieving different looks. For example, if you are looking for more loose curls, use a bigger and more squared brush and hairdryer.

Separate the hair into several parts, and treat each strand separately. Some strands should be dried and styled inwards, some outwards. The look you will get will be natural and beautiful. If you want more defined waves, use the hair strengthener and repeat the same process.


Tips for Maintenance

tips to maintain thick wavy hair

Preserving the health of the hair is maybe the most important thing when it comes to its good looks. There are special hair care lines for thick hair that make the hair easier to style and preserve its health.

The regular maintenance of thick wavy hair means using suitable shampoo, hair mask, hair conditioner, and other products that will nurture it. Avoid heat exposure as much as possible, and when you expose it, be sure to protect it with heat protector spray or other products.

If your hair is naturally wavy, use a suitable hair mousse or other product that will accent and define the waves without making them look too greasy.


Pros and Cons of Thick Wavy Hair

Pros and Cons of Thick Wavy Hair

Every hair type has its pros and cons, some more than others. However, they are manageable, so every woman can get the look she desires. Like other hair types, wavy thick hair has its pros and cons. Here are the most common and usual ones:


  • With the thick wavy hair, you always have a hairstyle;
  • If the waves are looser, the look you will get is more beachy;
  • With a little help of hair mousse, you will have a rich hairstyle;
  • The natural waves are the best waves;
  • Natural waves on thick hair don’t consume styling time.


  • If your hair is straight, wild and unordinary, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time styling it;
  • Regular exposure to the heat from the hairdryer and strengthener will considerably damage and dry your hair;
  • If the hair is not prepared before styling, it will look messy and bushy;
  • Longer hair is more difficult to style and care.


Latest Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

These are the most amazing haircuts for thick wavy-haired gals to try.

1. Long Beachy Waves

thick wavy hairstyle for women

Parted just in the middle, the thick wavy hair is the best style in this way because of its heaviness. The middle part is the begging of two equal sides.

The waves are loose and big, starting somewhere above the ears. They are interlocking at the front, giving the face a richer look. a greater accent of the waves can be done with highlights in lighter hair color.


2. Long Layered Hair with Waves

black women with thick and wavy hair

The layering in this wavy hairstyle is done almost at the ends, creating a non-equal length of the hair. The waves are super discreet, big, and loose and come in the hair’s lower part. The entire hair is straight and the waves are soft and styled outwards.


3. Loose Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

women with thick blonde wavy hair

The loose waves look great on thick hair. They naturally give it more density and volume. If your natural hair is spirally wavy and long, style it by wearing it parted right in the middle. Cut the front strands a bit shorter than the rest of the hair for better shape.


4. Zigzag Waves on Long Hair

girl's thick wavy hair with highlights

The zigzag waves are a modern look that brings the old Hollywood glamour back but on long hair. This ultra-trendy hairstyle looks fabulous on girls with very long and thick wavy hair. Again, the middle part is best, and the length is equal everywhere.


5. Black Wavy Hair

thick curly hair with side part

The curly waves are a more accented version of the regular waves and they give greater definition to the hair. They look more elegant and can be done if the hair is naturally a bit curly. The side part softens the look and creates a nice feminine look.


6. Half-Updo with Wavy Bangs

thick wavy hair with bangs

If you want to do something interesting rather than wearing your hair let down, try doing the half-up bun. This hairstyle for thick wavy hair is always interesting and gives a girlish look. Let the rest of the hair fall down. As for the fringes, keep them long, just over the eyes and naturally wavy.


7. Wavy Pink Ombre Hair

Adding some color to your short thick wavy hairstyle and a bit of drama at the same time can be done with making a pink ombre. The darker pink shade comes at the roots, while a lighter one continues down. The waves start high and finish in straight strands.


8. Side Fishtail Braids

Braids are popular in every hairstyle, especially when they come as an addition to wavy thick hair. In this look, the big fishtail starts from the sides and goes all the way to the back. The hair is wavy and let down.


9. Short Wavy Bob

The short wavy bob is a very unique hairstyle and suits all face shapes. The hair should be a bit layered so that the styling is easier. The waves are big and bouncy. They come from all around and do not fall over the face.


10. Beach Wave Perm

long and thick black wavy hair

This is the look that most of the women with naturally thick & wavy hair will have. The waves are tiny, loose and on places, almost invisible. This look also has a Boho style, so if you are willing to go even step further, use a brush and comb your hair. The waves will become even more invisible but the hair will increase in volume.


11. Bouncy Blonde Wavy Hair

The natural bouncy waves are pretty easy for styling and maintaining. If your hair is something like this one, you will not need anything more than just a hair mousse. The more natural the waves look the better.


12. Braided Mohawk

Positioned between two side parts, the braid finishes in a half-up bun. The side parts are clean lines, starting from the front, going back to the middle of the head. The rest of the hair is styled in flowy waves. This haircut for thick wavy hair is appropriate for different events when you want to make an impression.


13. Wavy Sew In

This long wavy thick hairstyle cannot be pulled by anyone. It does bring a dose of heaviness with it because of the length. The hair at the roots is almost straight and continues in tiny little waves. If the hair is not cared for properly, it will look dirty rather than interesting.


14. Loose Wrap-Up

If you want to add some playfulness to the beach waves, try wrapping two strands of hair up at the back. Fasten the wrap with bobby pins. The parts of the wrap will melt with the other hair and the waves.


15. Dark to Orange Blonde Balayage

blonde thick wavy hairstyles for dark skin women

This dramatic look will add an accent on the thick waves. The hair around the roots and up to the ears is darker and then, as the waves start, turns to orange-blonde shade. The ombre is high and accents the dark skin tone.


16. Linear Side Waves

These glamorous waves are styled linear and equal, to the side, to create a whole hairstyle. The front is done in an updo to add volume. The layering is visible on the end.


17. Messy Medium Beach Waves

The haircut for thick wavy hair almost always suggests messiness in its natural look. The waves are starting from the root and they interlock as the hair continues down. For easier styling, it is best for the hair to the bit just a bit layered.


18. Wavy Half Ponytail

Nothing says “big” and “voluminous” hair like this high ponytail. The hair of the ponytail is wavy and big, divided into two parts that fall over both shoulders.


19. Brown Wavy Hair

With long and heavy hairs it is best to accent the waves as much as possible. That can be done by making them rounder, or with adding some highlights. Either way, the thick hair, and the waves will look richer and shinier.


20. Red Loose Waves

thick red wavy hairstyle for women

Redheads can also wear the waves, but in a bit toned-down version. As red is intensive and dominant color itself, there is no need to make the hairstyle for thick wavy hair as dramatic as the color. So, it is best to keep the waves as loose as possible and concentrate only at the hair’s ends.


21. Pastel Balayage Waves

hairstyles for thick wavy hair

The pastel unicorn shade makes a great hairstyle, especially if they come on a wavy hair. Here, the unicorn ombre starts in the second part of the hair, while the upper part is kept in its natural color.

The ombre is vertical, with highlights changing and interlocking among themselves. The cut is straight and the length reaches the shoulders. This hairdo for wavy thick hair is a look for all those who are not scared to experiment and try something new.


FAQs on Thick Wavy Hairstyles

Q. Which Haircuts Do Will Suit Thick Wavy Hair?

Ans: One style that certainly does not suit a thick wavy hair is the extra short hair. With the short cut, the waves will most probably be lost and even if they do appear, that will definitely not look good and will be extra hard for styling.

The haircuts that look best on wavy thick hair are the bobs, lobs and long hair. The bob and lob are perfect for creating a modern and trendy look, and the long hair is also known to be the best to show off your waves.


Q. Will Layering Make Wavy Hair Look Thicker?

Ans: The layering can make the hair look thicker, but it can also make it look thinner at some point. When doing a layering on a thick hair it is important for the hairdresser to do the layering throughout the whole hair.

For example, if one strand is layered lower, towards the end, the other should be layered starting from the top. This way, the layering will be unequal and styling the waves will be much, much easier.


With so many interesting and charming haircut suggestions for thick wavy hair, there is no question that you find something appropriate for yourself. Adding some highlights will always freshen it up a bit, and with a suitable layering, your daily styling will be much easier and faster. The thick hair does not have to be a bore, doesn’t it?