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25 Baddie Hairstyles to Express Your Inner Bad Girl

There’s no denying how the perfect hairstyle has the power to bring out a side you never knew you had. And if you’re trying to unleash your wilder side, baddie hairstyles should be at the top of your list to try.

These hairstyles feature lots of detail. Braids, tiny cornrows, blunt bangs, pumped-up volume, and crazy colors are where it’s at. To rock a baddie hairstyle, all you need is the desire to be different and the willingness to embrace the unique.

Fashionable Baddie Hairstyles

Bring out your inner baddie with a baddie hairstyle. If you’re daring enough to embrace this edgy aesthetic, let’s explore these captivating hairstyles that let your inner ‘baddie’ shine. These 25 styles are fierce and edgy.

1. Curly Hair with Blunt Bangs

short baddie hairstyle

The contrast between short curly hair and super short straight bangs is very edgy. Emphasize the volume in your curls by either scrunching in a bit of product or using a brush and some hairspray to tease it in.

2. Pink Space Buns

baddie girl with space buns hairstyle

Colorful and playful is the best combination, and you’ll find it with this cute baddie hairstyle. After making two high ponytails, shape them into messy space buns. Use temporary or semi-permanent pink color to give your hair a pop.

3. Baddie Pompadour

baddie hairstyle for medium length hair

A pompadour can be worn with any hairstyle, including a high ponytail for extra volume. Spray a small section of hair up front and tease in the height before pinning it in place over your ponytail.

4. Low Bun with Barrettes

baddie hairstyle for black girl

Black women looking for a baddie look can stop right now: behold the sleek low bun. After parting your hair in the middle, a bun takes only a few minutes to style. Finish by tucking in some wordy barrettes that express your inner monologue.

5. Curly Hair with Heavy Part

baddie hairstyle for curly hair

If you have long curly hair like this, it needs to be shown off. Comb in a heavy part and then pin back one side so it looks short and gives a new dimension to your face. Tease in a little volume on the other side and you’re done.

6. Dreadlocks and Backwards Hat

baddie hairstyle with dreadlocks

These long dreadlocks scream ‘baddie.’ Between the dreads, the highlights, and the backward cap, the only vibe you’ll give off is ‘baddie hair, don’t care.’

7. Short Faux Hawk

baddie hairstyle for short hair

A faux hawk or a pixie cut with short sides and a long spiked-up top is the epitome of edgy. The key is in emphasizing the texture with the short or shaved sides. If you have dark hair, take it one step further with blonde highlights.

8. Red and Black Braids

baddie black girl hairstyle with braids

For Black women, we recommend classic braids in bold colors. Try this trendy combination of bright red with black. Wear the braids down or twist the top half into a loose half ponytail.

9. Colored Bob

colored bob for baddies

If you aren’t afraid to play with color, try a smooth shade of teal or dark green with a bit of black underneath. These colors are gorgeous in a sexy baddie bob with a wavy texture.

10. Dreadlock and Braided Bun

braided updo for baddies

Another gorgeous option for women of color includes this gorgeous combination of braids and dreadlocks. Wear them up in a jumbo bun for the best baddies hairstyle effect.

11. Silver Ponytail

ponytail for baddies

If you have dark hair, one easy way to give it a glow-up is with silver hair color. Add it as an ombre, letting your natural hair color peek out from under. A long wavy ponytail is perfect for showing off the color.

12. Half-up Hairstyle

two tone baddie hairstyle

For all the ladies who love experimenting with hair color, we recommend this underneath hair color style. It features long black hair with a bright blue top, all styled into a low half ponytail with a partial part.

13. Celeb Inspired Baddie Hairdo

kylie jenner with baddie hairstyle

If Kylie Jenner has rocked a baddie hairstyle, it’s a sign you should too! Jump on the hair trend with your own copy-cat look. Gather your hair into a sleek updo, loosening some strands to create face-framing faux bangs.

14. Two-toned Layers

billie eilish inspired baddie hairstyle

Billie Eilish is another celeb who proves a two-tone baddie haircut is a super hot must-try. She added a few inches of blonde and light green highlights at the top of her mane, which give way to dark black wavy hair.

15. Curly Hair with Hairline Braids

baddie hairstyle with red hair

Accentuate long, gorgeous curly hair with a beautiful braid as a middle part that carries down into the small sections of hair along your face. Clip in a couple of cute hair hoops or charms for extra sass.

16. Baddie Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

baddie hairstyle with shaved side

If you love a super short haircut, you’ll appreciate this very short hairdo with shaved sides. It’s edgy enough to leave a neutral color, or you can complete the baddie hairstyle transformation with something stronger, such as light purple.

17. Gwen Stefani’s Blonde Ponytail

celebrity inspired baddie hairstyle

If anyone knows what a baddie hairstyle should look like, it’s rocker chic Gwen Stefani. Take a hint and copy her long, straightened ponytail with a loosened section of hair featuring punches of red and orange at their ends.

18. Half Bun with Choppy Bangs

baddie hairstyle for long hair

If you’re looking for a more feminine baddie vibe, try this half-updo bun. The bottom half features soft waves, and beautiful framing is helped with short choppy bangs cut at an angle that flatters the eyes.

19. Ponytail with Swirled Edges

baddie hairstyle with ponytail

Complete your baddie hairstyle by giving some attention to your baby hairs. These swirled edges give a long wavy ponytail even more pizzazz and edge. Instead of a hair tie, wrap your ponytail’s base in a small section of hair.

20. Braided Ponytail with Headband

braided ponytail for baddies

Looking for a way to style up your short hair? Make a bunch of thin braids to thicken up your mane, then gather them in a high ponytail. Sweep in a black and white printed headband, and add goth makeup for the finishing touches.

21. Baddie Top Knot

topknot for baddies

Even sleek, chic hairstyles can be given a baddie touch. This top knot hairstyle is great for women with long thick hair. Pair your new look with your favorite pair of over-sized shiny earrings to catch everyone’s eyes.

22. Dutch Braided Pigtails

braided pigtails for baddies

Dutch braids are every girl’s favorite throwback hairstyle. You can easily turn it into a bad girl look by doing fishtail braids instead and playing up the texture with a little hairspray. Add bold accessories and makeup to bring it all together.

23. Bantu Knots

bantu knots for baddie girl

Playful and edgy is how we’d describe these cute bantu knots. Not only do they play up thick black hair, but they also are easy to play up with colorful hair ties, shiny barrettes, and smooth edges.

24. Baddie Pixie Cut

baddie pixie cut

If you have short hair, make a jump to a pixie cut with some messy bedhead texture and finger styling. With or without the beautiful blonde highlights, this style is a winner.

25. Half Up Ponytail

half up baddie hairstyle

Extra long locks are perfect for making a statement baddie hairstyle. Try long straightened hair, with a partial side part and the top half gathered in a high updo. Smooth or swirl edges for extra detail.

Which baddie hairstyle was your favorite? Personally, we want to try them all! As we can see, a winning look is all in the details. With just a little extra attention paid to your mane, you’ll end up with the most fabulous bad girl look.